Muscle Mass Gainer Labrada Review 2021 – Does It Help You Gain Weight Safely or Not?

Right now, there are many people out there who want to lose weight; according to the latest statistics today at the website, the number of obese people has reached 1.7 billion.

However, in addition to that, the number of people who are underweight and fall into a thin state is nearly 1 billion people.

To have the best overall health, you can not be too fat or overweight, and you cannot let your body be too skinny or underweight.

If overweight and obese people want to lose weight, lean people want to gain their weight with the same importance.

It sounds like gaining weight is easy, but people with speedy metabolism can burn energy quickly even though they are not used to training or other intense sports activities, and weight gain theirs is also very difficult.

If you regularly learn about weight loss or weight gain, you probably know that supplementing with nutrients and adding high amounts every day is the most important thing to help you gain weight fully.

This article will explore a supplement that aids in weight gain and evaluate whether this supplement is perfect and safe for the lean person’s overall health who wants to gain weight, especially if you are new to bodybuilding.

The movement to go to the gym to get rid of weight is becoming a trend. And that’s also why this Muscle Mass Gainer review is for you.

Muscle Mass Gainer Labrada Review - Does It Help You Gain Weight Safely or Not?
Muscle Mass Gainer Labrada Review – Does It Help You Gain Weight Safely or Not?
Weight gain is not difficult, but it will be much easier if you know how to take advantage of the help. Let’s see if drinking Muscle Mass Gainer is good!

As you know, the amount of calories needed by an average person is about 2200-2400 calories/day. However, for thin people, it is tough to reach this number.

Therefore, to gain weight quickly, you must ensure that your daily diet has more calories than you burn. Fluctuating about 2500 calories is enough to gain weight with enough protein, starch, fat …

However, due to the increasingly busy life, you do not have enough time to care for your meal. To remedy this, you need to use the Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer supplement.

This is considered one of the lines of nutritious milk and high energy content, ensuring muscle stimulation and increasing calories to improve weight. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Mass Muscle Gainer Review – Why Can This Milk Line Help Get Rid Of Skinny Easily?

Mass Muscle Gainer

This is the flagship product of the famous brand that all bodybuilders know – Labrada. Therefore, you also understand why the best ingredients are present in this product.

What is Muscle Mass Gainer?

Muscle Mass Gainer is a milk line gain weight gain powder brand Labrada for thin people, especially those who are bodybuilders.

Muscle Mass provides extremely high content – 1265kcal and 52g of high-quality protein, along with a variety of vitamins and minerals, to help skinny people easily absorb nutrients.

This also explains why people voted this milk line on the # 1 bodybuilder weight gain products.

In particular, this product line is not a medicine at all, but just one type of nutritional supplement. Labrada’s Muscle Mass is concentrated for thin people who have difficulty gaining weight.

Outer packing

Currently, this line of milk is only 1 size 12lbs (5.45kg). And the only regret of this product line that I can see is that it is only in the form of a bag, not in a plastic jar.

However, this will make the product cost better.

Looking at the front, this time, the product has changed its appearance, making the color brighter.

It can be said that just looking at it immediately recognizes the signature product line of the Labrada brand.

Not too much information on the front; still, the brand name and product name stand out on a beautiful white background. The bottom left corner shows the flavor name and image of the product after being mixed.

In the lower right corner is some important information about this milk line (Note that the manufacturer is mixing 1 liter of fresh milk without sugar here)!

  • Calories: 1930kcal
  • Protein: 84g
  • Carbs: 315g
  • Gluten-free

On the backside, the company also published very detailed information. The table of nutritional ingredients fully describes the important ingredients. Even the company is very delicate when divided into 2 doses:

  • 1 full dose, 9 scoops
  • 1/2 dose, 4.5 scoops

In general, the bag is economical and has a handle, but it can be difficult to store. The best advice is to buy 1 plastic jar to store the powder to avoid making good bait for mice and cockroaches.

Nutritional ingredients

Nutritional ingredients

For an overview, we will go through each of the components.

This will help users, especially novices, easily recognize whether drinking Muscle Mass Gainer is good and worth the money?

Muscle Mass Gainer Ingredients Table – 12lbs (5.45kg) – Chocolate Flavor:

  • Calories: 1265kcal
  • Fat: 4.5g
  • Cholesterol: 60mg
  • Carbs: 254g
  • Sugar: 20g
  • Protein: 52g
  • 19 vitamins and minerals

1. Calories

For people who need to gain weight, calories are critical factors.

That is why weight gain products are always focused on it. Luckily, the Labrada product provided 1265 calories for that single dose. If you combine that with 1 liter of raw milk, the calorie count is 1930.

The carbs content in these 9 scoops is up to 254g from Maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a fast-absorbing starch with a high GI but does not contain much nutritional value.

Overall, these lines of carbs are absolutely harmless, except if you have stomach or digestive or cardiovascular problems.

However, the point you need to pay close attention to here is that the ratio of these carbs to calories is too high. Meanwhile, the protein and fat content on the calorie ratio is quite low.

So through this review of Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer, many of you can understand for yourself that Muscle Mass milk increases fat more than gain lean muscle.

2. Protein

The next thing of concern is the protein content for muscle growth. A quality product must have a protein content of 50g or more. And here we have 52 grams.

Here we mix with water, so the amount of protein is achieved like that. And if mixed with 1l of milk, you will definitely get 84 grams of protein.

Muscle Mass Gainer Milk contains Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Milk Protein Isolate in terms of protein content.

Since the protein content is quite low compared to the carbs ratio, this product line will focus on fat gain rather than muscle gain. In particular, you can also provide up to 17 grams of BCAA.

Variety of flavors

3. Fat, cholesterol, and sugar

Next, we need to consider these three factors carefully: fat, cholesterol, and sugar. If you want to gain healthy weight, then limit these ingredients. However, the fats here are good, so you don’t need to matter.

  • Fat: 4.5g
  • Cholesterol: 60mg
  • Sugar: 20g

Overall, nothing to worry about. Simply because the ingredients are quite low and the cholesterol here is the healthy type. Sugar content is only relative!

4. Vitamins and minerals

One thing is for sure that without trace quality, you can gain weight. That is the reason why any weight gain milk is also in large amounts.

This is understandable because vitamins and minerals play an essential role in health and help users consume more nutrients more efficiently.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

5. Creatine

If you do not know what this is, read the article What is creatine. So why mention it here?

Muscle Mass Gainer is not only creatine but also glutamine. Thanks to that, it helps increase strength and endurance. This will help increase weightlifting performance.

6. Other advantages

Labrada’s products do not contain inexpensive starches such as dextrose, sucrose. Note, this is considered a high-calorie weight gain milk line, focusing on gaining weight only.

So, do not compare with other product lines. A plus point, also a minus point of this product line, is the ability to escape skinny quickly. But the body will certainly have a lot of fat.

Is Muscle Mass Gainer good for drinking?

Firstly, this is a product from the US, so please rest assured. Not to mention, the nutritional content says it all for you. Put, but you have to combine eating and exercise.

Note that because each dose’s protein content is quite low, you need to increase the amount of protein from the food.

How to use it?

  • You can use it at any time of the day.
  • Mix 9 tablespoons (1 serving) with 1 liter of water or fresh milk.
  • It is best to drink after 30 minutes of exercise.
  • If possible, we recommend 4 times a day: morning (2 scoops), before exercise (3 scoops), after exercise (2 scoops), and 1 hour before bedtime (2 scoops).

Variety of flavors

strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate

Currently, the product is available in 1 size to choose from is 12lbs. The company also offers 3 different flavors for you to choose from: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. According to many people, chocolate is the best.

Number of times used in 1 bag

Suppose you take the 5.4kg bag for comparison; you have 16 uses. Corresponding for 16 days. If you only take 1/2 dose (4.5 tablespoons), it will be 32 days.


You can refer to the prices where the company’s genuine products are sold or the reputable e-commerce floors like Amazon.

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Where to Buy Muscle Mass Gainer?

Detailed features of Products

Labrada Nutrition Muscle Mass Gainer, Vanilla, 12 Pound

4 new from $59.99
Free shipping
as of October 19, 2021 12:00 am


  • All-in-one dietary supplement for "hard gainers"
  • 1930 calories and 82 gram protein when mixed with 32 ounce of whole milk
  • 17 gram of BCAAS contains creatine monohydrate
  • Comes in a resealable 12 pound gusset pouch
  • Contains no dextrose, sucrose, or corn syrup solids

Labrada Nutrition Muscle Mass Gainer, Chocolate, 6 Pound

3 new from $39.76
Free shipping
as of October 19, 2021 12:00 am


  • Contains no dextrose, sucrose, or corn syrup solids
  • Makes a delicious shake containing a highly- concentrated 1930 calories and 84 grams of protein when mixed with 32 ounce of whole milk
  • Contains 17 grams of muscle-building branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) to help you quickly recover from your workouts and get bigger, faster
  • 17 gram of BCAAS contains creatine monohydrate
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.


To sum it up, if you are the type of person who has difficulty gaining weight or is in a period of muscle wasting, go to the web and order now. Labrada’s Muscle Mass Gainer review article will provide you with complete information.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you choose “muscle mass gainer Labrada,” bringing some small value to you: “Save Your Time,” and give it to training. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!