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Top 10 Best Yoga Straps 2020

Yoga straps are an auxiliary accessory for a complete workout of yoga exercises, which can be said to be an integral part of your workout.

If yoga towels are also an accessory to help complete the exercises, twisting or contracting the legs, the yoga straps also have much stronger points, which is the ability to tie one leg or simultaneously two feet to help you complete into a comfortable workout.

Also, you will find straps useful for exercises that your hands cannot help without this equipment, which is a must if you want to practice professional yoga with more advanced movements.

Best Yoga Straps 2020
Best Yoga Straps 2020

However, owning a yoga strap is very easy because its price is not high, but to buy the best yoga straps product suitable for training needs, quality, softness, elasticity … fitting is not easy.

Outside the market today, it can be said that there are countless types of straps that help practice yoga ranging from size, shape, color, material, origin to price. You will be overwhelmed with these products, really chaotic, but you should not buy a few and see what the use is inappropriate and then leave.

In addition, you should also find Best Yoga Towels 2020 sole to wipe sweat while exercising and not slippery. And Top 10 Best Yoga Starter Kit 2020

Here we have experienced the actual use as well as consulting yoga experts, consulting customers on forums, on e-commerce floors… To give you a list of results, you can choose the best product.

Top 10 Best Yoga Straps On the Market

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1 – Clever Yoga Yoga Strap Sling Strap

Clever Yoga Yoga Strap Sling Strap

At the top of the list is a product of Clever Yoga, Yoga Mat Strap Sling, with 100% natural cotton material that is very comfortable when you carry it on your shoulder and suitable for most types of normal yoga, Yoga heater, and carpets.

The width of the product is 1.5 inches, which makes it easy to wear on a shoulder or neck, or a hand-held person with a comfortable, painless feel, with no focus on a small area.

Yoga straps, in addition to helping you practice effectively to optimize the performance of each movement, you can completely use this strap to tie yoga mats to replace carpet bags.

There are up to 9 colors to choose from, including black, light blue, gray, light blue, lime green, purple, red, pink and silver, this ensures you a perfect fit. You have any fashion style with any color.

As for the length of the cord, there are two options for you: a 66-inch length that fits all sizes of a standard yoga mat and everyone likes to wear a shoulder strap with this length if you’re taller. then the 85-inch post length will suit you.

After each training session, sweat and dirt will cling to these love belts so one issue we need to consider is the ability to clean, with this product you can wash it with a machine. have to wash your hands.

In addition, the lifetime warranty policy of the provider will ensure your peace of mind during use.

So far, this strap has received more than 2,500 5-star reviews on Amazon, you and I probably have the same thought as the 2500 customers have used.


  • 100% cotton
  • There are 2 types of length to choose from
  • There are 9 very diverse colors
  • Easy to clean by machine
  • Good warranty


  • Uneasy with people who like elastic

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2 – Most Durable Stretching Strap for Yoga

Most Durable Stretching Strap for Yoga

The second strap in the list is a product from Sport2P People, Most Durable Stretching Strap for Yoga, with super-strong and high-quality non-elastic nylon or additional loops that will help every privacy. the posture of yoga practitioners’ movements reaches the most effective level.

The size of the product is 96 x 1.5 inches which are quite comfortable for everyone to practice even those who are over 1.9 m tall, and with a cord length like this, you can also use it to tie carpet without any other carpet pouch.

Use by sure material so you can be assured of bearing capacity and hold the posture longer so it will increase the efficiency in every workout you do not have to worry about the loop being removed or Wrap the strap tightly around your hand.

This product has 4 colors to choose from: black, blue, red and green, these colors may have met the fashion needs of most people practicing. Yoga

A truly versatile Yoga belt, in addition to Yoga, you can use it for Pilates, physical therapy, ballet or who practices in dance.

The next thing we need to consider is the ability to clean because the main material is nylon, so you can completely clean it by machine with a small rotation speed of the shell then expose in the sun or let In a cool place, do not use a dryer to dry this product.

When you own this product you will have a net bag with you to get the product and access to exercise instructions with more than 30 exercises that can be used anytime and anywhere with your phone or your tablet.

Up to now, the product of Sport2P People has more than 800 customers rated 5 out of 5 stars on the Amazon, which shows that this is definitely a product worth owning.


  • Comfortable 96-inch length
  • There are 4 very diverse colors
  • Easy to clean by machine
  • Good warranty


  • Nylon material is uncomfortable for people who like elastic
  • Could not be dried

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3 – Tumaz Yoga Strap / Stretch Bands with Adjustable D-Ring Buckle

Tumaz Yoga Strap / Stretch Bands with Adjustable D-Ring Buckle

A product of Tumaz, Tumaz Yoga Strap / Stretch Bands with Adjustable D-Ring Buckle, an inelastic strap suitable for yoga practice, physical therapy, dance or demanding movements at fixed positions in a long time.

The cotton material is extremely comfortable and durable during use, with the stainless steel stitching stitches are carefully divided to ensure every time you increase the tensile strength, meet 65 standards of the USA.

In terms of size, there are three sizes for you to choose from: 6 feet 8 feet long and 10 feet 2.5 mm cord length, whether you are a normal height or someone who has height higher than 1.9 m, there is always a suitable choice for you.

The next thing to look at is color, with this product you have 14 color choices, basic colors to mixed colors, your job is just to Choose colors that suit your own fashion sense.

You also do not worry about the ability to clean because the cotton material will easily be cleaned by machine with a little mild intensity detergent, you can expose this belt in the sun in a well-ventilated place or dryer with low temperature.

So far, the product of Tumaz Yoga Strap has been nearly 900 rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it is funny for you to understand why the product is on the list.


  • 100% cotton
  • There are 3 types of length to choose from
  • There are 14 very diverse colors
  • Easy to clean by machine


  • Inelastic cord

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4 – Yoga Exercise Adjustable Straps 8Ft

Yoga Exercise Adjustable Straps 8Ft

The fourth candidate on the list is a product of pete’s choice, Yoga Exercise Adjustable Straps 8Ft, this product has a choice of 8-wire or 8-wire 5-pack.

This Yoga strap is also designed for practicing Yoga with positions that improve the efficiency in each exercise movement, in addition, you can also use this belt product for other types of exercise. like pilates or dancing.

Pete’s choice yoga straps are made of durable anti-frayed and knitted knitted cotton fabrics with adjustable D-ring cinches that will ensure your safety!

You can completely practice all difficult yoga movements such as bending forward, limiting angle, increasing legs, knee postures, cow face postures and many other advanced postures by metal buttons Stainless steel have been firmly fixed seam to ensure very good bearing.

However, the color you only have to choose is white, this color will suit those who have bright fashion sense.

The ability to wash and clean this Yoga belt pattern is quite easy because the material that makes up the product is knitted cotton so you can completely put it into the washing machine after every workout, exposure in the sun or open space. gas or low-temperature drying.

In addition, when you own this Yoga strap, you will also receive a lifetime refund support with a set of exercise e-books with more than 10 poses, you can access them anytime. Come on with phones and tablets.

There have been nearly 500 users everywhere to rate 5 out of 5 stars on the Amazon e-commerce platform, surely this is a not bad choice.


  • Material 100% cotton knitted
  • There are 2 types of length to choose from
  • Easy to clean by machine
  • Good warranty with additional exercises


  • Only 1 color to choose from

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5- Yoga Straps in Standard 8 Foot or Extra Long 10 Foot Length

Yoga Straps in Standard 8 Foot or Extra Long 10 Foot Length

Another product from Clever Yoga on this list, Yoga Straps in Standard 8 Foot or Extra Long 10 Foot Length, is still a 100% cotton product that you can wash by machine or hand depending on the way you like it, extremely easy to clean after every sweaty workout.

There are two sizes of rope length to choose from 8 feet and 10 feet, with 8 feet you can use for basic poses, while the 10 feet strap is for advanced positions. You can even use it to tie your yoga mat without the need for any extra carpet bag.

In terms of colors, you will find this product is quite diverse with seven color choices: purple, red, pink, green, gray, blue and black, each of which colors Surely, it is enough for any Yoga follower to choose according to their fashion style.

With a very solid design, the stainless steel buttons are fixed by very detailed stitches to ensure high strength during training for difficult movements that last a long time, this will ensure Absolutely safe for you to exercise without slipping.

In addition to being used to practice Yoga, this Yoga belt can also be used as a support tool in-home physiotherapy sessions to extend limb lifting and trauma after injury.

This product of Clever Yoga has received more than 1,500 5/5 star reviews on the Amazon e-commerce platform, which contributes to making this belt listed.


  • 100% cotton
  • There are 2 types of length to choose from
  • There are 7 colors to choose
  • Easy to clean by machine
  • Good warranty with additional exercises


  • Inelastic

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6- Premium Yoga Blocks & Metal D Ring Strap Yogi Set (3PC)

Premium Yoga Blocks & Metal D Ring Strap Yogi Set (3PC)

Located in sixth place is a set of Live Infinitely, which includes 2 Yoga blocks and a yoga belt, along with a multi-step exercise manual.

If you are just looking to buy a Yoga belt, you can skip this product, this kit is for those who do not have Yoga blocks and straps or want to change the color to create the Excitement during practice.

Yoga belt material in this set is made of durable soft cotton during use, stainless steel buttons are fixed with strong seams to ensure the best bearing when you practice lifting movements. high with great tension.

Standard Yoga straps length helps you to save the most basic exercises.

In terms of colors, you will have 5 colors to choose from in your yoga fashion collection: purple, black, gray, ultramarine and dark yellow.

Two yoga blocks made of foam combined with training straps to improve the efficiency in each movement, you can use the manual in the form of an ebook anywhere on your mobile phone motion or tablet.

So far, this product has more than 300 5/5 star reviews on Amazon, it is not bad to choose a product.


  • 100% cotton
  • There are 5 colors
  • Easy to clean by machine
  • There are additional exercises


  • Only 1 standard length

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7- Fitter’s niche Yoga Stretch Strap

Fitter's niche Yoga Stretch Strap

Ranked No. 7 on the list is a product made of 100% pure high-quality cotton of fitter’s niche, you will feel extremely comfortable and soft to use on this belt. With special design, technology helps increase adhesion in each exercise to prevent your hands and feet from slipping even though the smell can be much.

The quality of the product is extremely durable and it is difficult to tear, able to withstand high tension forces from either direction simultaneously.

With 80-inch post length and 1.5-inch width that can fit most standard sizes of regular workouts, you can also fully expand your workouts. sports other than yoga-like dance, gymnastics, and Pilates.

Inelastic straps do not have steel buttons made of stainless steel, but in return, you are firmly sewn by small thread lines to ensure high tensile strength when you practice difficult movements.

This belt product has four colors for you to choose from: blue, green, purple and red, with these 4 colors you can completely add style to your outfit. Your workout equipment.

When you order a set of products this will include a net bag with straps along with free instructions that give you the basic stretching postures necessary to practice.

The ability to clean the product is also very convenient and fast because the product is made of cotton, so you can immediately put it into the washing machine after every exercise is finished and exposed to the sun or ventilated place if you want If not, you can use a dryer with a low temperature.

This product Currently on the Amazon e-commerce platform has nearly 150 Ratings 5/5 stars.


  • 100% cotton
  • There are 4 colors
  • Easy to clean by machine
  • There are additional exercises


  • There is no metal hook

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8- Onory Yoga Strap Stretch Straps for Physical Therapy with Exercise Booklet

Onory Yoga Strap Stretch Straps for Physical Therapy with Exercise Booklet

On the 8th place is an Onory product, Onory Yoga Strap Stretch Straps for Physical Therapy with Exercise Booklet, this belt product has four pairs of colors for you to choose: black, blue, gray, pink. blue and red gray. It can be said that this is a product for blue believers mixed with other colors.

This Yoga strap pattern is in addition to the main practice for normal yoga, hot yoga, you can use for other sports such as ballet, warm-up exercise or Pilates, physiotherapy.

The material that makes this Yoga belt is high-quality nylon without stretching, with optimal resistance and stability without losing shape or fraying, tearing.

A complete set of straps includes a lovely net bag that fits into your belt. Small compact, you can put it in a bag or hold it very conveniently.

To clean this belt after the exercise, you can wash your hands or wash the machine with low-temperature conditions when drying, do not expose in the hot sun or high temperatures do not use the dryer.

Currently, this product has been nearly 200 reviews rated 4.5 stars on Amazon e-commerce, perhaps this is a product you should refer to.


  • There are 4 colors
  • Easy to clean by machine


  • Nylon material
  • Inelastic

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9- FitLifestyleCo Yoga Mat Strap

FitLifestyleCo Yoga Mat Strap

Located in 9th place is a product of FitLifestyleCo, Yoga Mat Strap, this is a comfortable black belt pattern so you can store your yoga mat without adding carpet bags.

In addition to the main task of yoga, this belt can also help you in gymnastics training or warm-up before practicing, Pilates or ballet.

With durable cotton material, with adjustable rings on both ends of the rope to help your workouts be completed in the most efficient way.

Unfortunately, the only color you have to choose is black.

With cotton, you can easily clean these straps right after training by dropping them in the washing machine and then drying them in the sun or in a cool place.

With a fairly good warranty policy and a 100% refund within 30 days, this shows you the image quality is completely guaranteed of the product.

More than 400 5/5 star reviews on Amazon, this is a belt to own.


  • Cotton
  • Easy to clean by machine


  • Inelastic
  • Only one color

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10 – Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap

Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap

The final candidate on this list is a product of FIT SPIRIT, Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap, an order that includes a Yoga strap, with 3 custom length options: 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet.

With 6 or 8 feet in length will fit most yoga exercises for beginners of basic exercises, and with a length of 10 feet, you can use it for advanced exercises or for plate storage. yoga mats without a carpet bag.

There are 6 colors for you to choose to suit your own style and sporty style: black, blue, green, pink, purple and light pink.

A stitched stainless steel cuff is firmly sewn to ensure high tension during high-intensity exercises and makes it difficult for your hands and feet to slip.

This Yoga belt material is made of cotton for comfort and durability after use.

The ability to clean the belt is also very easy just by cold water with mild detergent and then exposed in the sun or ventilated place. The manufacturer recommends avoiding washing machines or dryers.

Up to now, this belt product has been nearly 400 reviews 4.5 stars on Amazon, you should not miss this belt model.


  • Cotton
  • Easy to clean by machine
  • 6 colors


  • Inelastic
  • There are no accompanying workout instructions

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Purpose of Using the yoga strap:

Purpose of Using the yoga strap

Before buying any product, we need to identify our purpose of the use or in other words, we need to determine what we are buying this product for? What problem to solve for us?

On the market, there are very popular straps popular for beginners and advanced trainers.

If you are a beginner, you can use belt models with a length of about 8 feet. Longer straps, about 10 feet.

The long straps, in addition to meeting the needs of exercise, can also take advantage of the storage of your yoga mat without you needing to carry a carpet bag.

If you still lack some other accessories such as the Yoga block, you can buy a set of products including Yoga straps and blocks.

After determining the purpose of using your photos, then finding products becomes much easier.

Things to consider when choosing yoga straps:

Things to consider when choosing yoga straps

Choosing a yoga strap is not a very difficult task but there are a few things to consider.

Straps making material:

Most yoga straps are made from durable, very strong cotton. Although it is not abrasive, it is not microfiber.

You will use your yoga strap as leverage, so it needs to be thick and strong enough to withstand high pressures. The good news is that most bands are made of the same material, so you don’t have to worry too much about this.


Yoga straps come in three lengths: 6, 8 and 10 feet. Although 6 ‘length is good for smaller ones, we like 8’ the most. It gives you lots of slack to achieve any position without too many things hampering it. And if you’re much taller (like the 6’5 range), you’ll want a 10 ‘strap.

Buckle up yoga straps

The ring is a very important part of your yoga strap choice because it can really decide whether you like it or not.

If your rings slip and have difficulty closing, you’ll be disappointed and throw them aside. There are several main types of closures:

  • Metal ring
  • Close the buckle
  • Quick-release
  • No lock
  • Cinch

Is the material safe for the skin?

Is the material safe for the skin?

With the huge increase in the popularity of yoga, there has also been a huge surge in products. Unfortunately, many of these yoga products are made from harmful materials like PVC that are not recyclable and never break down in landfills.

Although you don’t have to worry about your strap being PVC, you want to pay attention to whether it contains harmful dyes that can irritate your skin.

Product price:

Yoga straps are generally relatively inexpensive. The only reminder here is to avoid the bottom dollar items as they often slip and give you a bad impression of yoga straps.

The average priced yoga strap will not slip or create any problems for you. You’ll use your strap every day and probably never have to buy another one so it’s best to spend a few extra dollars on something you like.

What are the benefits of yoga straps? Why should you buy it?

Easy to practice difficult movements:

A suitable yoga strap helps you maintain the ideal bond in different asanas. For positions that require stretching your feet in front of you and touching your toes (sitting, standing or lying on the ground), a strap gives you something to hold the lever without having to grab your feet. friend

In this way, it helps you get the same stretch without rounding or overburdening.

Ensuring safer for limbs and joints:

The last thing you want is an injury, right? In yoga, it is common, especially for beginners, to go too far in posture and muscle pull.

When you first start, almost every posture is a bit painful, so it’s hard to know when you go too far and hurt yourself until it’s too late.

This is especially true for less flexible individuals. If you are tense but you are performing positions that require you to hold your feet and hold your toes, you will eventually try to do the postures – usually by rounding your lower back or extending further than you Candlestick.

With a yoga strap, you can freely perform those poses and maintain a full range of motion without risking yourself.

How to use yoga straps

There is virtually no limit to how you can use your yoga straps. They are great for both Pilates, Yogi, and athletes.

They can also be used to tie your shoulders back and improve your posture or stretch your hamstrings. Although most likely you will use it while you follow along with class videos or

YouTube, here are a few easy ways to get started using your strap:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to tie the Yoga strap?

Although relatively self-explanatory, it is not possible to understand a quick guide on how to tie your strap:

Should it be cleaned immediately after every session?

This depends on the exercise that you practiced that day, if only a few basic movements often do not have sweat attached to the belt, you may not need to clean it right away.

If you have just practiced hot yoga with a lot of sweaty movements, you should clean the tiles below immediately after training, to ensure that bacteria do not grow and are good for your health when you use the next exercise.

Should we buy both long and medium straps?

You can buy both basic-length straps and longer-length straps for later intensive training because the pre-straps are not too expensive.


As you can see, the best yoga strap for you depends on your level of experience and a number of other factors. They can be used by anyone from advanced yogis to complete beginners with the same effect and results.

And they go a long way toward preventing injuries and increasing mobility. Please choose a suitable yoga strap product.

5 Best Selling Yoga Straps:

Detailed features of Best Selling Products

Tumaz Yoga Strap/Stretch Bands with Adjustable D-Ring Buckle (6ft/8ft/10ft, Many Stylish Colors) - Best for Daily Stretching, Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Fitness

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as of February 21, 2020 4:12 am


  • ◆【Strap In, Stretch Out】 - Tumaz yoga strap is a simple, non-elastic band that provides extra stability and flexibility to stretching, yoga, therapy, workout, and more.
  • ◆【Just the Best】 - 4 mm "Welded" D-ring buckles, 2.5 mm thickness, eco-friendly dyeing, special tight-knit technique, and delicate texture. The best strap you can find in the market.
  • ◆【A Ton of Safety】 - It's literally a ton! With our extra thick and special knit technique, the maximum load of the band is "2,379 lbs (1.079 ton)" in real tests. ⚠️The strap is designed for yoga, exercise, PT using. We do NOT recommend using it for other purposes. ⚠️
  • ◆【What's Your Color】 - Pick up a color to make your colorful Yoga day! Show your personality and share it with everyone!
  • ◆【Unmatched Customer Service】 - 100% satisfied or fully refunded! Tumaz provides a replacement or refund of ALL products within the 60-day warranty period. No reason needed, no hassle: it’s that simple!

REEHUT Yoga Strap (6ft, 8ft, 10ft) w/Adjustable D-Ring Buckle - Durable Polyester Cotton Exercise Straps for Stretching, General Fitness, Flexibility and Physical Therapy

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as of February 21, 2020 4:12 am


  • Available Size: 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, provide all the necessary support to keep balance.
  • Soft and sturdy polyester cotton material, not rub harshly, protect hands from injuring, extremely durable and will not break or lose its shape. Lightweight and portable yoga strap is easy to carry and store.
  • Metal D-ring buckles can be adjusted and snugly secured for various poses and alignments. Fold the loose end back on itself, tighten to your desired loop size.
  • Perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy - deepen stretches, assist with hard-to-reach poses, enhance warm ups, improve flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and add challenge to workouts.
  • Exclusive service: All REEHUT products are backed by a 30-day replacement or refund, a two-year warranty and lifetime customer support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email and enjoy your exclusive service.

Stretching Strap with Loops for Physical Therapy, Yoga Strap for Stretching, Stretch Out Strap (Black)

1 new from $14.97
Free shipping
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as of February 21, 2020 4:12 am


  • STRETCHING IS HEALTHY – Become more flexible than you ever thought possible, warm up properly for exercise or improve your yoga skills using an elastic yoga strap with loops. Our high-quality cotton yoga strap for stretching helps you stretch properly and also increase your flexibility.
  • FEEL YOUNG AT ANY AGE – When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps increase the range of motion and in turn helps to avoid injury. The special stretch band prevents injury and facilitates gradual and gentle stretches that protect your muscles and make you more and more flexible each day. Our stretch band for physical therapy will make you feel younger than ever with this new way to stretch
  • ADVANCED DESIGN – Perfect for beginners and even better, for experienced users, we took the old stretch bands concept and we upgraded it! We replaced nylon with a special cotton blend that feels good, and takes care of your hands and feet. The loops are designed to fit your hands and feet, so you can focus on your stretching exercises without fear of injury. The slight elasticity of the yoga strap allows you to better estimate your stretching limits and to gently push through
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE – Beginner friendly with 10 soft and stretchy loops. No buckles, no need to tie knots, the yoga stretching strap is so simple and comfy that it’s a pleasure to use even if you have never done it before. Carry it everywhere with its special pouch. Latex free, our flexible stretching strap is made out of the best quality cotton
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS INCLUDED – You get immediate access online to 120 min of professional HD video workouts to learn all the basic strap stretches and exercises, as well as an exercise book, so you can put yours to good use right away. Deepen Yoga poses, make Pilates exercises more challenging, spice up dance warm-ups or improve your ballet stretching routine. Stretching has evolved with Yoga Evo

Yoga EVO

Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Strap Sling - Adjustable Durable Cotton Yoga Mat Carrier - Carrying Strap in Standard (66") or Extra Long (85") for Thick Yoga Mat - Doubles As Yoga Strap for Stretching - from

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as of February 21, 2020 4:12 am


  • SLINGS ARE ESSENTIAL YOGA ACCESSORIES TO TRANSPORT ANY YOGA MAT: The light weight mat sling is made from thick and durable cotton that won’t slip. Simply loosen the loops slot them over both ends of your best yoga mat tighten the loops and you are ready to go no need for bag. The sling can be worn over your shoulder or across your chest
  • YOGA SLINGS DOUBLE AS A YOGA STRAP: Use your yoga mat carrying strap during your yoga practice as a stretching strap. The straps can be used to increase flexibility. Beginners can use the sling to connect in basic poses. Intermediate and advanced yogis can achieve new and more challenging poses. The sling carrier is an essential addition to your yoga gear and general sports gear
  • ORDER TODAY, RISK FREE: We love our customers! Our mission is to bring you the best yoga products on the market so you can get the most out of your personal yoga journey. That’s why we offer our special "Namaste" warranty. In the unlikely event you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, we’ll send you a free replacement or give you a full refund, no questions asked!
  • 100% NON-TOXIC AND SAFE TO USE: We believe in creating premium quality eco friendly products that are safe for your body, mind and spirit. The 100% yoga straps is also machine washable for easy cleaning. To ensure our yoga mat holder lasts it is made of thick cotton that will soften over time with washing and regular use
  • YOGA MAT CARRIER AVAILABLE IN TWO LENGTHS: For a standard exercise mats or yoga mats the 66" is perfect for men and women. For taller yogis or for carrying an extra thick yogamat or a yoga mat and towels/blankets the longer 85" would be best. The longer yoga mat carrying strap also works best if you want to carry your pilates or yoga mat crossbody

Yoga Accessories carrying straps Pilates Bikram straps for yoga mats thick yoga mat travel yoga mat commuter yoga mat strap yoga mats Black Blue Red Gray Yellow Light Blue Lime Green Purple Lilac Rose Pink carrying straps exercise mats straps yoga bags and carriers yoga gifts yoga mat straps for carrying yoga strap with loops yoga suppliesyoga mat extra long yoga mat extra thick yoga mat holder yoga mat with carrying strap yoga mat with strap straps for bags mat holder best yoga mats for...

Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Sling, Mulberry

2 new from $9.06
3 used from $8.34
Free shipping
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as of February 21, 2020 4:12 am


  • COMFORT MEETS FUNCTION: This yoga mat carrier sling is perfect to strap up your yoga mat and go!
  • DURABLE NYLON: Strap is made of a durable nylon that will withstand the rigors of daily commuting to and from the studio or gym
  • METAL D-RINGS: Sling features strong metal D--rings on both ends to create tension, which holds the yoga mat snug and secure while in motion
  • IDEAL FOR THE YOGA COMMUTER: Yoga mat carrier is a great option for the yoga commuter on foot, bike, bus or car. Care Instructions- Hand wash. Dry flat
  • FITS MOST SIZE MATS: Easy-cinch yoga mat sling will fit most size yoga mats

A perfect combination of comfort and function, Gaiam easy cinch yoga sling is a great update to our traditional sling. A durable, single nylon strap with metal D-ring sliders slip over mats easily to accommodate any mat size, holding it snug and secure.

Wish you find your desired product as well as product prices accordingly.

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