Macro Calculator for Muscle – Focus on Your Numbers

Macro calculator

Macronutrient Calculator

When we determine our weight gain or loss goal, one of the most important things is to determine the right nutrient composition for that goal.

Macro Calculator for Muscle - Focus on Your Numbers
Macro Calculator for Muscle – Focus on Your Numbers

To determine the composition of nutrients, scientists have come up with a calculation formula that is the macro formula; this formula will help us calculate the percentage between the protein content, the carbs, and fat we need to get in our bodies to fulfill our goals.

What are macros in bodybuilding?

Macro in bodybuilding is the nutritional component in 1 dish, including the three most important ones are Protein (protein), Carb (starch), Fat (fat), often plus Fiber (fiber).
These are the three main and most important ingredients that bodybuilders must pay attention to in their exercise diet.

Why is it necessary to calculate macros in bodybuilding?

If you are new to the gym, many siblings, or personal trainers, will definitely recommend learning how to calculate Macros in your diet. So why is it necessary, and what is the benefit of it? The main cause is that the Macro Index will,

  • It helps you control what you are eating and how much protein, carbs, or fat you need to eat. The content of these 3 substances accounts for how many percent of the body’s energy.
  • Create a long-term fitness diet regimen to meet your goals.
  • Define clearly the process of body change when starting a certain weight loss diet.

Note: each person has a separate training goal, so there will be different numbers.

Currently, on social networking sites, many people share their Bodybuilding Macro formula, many of you successfully reapply, and others do not. Simply because of your location and everyone is different.

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How to calculate macros in bodybuilding?

B1: Calculate BMR

B2: Calculate TDEE

B3: Determine a goal and calculate the right number of calories

  • If you want to gain weight, eat MORE than TDEE about 500 calories/day.
  • If you want to lose weight, eat LESS than TDEE about 500 calories/day.
  • Want to keep weight, eat WITH TDEE
  • Do not eat too much or less than above.

B4: Instructions for calculating the Macro by hand

(prepare pen paper and calculator, simple) Before you start, you need to remember

  • 1gram Carb = 4 calories (calories)
  • 1gram Protein = 4 calories
  • 1gram Fat = 9 calories

1. Calculate the amount of Fat (fat) you need in 1 day

The amount of Fat you need to load into the body is about 25% of TDEE.

For example, your TDEE is 3200 Calories. So Fat = 0.25 * 3200 = 800 calories From 800 calories, I divide it by 9 (look up, to see where 9 will come out), the amount of Fat to eat per day: 800/9 = 89gram (1)

2. Calculate the amount of Protein (protein) you need in 1 day

Before calculating, you must carefully read the article on how much protein a day you should consume. – 2.2 grams/kg of weight is quite standard

For example, if you set a target of 78kg, you infer, 78 * 2.2 = 171grams Protein/day (2)

From 171 grams of Protein, I multiply it by 4 (look up, to see where 4 will come from), the amount of Protein to eat per day: 171 * 4 = 684 Calories

3. Calculate the number of carbs (starch) you need in 1 day

  • B1: Subtract the energy generated from Protein and Fat by TDEE
  • B2: Divide the result by 4

With TDEE, the model is 3200 Calories => Calories of Carbs are: 3200 – (800 + 684) = 1716 Calories

From 1716 Calories Carbs, I continue to divide by 4 (looking up, where 4 will be clear), the number of carbs to eat per day: 1716/4 = 429gram (3)

Finally, so your Macro is a Protein: Carbs: The fat ratio of 171: 429: 89

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What is a Macro as Fast As Possible

Above is a detailed guide on what is Macros in Bodybuilding and how to calculate Macros. Please calculate it carefully!


Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about the “macro calculator for muscle” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!