13 Best Slide Boards

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Figure skating or skiing and some other sports that one needs to slide on slippery surfaces have been recognized as many Olympic sports globally.

Best Slide Boards Help Exercise Increase Your Flexibility
Top Best Slide Boards Help Exercise Increase Your Flexibility

Each sport has its own benefits and disadvantages, but if we understand and take advantage of the body's benefits, it is always something to do.

Have you ever wondered where the skaters and their skaters train? Surely they don't need to go to a place with a zero-degree ice surface and train there.

The answer for you right here is the Slide Boards, made by manufacturers with a smooth surface combined with a suitable pair of shoes that will help you practice and more.

Our team ranked products from top to bottom to help you save time, money, and effort more than once.

Top Best Slide Boards

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as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am
as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am
Last updated on 04/15/2024 2:21 am

With these skating boards, you can not only practice skating, but you can also practice a lot of supporting moves such as reducing belly fat, exercising knees for injured people, twisting or climbing, and a lot of other exercises you can practice with sliding boards.

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One of the effective, fast belly fat reduction moves that you can use in the previous image is Plank and climb on the Slide Boards; why is that?

Because on the sliding table, you not only need to brace your whole body, especially the abs, to keep your body balanced, but it also takes more energy to keep your hands or feet from slipping on that table stimulators help belly fat to be burned faster.

With these benefits, the Slide Boards has been a lot of people prefer to practice in the professional gym and at-home practice.

Manufacturers worldwide have produced many, hundreds of different types of sliding boards to serve that need.

If you are confused about finding a Slide Board that suits your needs among hundreds of them out there, we can base on the list below because we have learned the experts, professional athletes and refer to thousands of customer reviews that have been used and give good feedback on the worthy sliding tables.

Detailed Useful Features of Best Products:

American Lifetime Slide Board - Workout Board for Fitness Training and Therapy with Shoe Booties and Carrying Bag Included - Black/White/Blue, 6/7.5 Feet

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • MINIMAL IMPACT, HIGH PERFORMANCE – Our silky-smooth weight training Slide Board is specially designed to provide minimal impact on your knees and legs while catering to many high-performance exercises, including training for popular sports. If you like skating or hockey, the Slide Board could be your perfect exercise tool!
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVELING – The board’s soft and flexible material makes travel easy – all you need to do is roll it up and it will fit perfectly in its carrying bag, which is included free for safe, secure and hassle-free transportation. Wherever you’re ready to work out, the Slide Board will be there with you.
  • FIND YOUR PERFECT WORKOUT - Our board can be used for countless exercises, not limited to: Core and Leg Training, Squats, Split Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Stair Climbing, Planks, and Plank Jacks (and many more we don’t have the room to mention here). Research your body’s needs to find your perfect workout routine, and the Slide Board will become your new favorite gym assistant!
  • HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT SIZE FOR YOU - The 6 ft variation is for beginners measuring less than 6 ft in height. The 7.5 ft version is for advanced users, or anyone measuring more than 6 ft in height (including beginners).
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Here at American Lifetime, we are confident in the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. This producet can be returned within a 30-day risk-free period covered by our Free Returns Policy.

Balance 1 Slide Board-70 Inch(6FT) Super Smooth Board with Lycra Booties

9 new from $109.80
as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • Home Gym Slide Exercise with lycra shoe sleeve! Super smooth surface for the best result-6.5FT long.
  • Balance1 Slide board is the best quality board, PP material durable and smooth. With Lycra shoe sleeve, you can get the best sliding result.
  • Best for Core Training / Leg Training / Hockey Training / Racing skating Training. Non slip bottom make sure the board will not move during your work out!
  • Free Mesh Carry Bag, Easy to carry, Roll and Go!

3G Ultimate Slide Board with Nano Buffed Surface (White, Premium Thick 6Ft)

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • Classic Slide Board Design, Made In USA, Directly From The Manufacturer
  • We make our Slide Board wider than others ! Dimension: 6ft x 2ft
  • We are using Premium Quality Pine Wood for Bumpers construction as this matireal are multiple times more Durable then Termo-Plastic material used to make Bumpers in other Models. Termo - Plastic can Crack especially if taken to Extreme, Our Bumpers would Not.
  • Slide Board comprised of Two Layers bonded together ! Essential to superior stability of a Slide board. Some Slide Boards made of Polyethylene does not have layers bonded together. Polyethylene worpes from sliding on it forming permanent waves overtime. Our Slide Board will Not Worp.
  • Our Slide Board Bumpers connected in the way that solves the problem of Gliding Surface being curved upwards in front of a Bumper, as some other models using a Sandwich method of squeezing gliding piece inbetween an Upper Bumper part and a part that holds gliding layer from underneath.
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Balance 1 Slide Board EX

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am

Obsidian Exercise Slide Board - 6' and 5' Foot Slide Board for High Intensity and Low Impact Exercise | Fitness Board for Weight Loss and HIIT

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am

Simply Fit Board - The Workout Balance Board with a Twist, As Seen on TV

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am

HockeyShot Slide Board Pro. | Hockey Training Aids Comes in Two Sizes 8ft and 10ft | Comes with a Pair of Large Slide Board Booties (Size 8-12).

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • 22-inch width for full extension on both sides. Available in two sizes 8' and 10'. Easily adjusts to any length.
  • The rubber wedges are angled to ensure correct form on push-offs.
  • Comfortable foam bumpers for pushing off stoppers.
  • Easily portable using integrated carry handle, carry bag and storage bungee cord.
  • Comes with a pair of large Slide Board Booties (size 8-12).

Borchent Core Sliders - Pink

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • PERFECT FOR CORE – Between Borchent sliding discs and the bonus resistance bands, the body of your dreams is only one step away. Use the core sliders to strengthen your core, glutes and abs and the loop bands to tone up your arms and your legs!
  • KNEE-FRIENDLY – Whether you suffered a recent injury or want to prevent achy knees, Borchent sliding discs are perfect for you. As your hands and feet never leave the floor while exercising, the discs reduce impact and protect your tendons and joints.
  • SMOOTH SLIDING – Dual sided so you could use them on most surfaces, your sliding discs slide beautifully on both carpets and floors. Just place them with the fabric side on the floor or with the plastic side on the carpet and start your workout!
  • SPECIAL BONUSES – When you spend your money on a product, you want to receive as much value as possible. For a limited time only, five different range resistance bands, one black carrying pouch, and an exercise guide come with your purchase and complete it.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your Borchent Core Sliders and Resistance Bands, just send them back and we’ll refund you in full.

Hockeytrain.com Slide Board 6' - Pro Slide Board Series

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • VERSATILE - Slide board offers countless number of exercises: lateral slides, lunges, squats, mountain climbers, push-ups, planks and more
  • LOW IMPACT WORKOUT - Designed to provide minimal impact on your knees and legs while also giving you a high intensity workout
  • INCLUDED - Slide board booties and mesh carrying bag
  • STABLE - Rubber grip padding on the bottom for a secured workout
  • PORTABLE - Easy to store as it rolls up and fits perfectly in the included mesh carrying bag

Powerslide 10ft Slide Board Lateral Exercise Trainer (Large Booties)

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • 10-Foot Powerslide Slide Board Lateral Exercise Trainer (Large Booties)
  • 10-foot lateral exercise board designed for athletes in training
  • Increases your lateral power, strength, agility, and endurance
  • Specially formulated sliding surface with heavy-duty end stops
  • Large-sized nylon booties slip over shoes to provide easy gliding

SPRI Slide Board (71" L x 20" W) with End Stops, Sliding Booties, Mesh Carrying Bag and Exercise Guide for Low Impact Balance Training (Skating, Hockey)

3 used from $45.53
Free shipping
as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


  • This item benefits from an Extended 90 Day Return Window
  • SLIDE BOARD: This sliding balance board is a great tool for minimal impact exercises that are light on the knees and joints, but with high intensity to tone your upper and lower body, abs & glutes
  • BALANCE TRAINING: Slide training can be used in a variety of exercises for improving balance and stability
  • SUPER SMOOTH GLIDE: The PVC slide board glides with ease and features bumpers on each end for extra safety and security while sliding
  • GREAT FOR TRAVELING: Slide board (71"L x 20"W / 4lbs) rolls up for easy storage in a 32" x 11" mesh carrying bag
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Obsidian Slide Board - 5' Foot Slide Board with Reinforced End Stops for High Intensity and Low Impact Exercise

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


Part Number OBS001
Color 5' Black
Is Adult Product
Size 5' Foot

Hockey Revolution Adjustable Length Training Tiles (My Slide Board)

as of 04/15/2024 2:21 am


Is Adult Product

Do you know the Benefits of Slide Boards

Which muscles do they work?

Sliding boards can make you work out practically every muscle in the internal system. Because their main purpose is to train your posture, you will be bending your ankles, knees, back, arms, and more.

You will mainly be utilizing the muscles in your legs to gain the sliding momentum, but you will also be working out your back and your arms too;

it all think about which exercises you are performing. You may or may not know it, but there are also certain exercises that you can do with a slide board that exclusively work out the arms, too.

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Who will benefit from using slide boards?

In particular, slide boards can be practically a crucial training tool for athletes who use skates. Still, you're also great for anyone looking to build up their muscles, increase their balance, and train themselves to hold a better bending position.

Slide boards are especially targeted towards hockey players and ice skaters, considering they can help condition someone to get usually sliding, hence the brand name.

Improve body coordination

When skateboarding, your hands, eyes, legs, and feet will have to work together or you could get injured. This will improve the coordination of the body parts. When your body works well together, you will be able to perform your daily activities more efficiently.

This is a full-body workout

In skateboarding, you will have to keep your balance to be able to keep moving. In addition, your hands and feet will have to work. So this is an exercise for your whole body. It can help you improve your body's stamina.

It helps you become more flexible

If you find yourself feeling sluggish and want to become more flexible, you should practice this wonderful sport.

Skateboarding is an effective way to lose weight

If you want to lose weight and are looking for weight loss methods, skateboarding is an option for you. It can help you burn more fat and get in shape soon. The number of calories that you burn will depend on the intensity of your skateboarding.

Relieves stress

Stress is an integral part of today's life. You may be stressed by personal and work problems. If you want to reduce stress and boost your mood, try skateboarding. Like many other sports, skateboarding is an effective way to reduce stress.

21 Slide Board Exercises for Slide Board Workouts

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you choose “Best Slide Boards,” bringing some small value to you: “Save Your Time” and give it to training. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

Best Selling Balance Boards:

Wish you find your favorite product!

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