Top 10 Best Bulgarian Bags 2020

In the list of strength training and cardio exercises, the exercises are usually separate if you train your cardio with regular movements but good for your heart and exercise that strengthens you. Just slow training with heavy weights will help increase muscle growth.

There are many devices for strength training or cardio workouts, but there are very few devices that support both exercises at the same time depending on how hard you try you in every movement.

One of the devices that help train both strength and cardiovascular training can be referred to as a Bulgarian bags, this type of bag with a very special design with specific grip points, what are the quality characteristics to maximum service for efficient execution.

Top 10 Best Bulgarian Bags 2020
Top 10 Best Bulgarian Bags 2020

If you want to do cardio training with this device, you only need to eat simple and gentle movements regularly for a few minutes, but if you want to exercise, you can consider this as a Kettlebells and come at the back of the neck, you can practice squat from anywhere in the gym or at home.

Not only are the new MMA players needing this device to train to increase flexibility, the body’s rotation to flexibly blow, but any of us who want this flexibility should own a Bulgarian bags.

However, it is not easy to own Bulgarian bags that suit your training needs and quality at the same price. You may find it difficult and very confusing the number of Bulgarian bags out there along with thousands of attractive offers from salespeople on the headache of confusion.

However, you can base on the list below, we took the time to learn about the types of Bulgarian bags on the market after consulting experts, referring thousands of customers on the e-commerce platforms you can choose the best Bulgarian bags on the basis of the most basic factors.

Products are ranked by our team from top to bottom to help you save time, money and effort more than once.

Top 10 Best Bulgarian Bags On the Market

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Detailed features of Best Bulgarian Bags:


Bulgarian Bag - New Black PVC - Suples - The Original (Fitness, Crossfit, Wrestling, Judo, Grappling, Functional Training, MMA, Sandbag, Training Bag, Weighted Bag, Weight Bag) (30)

Check Price Now
as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • If it doesn't say Suples it's not a Bulgarian Bag!
  • Comes with FREE instructional Video Link! 2 YEAR WARRANTY! No B.S.
  • HAND MADE - High Quality Vinyl (You get what you pay for)
  • Full body workout! Extremely versatile! Follow Suples Training Systems on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to see training videos.
  • For more Suples Products and information go to WWW.SUPLES.COM

Workout Sandbags Sandbag Trainning for Fitness, Exercise Sandbags, Military Sandbags, Weighted Bags, Heavy Sand Bags

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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT: You can easily adjust the intensity of your routine by adding or removing filler bags from the 10lb to 60lb tactical sandbags, accommodating multiple fitness levels. DOES NOT INCLUDE SAND!
  • INVEST IN YOUR STRENGTH. Investing in sports equipment means investing in your training and athletic goals. Use Super Sandbags to develop your power and explosiveness as you build strength throughout your body.
  • Durable Construction:Equipped with supreme fabric material and zipper and button design, the sandbags are of great durability, ensuring the sand inside not to leak. And it can be set outdoor without any problems because of the waterproof fabric.
  • Easy to Remain and Carry:The durable construction ensures no sand leakage so that you can exercise with the training sandbag for many times. Designed with 4 handles, it is easy for you to carry it for weight lifting exercise and transportation.
  • Easy to Clean:The training sandbag is machine-washable, making it easy to clean out and contributing to a comfortable and healthy exercise. Also, it can act as army training sandbag, allowing use it for multiple times outdoors without cleaning.

Fitness Bag for Crossfit, Wrestling, Functional Training, MMA, Sandbag, Powerbag, Cardio, Training Bag, Weighted Bag, Weight Bag, Strength Bag, Unfilled (Black Canvas, 10 Kg (22 lbs))

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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • Various handle options mean there are a multitude of exercises to work your grip like sand bag This is an empty bag Made from thick canvas The ultimate body workout tool Good grip as compared to Syn leather. Not slippery as compared to PU leather Come in various sizes and weights – great for any level of fitness Improve functional strength that will support you in everyday life Improves anaerobic fitness Improves grip like no other fitness tool, same like Bulgarian bag

dimok Workout Sandbag Alternative Aqua Bag Training Weight Bag Sandbags for Fitness - Crossfit Water Weights Full Body Exercise Equipment - Comes w Pump (49)

1 new from $59.87
1 used from $39.98
Free shipping
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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • HOW TO FILL - Fill w Water (under faucet or with the tube provided - make sure the pin is DOWN for this), then push the pin in the UP position to open it for the air, attache the pump and start rocking it - the fuller it is, the heavier and more stable it becomes. Less water makes it lighter but more unstable.
  • STRONG - Are you ready for a hard full body workout? Weighing only 2 lb when empty, Dimok aqua bags are easy to transport and prepare for exercise. Dimok Workout Sandbags with Water are super tough fitness sandbags, filled with air and water. Valve makes it very easy to fill and empty the bag.
  • FUNCTIONAL - Get this ultimate training for your core, legs, arms. Different handle positions allow for variety in your exercises. Foot Pump and Blue Die included! When full weighs up to 49 lbs!
  • PORTABLE and VERSATILE - Our aqua bags are perfect for cardio, high intensity interval training for Crossfit and all Opympic movements such as lifts, swings, curls, step-ups and rows
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Includes all you need! You will love it and if you find that it's not for you, return to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

SKLZ Super Sandbag Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag (10 - 40 Pounds)

1 new from $41.99
2 used from $36.85
Free shipping
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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • Develop power and explosiveness
  • Great for strength building throughout body
  • Four weight bags included – must be filled with a high density material, like sand
  • Maximum weight of 40 lbs
  • Durable outer shells for long lasting use

Elite Sports Bulgarian Canvas Bag for Crossfit, Fitness Canvas MMA Gym Cross Training Sandbag

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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • ✅ CONSTRUCTION – This Elite Sports Bulgarian canvas Bag is made of high quality and strong fabric that makes our canvas sandbag durable and withstand tough workouts and training for long.
  • ✅ DURABLE – Strong reinforced and triple secure stitching with secure sealing fillers make our canvas MMA sand bags highly durable and resilient. This gyms cross training sand bag is easy to fill and a high-quality zipper keeps the filling safe.
  • ✅ VERSATILE – No matter what type of training it is, our fitness bag for CrossFit and cross training is made for it. Whether it be strength, fitness, MMA, wrestling, CrossFit or any other training this bag is well capable of it all.
  • ✅ HANDLE STRAP – Soft and easy to grip handle straps are strategically placed on our gym cross-training sand bag so you can get a stronghold during training supporting you completely with your training.
  • ✅ WEIGHT CAPACITY – Our Bulgarian canvas MMA sand bags sandbags have a large capacity which can be adjusted by adding or removing sand from easy to fill secure filler. Note that we deliver our Bulgarian canvas bags unfilled.

Sandbag Filler Bags Sand or Water - Universal Filler tubes can be filled with either Sand or Water - Five Pack of 60lb Fillers That Can Be Used with Sand or Water - 27" X 9" When Filled

1 new from $59.95
Free shipping
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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • Five Medium Size Universal Fillers for Sandbag Training
  • Made of Industrial Strength Vinyl - Completely Leak Proof
  • Fits Large and Extra Large Power Bags from Various Manufacturers
  • Dimensions - 27"L x 9"W x 6"H -- Each bag weighs up to 60lbs when filled with Sand or 45lbs when filled with Water
  • All Iron Core Athletics Universal Fillers come with an unconditional 2 Year Warranty

Bulgarian Bag Suples Fit Model - Sand Bags for Workout, Training Bag, Weighted Bag, Weighted Fitness Bag, Heavy Workout Bag, Weight Sand Bag, Wrestling. (17)

2 new from $174.00
Check Price Now
as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR HOME OR GYM! It's the perfect tool for full body strength building and conditioning anywhere you want to workout indoor or outdoor.
  • FREE INSTRUCTIONAL DVD! Workout with Olympian and Bulgarian Bag inventor Ivan Ivanov as he shows you how to train like an Olympian!
  • IF IT DOESN'T SAY SUPLES...IT'S NOT A BULGARIAN BAG! - This Bulgarian Bag is made of extremely strong synthetic leather. Built to last!
  • BONUS VIDEOS & INFORMATION at - Ships to 48 Continental States - 1 YEAR NO B.S. Warranty. Confidently ADD TO CART as we stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
1 new from $129.00
Check Price Now
as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am

Bear KompleX Demo-Bag (D-Bag Weighted Sand Bag) (Small, 90)

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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • ✅ LIMITLESS EXERCISES: Bear KompleX brand new sandbag is here to take you from average to ELITE! Squat and press for weight lifting or carry for a cardio/endurance workout. The sandbag is one of the best training aids for strength, endurance, and power.
  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Throw, press, or carry Bear KompleX sandbags for a functional work out anywhere. Functional training increases flexibility and coordination. Our SMALL and LARGE have a maximum fill weight of 90 or 173 pounds, respectively, make it great for all athletic/exercise levels.
  • ️‍♂️ HEAVY DUTY: Made from durable Kevlar, our bags will stand up to any weightlifting or fitness regimen. It comes with the Bear KompleX Military grade stamp of approval. We are so confident you will love our Bear KompleX products, that if your expectations are not met for any reason, we will refund you within 60-days of purchase.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES: 10 strategically placed handles allow for multiple hand positions and workouts. These strategically placed handles will allow for limitless workout possibilities.
  • BEAST LIKE THE PROS: As an Official Sponsor of the CrossFit Games, Bear KompleX products are top-notch and trusted by the best athletes. When you use Bear KompleX you are using the same gear as the pros.

Benefits associated with Bulgarian Bag

Benefits associated with Bulgarian Bag

The exercise equipment since the Bulgarian Bag strengthens and improves the muscular endurance of the rotational muscles, legs, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, and handle.

It also encourages joint mobility, coordination, and building core musculature. Due to its construction, material, and shape, Bulgarian Bag an effective tool in developing agility and quickness with techniques that free weights do not.

Variable Resistance

The Bulgarian Bag does not follow traditional static resistance devices sites like free weights that only limit movement to a singular plane.

Instead, it incorporates accelerating and decelerating motions to spin and swing the bag in several angles to your user’s body, making the bag good at improving overall body agility and strength.

This multi-faceted approach to inertia, momentum, and gravity in an exercise is called Variable Angular Resistance educating.

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Aerobic Effect

Aerobic Effect

The body continues to need huge quantities of oxygen after bodybuilding or a cardiovascular workout.

When exercising using a Bulgarian Bag, the body’s metabolic rates increase more than this will in cardio or weight-training alone because the exercise involves both quick dynamic movement and weight training.

This process that the body undergoes is named the aerobic effect, also referred to as oxygen financial debt. This idea was first introduced by H. Lupton in conjunction with a.V. Hill in 1922.

They theorized that the body needs to replace the oxygen utilized by the body during weight training or any form of mild to intense exercise.

These days, folks started to make use of the term excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ (EPOC) to describe what the body goes through as it reverts back to its at-rest state of homeostasis.

After high-intensity bouts of exercise, the metabolic rate for this body increases to put together a much longer point.

The metabolic increase can make sure for up to 18 to 24 hours, depending exactly how to taxing the exercise was on the body.

Functional Grip Training

Due to the shape of the Bulgarian Bag’s main handles, the focus on the grip is never baffled.

And because of the many movement patterns involving acceleration and momentum, the grip is challenged extensively compared to some other methods of training like the kettlebell.

Since the handles meet at a certain point and are gripped a good overhand fashion, the pinky and thumb are squeezed together using the thenar and hypothenar muscles among the hand, along with other forearm and hand musculature.

Additionally, because of composed equal patterns of movement, for instance, the spin, which is practiced by swinging the bag in a circular fashion, the grip is used extensively due the changing force while exercising.

This challenge in check your grip is one of this category and can only do using the Bulgarian Ballewick.

Even for a short period of time, users have observed an improvement in grip strength, which in turn, improves the force and strength of the upper body.

With this improved grip strength, users will find success in many sports like climbing, football, and other grappling sports.

You can also use Bulgarian Bags along for other forms of functional training, like kettlebells. It could encourage more functional rotational motions that cannot be achieved with other modalities.

Timing and Rhythm

Similar to a kettlebell, the Bulgarian Bag allows users to exert force rhythmically and in a synchronized manner.

This, in acceleration, momentum, and the actual best timing, one can position the muscles to contract while controlling the movement with the bag while doing cyclical movement patterns in Bulgarian Bag training.

Timing and Rhythm

Dynamic Functional Balance

Because the user did dynamic movement patterns that involve momentum, inertia, and ground reaction forces in multiple planes, using the Bulgarian Bag will improve balance and stability while maintaining athletic patterns of actions.

Athletic Conditioning

The design of the Bulgarian Bag allows for dynamic functional conditioning by using a focus on strength endurance and power-endurance conditioning.

This kind of prepare the body for sports that require a huge amount of power and strength for prolonged periods, such as martial arts and other combat has.

Functional Core Conditioning

With the Bulgarian Bag, one can perform a functional rotational movement. This is designed possible by the bag’s design, which also constructed of linear movements in the frontal and sagittal aircraft.

The result is a great improvement when it comes to your athlete’s stability and strength and durability.

What Bulgarian Bag Size is Right for?

To get the most out of the Bulgarian Bag, refer to the weight chart below to know the size that’s suitable for you.

XL & XXL (20kg, 22kg, 26kg / 30kg, 34kg)

M (10kg, 12kg, 14kg)

These sizes are recommended for people with enough experience in Bulgarian Bags and can work with great equipment in high standard workouts even with additional weight.

In an effort to perform pushing, rotational, and swinging movements with these weights, you need to be in outstanding anaerobic condition and strength.

These sizes are commonly utilized by top-level triathletes.

L (15kg, 17kg, 19kg)

These sizes are suggested for users using a bodyweight of 68 to 86 kilograms and are very fit.

Bulgarian Bags with these weights are for folks who are naturally strong and constantly train hard.

Looking a frequent gym-goer, but by no means used a Bulgarian Bag before, these weights can nevertheless be quite efficient. These sizes will provide ample pressure towards the grip.

M (10kg, 12kg, 14kg)

For together with an excess weight of 40 to 65 kilograms that are at least somewhat fit, medium-sized Bulgarian Bags should be suitable for you.

These sizes are just the thing for athletes just about all levels which enable it to be through men and females who are beginning out with Bulgarian Carriers. Although challenging, lifting these bags is probable.

These weights are a good companion for rotational and functional movements and can deal with endurance, grip strength, muscle endurance, and anaerobic space.

S (6kg, 8kg)

Athletes by using a bodyweight between 40 to 65 kilograms and wish for a relatively light bag can try these pounds.

It can also be simply by people recuperating from injury, women, and even children. In fact, medium-sized Bulgarian Bags are found in physiotherapy sessions and repair.

XS (3kg, 5kg)

For lighter athletes and beginners, and XS Bulgarian Bag is recommended. This very light bag can be pushed and thrown no fitness level, especially beginners.

These weights are great for users not ready to carry out high rep training. This size can also be used by children in light fitness activities.

How to use Bulgarian bags video:

5 Best Selling Strength Training Kettlebells:

Detailed features of Best Selling Products

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weights Set – Great for Full Body Workout and Strength Training – Vinyl Kettlebell 5 lbs

Check Price Now
as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • HIGH-QUALITY CAST IRON CONSTRUCTION: Built to last of solid cast iron with no welds, weak spots, or seams. Great for training indoor & outdoor
  • DURABLE VINYL COATED FINISH: Encased with vinyl to prevent corrosion, increase durability, reduce noise, protect flooring & enhance appearance
  • WIDE, SMOOTH HANDLE: Smooth, high-quality slightly textured handle provides a comfortable & secure grip for high reps, makes chalk no longer necessary
  • FLAT BOTTOM FOR STABILITY: Enable upright storage, ideal for renegade rows, handstands, mounted pistol squats & other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom
  • IDEAL FOR ANY AGE OR GENDER: Wide range of weights ideal for anyone wanting to improve fitness. Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups & snatches to work out many muscle groups and body parts including biceps, shoulders, legs, & more

AmazonBasics Vinyl Kettlebell - 10 Pounds, Light Orange

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as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • Vinyl-coated iron kettlebell for fitness training
  • Available in a variety of weights from 10 to 60 pounds
  • Comes in a variety of eye-catching colors specific to weight
  • Great for agility training, cardio, endurance, squats, lunges, and more
  • Vinyl coating protects floors, reduces noise, and prevents corrosion

CAP Barbell Black Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell, 10 lb

8 new from $22.00
Check Price Now
as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • VERSATILE : Kettlebells offer the ability to target specific muscle group exercises or a full body workout
  • CONSTRUCTION : Made of solid high quality cast iron with no weld, no seam casting and coated in an industrial powder coated finish for enduring protection
  • FEATURES : Generous wide opening handle ensures a comfortable, secure grip with one hand or two. The flat bottom allows for easy, safe storage and the ability to be used in specific flat bottom kettlebell exercises such as renegade rows and handstands
  • FUNCTIONAL : Perfect for swings, deadlifts, squats, get ups, snatches and other athletic or cross training workouts
  • CHOICES : This kettlebell group from CAP is available in sizes from 5 lb to 50 lb in 5 lb increments and from 60 lb to 80 lb in 10 lb increments

AmazonBasics Enamel Cast Iron Kettlebell - 10 Pounds, Black

Check Price Now
as of October 15, 2020 6:29 am


  • Kettlebell supports a wide range of resistance-training exercises
  • Made of solid high-quality cast iron for reliable built-to-last strength
  • Enamel finish for added protection and an attractive shiny appearance
  • Textured wide handle helps ensure a comfortable, secure grip; hold with one hand or two
  • Weighs 10 pounds; backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty

Wish you find your favorite product!

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you to chose “Best Bulgarian Bags”, bring some small value to you: “Save Your Time” and give it to training. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

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