Quick Mass Protein Review – You Will Learn More About How Good A Product Is?

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One more weight gain product for you here, in this series of articles, we will learn more about a very famous product and recommended by reputable sports organizations.

This is a product from Canada, a country that places great emphasis on product quality, and they are urgently eliminating counterfeit products from the market.

Because of this from Canada, we can completely rest assured about this product's quality, so in this article, we will do more specifically about that.

Our main character today is a product of the brand Allmax Nutrition: QuickMass.

Does this weight gain milk meet the needs of bodybuilders like so many people are using worldwide and highly appreciated by bodybuilidng.com? All will be here!

Quick Mass Protein Review - You Will Learn More About How Good A Product Is
Quick Mass Protein Review – You Will Learn More About How Good A Product Is

We have reviewed many articles about lean milk lines like the Premium Mass Gainer review or the Muscle Mass Gainer review …

So today, we are still working on one more lesson to see if QuickMass brings trust and quality or not.

To gain weight, you need to make sure your calorie intake is greater than the high you burn each day. You need to add about 500-1000kcal more to ensure that you will increase about 0.5-1kg per week is natural.

However, the manufacturer of Allmax also admits that wanting to eat enough and eat excess calories every day is not a simple thing when it comes to eating right.

That is not to mention those who have difficulty gaining weight, difficult to absorb …

At this time, eating 10 more also loaded 3-4 is the same.

So how to resolve this or how to ensure rapid muscle discharge? You will need to read the review article Quickmass weight gain milk immediately. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

New update:

Currently, the ALLMAX Nutrition brand has given many product lines to replace Quick Mass Protein with more effective formulas.
We invite you to come and see ALLMAX Nutrition Store.

But you can definitely refer to their old product review to understand the core principles and technologies in making good workout products.

Quick Mass Protein Review – Is drinking this weight gain milk good?

Review Quickmass - Is drinking this weight gain milk good?

This is a new line of Canadian products, so you need to look carefully to understand. Allmax also has a long history and is highly appreciated by the bodybuilding.com community for this product line.

What is Quickmass?

Quickness is a weight gain milk brand of Allmax, providing a huge amount of calories and extremely high protein. With many delicious flavors, Quick Mass Milk helps users easily absorb nutrients to improve weight and muscle mass.

This also explains why a large chart like bodybuilding.com ranked it 7.9 out of 10 and was selected to rank the best mass milk for bodybuilders.

Especially this is not a drug at all; it is just a nutritional supplement as we often eat every day. Therefore, everything is almost guaranteed to be absolutely safe.

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The strength of Quickmass milk is that it focuses on gaining more muscle mass.


From a distance, this Quickmass line is the main color of the dark with 4 colors: black, white, blue, and red. It feels easy to tear it up, but it's actually substantial (I'm experiencing a 12lbs – 5.44kg bag).

However, it is not as good as the smaller 6lbs – 2.72kg in a jar in terms of preservation.

In terms of the front, this product presents too much information, so it isn't obvious. In the top position, the company clearly records the product's calorie content as 1010kcal with 60 grams of protein. T

Picking down the bottom will still be the brand name and product name quite prominent in this section, from a distance is immediately recognizable. Continuing are the 3 main points,

  • 1010 calories
  • No added sugar
  • Carbs: Protein – 3: 1

The last one is the volume of the product, and next to it is the taste. The presentation is nothing special, a bit cumbersome for the packaging. Additionally, at the top, you will see an iconic logo that is Informed-Choice certified.

Quick Mass is certified by Informed-Choice as the recommended line of sports products worldwide.

The back is where the company has tried to present almost all the information you need from the table of nutritional ingredients, amino acids table …

Besides, there are instructions on how to drink. That's more than enough to prove this product is well presented! Any company rarely does this.

The overall rating is that the packaging is also normal. The back is quite impressive if using a large bag is quite inconvenient.

Nutritional ingredients

Nutritional ingredients

To determine if Allmax's QuickMass intake is good and worth buying, you need to make a careful assessment of the ingredients table.

That is the place for you to calculate which product is more satisfactory.

QuickMass Ingredients Table – 12lbs (5.44kg)

  • Dosage: 4 tablespoons – 264g
  • Total uses: 21 times
  • Calories: 1010kcal
  • Fat: 7g
  • Cholesterol: 170mg
  • Carbs: 176g
  • Sugar: 12g
  • Protein: 60g
  • Vitamin A, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium
  • BCAA: 13g

First, we need to talk about carbs content. Here, this product uses complex (also known as slow-digesting, slow-digesting carbs) carbs.

These include Maltodextrin, mixed with carbs from glutinous corn, oats, quinoa, and sweet potatoes.

It will provide enough energy to the body for a long time. Besides, this has helped the product reduce up to 60% of sugar. Therefore, you will find yourself saying why the sugar is low.

In terms of protein sources, the manufacturer claims that 100% of the protein comes from high-quality cow's milk raised on US farms.

Many people do not convince of this information because it is necessary to clearly define the information that cows are raised according to what standards, what food, whether there is a genetic modification or not …

This is all true, but Allmax QuickMass also has cGMP certification. This is a rigorous US certificate of products that must meet the standards, quality …

Not to mention, US farms are not the wrong place to produce cow's milk. All must meet the index. If not, dairy companies in the US will have a seal.

Here, we get a good source of Protein in the Whey Blend. Whey Concentrate is the main one. Whey Isolate is secondary. This protein quality is similar to other dairy brands.

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One bright spot that you should keep in mind when evaluating Quick Mass is that it uses a Carbs: Gold ratio – 3: 1. This is considered the golden ratio to help muscles recover and develop quickly, especially after exercising.

In terms of impurities, here, you will see for the first time that a dairy company has gained weight using only 12g / dose.

This is almost very rare. Most of the common ground will fluctuate around 50-70g / dose. This proves that the company has focused a lot on health. Sweet is not good either.

The point of concern is the slightly high cholesterol content. However, do not worry too much because this is good cholesterol.

In terms of digestive enzymes, we have a mixture of enzymes: Protease and Bromelain. These enzymes that will help solve the problem that we will talk about below are lactose.

Finally, we will talk about vitamin and mineral content. The point I am very dissatisfied with here is that this content is too little and lacking.

The reason why people are underweight often has difficulty gaining weight is due to a lack of micronutrients. The micronutrients will stimulate gastric juice, making the body healthier.

From there, you will easily recharge. However, I do not understand why the company did not add many of these substances. It's not as important as calories and protein anyway.

Based on this information, we can generally evaluate that QuickMass will completely help gain weight gain muscle. The score for 7.9.

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The absorption capacity of QuickMass milk

QuickMass milk

First, we will have to talk about Carbs since there is one ingredient called Maltodextrin.

Therefore, those who have had an allergy must be careful. Inside the product, there is also artificial sucralose sugar – which can somewhat irritate the stomach for allergy sufferers.

Not to mention, if you pay attention, Whey Concentrate will carry lactose. This can completely make people with lactose allergies more susceptible to diarrhea.

However, all 3 are resolved with enzymes. The above mixture of digestive enzymes will do its job. It will help you reduce the risk of stomach upset. However, if the allergy is severe, you should consult your doctor.

Besides, the product also includes milk, coconut oil, and soybeans. If you have allergies, stay away, or consult your doctor.

The taste of QuickMass

Surely many of you will ask which taste of QuickMass is delicious? Currently, according to observation, there are only 2 outstanding smells: chocolate and vanilla. I have tried the vanilla flavor once, quite delicious.

But according to many people, it will taste better when mixed with fruit. And today, I evaluate the chocolate taste.

The chocolate smells very easy to drink. The feeling when opened is the scent of the nose. It feels very bold, even if you mix it with water.

However, the 1 point is that it is less sugar. So it won't be lovely. Drinking taste is moderately delicious, but many people think it is not delicious. It depends on each person.

How to use QuickMass

How to use QuickMass

How to prepare QuickMass milk is nothing too complicated. Just put in the shaker and mix.

  • Mix with a shaker
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Put 4 tablespoons in the shaker, and add 500ml of water. Then give ice cubes. Shake well for 1 minute. Let's drink.

  • Make a smoothie

Put 4 scoops in the blender, add 400ml water / unsweetened fresh milk. Give more fruit. Blend well.

  • How to drink and when

Although the correct recipe is to mix 4 tablespoons once, doing so would be a waste. Please do as follows,

  • When you wake up in the morning, mix 1 teaspoon.
  • 1 hour before going to practice, mix 1 spoon.
  • After exercising, drink 1 teaspoon immediately.
  • 1 hour before bedtime, drink 1 teaspoon

Two-week turbo bulk: QUICK MASS

How much does QuickMass cost?

How much does QuickMass cost?

View On Amazon

Compare QuickMass and Mass Tech

Mass-Tech is MuscleTech's famous Mass line of milk. If we compare, we take the same size, 5.44kg. Let's see who is more worth buying.

Components of MassTech,

  • Calories: 840kcal
  • Protein: 63g
  • Sugar: 9g
  • Carbs: 132g
  • Fat: 7g

At a glance, MassTech is better. In terms of price,

  • MassTech: 83k / dose
  • QuickMass: 95k / dose

MassTech's loss is the lack of digestive enzymes. MassTech contains Whey Concentrate, which causes abdominal pain.

Compare QuickMass and Serious Mass

Serious Mass is ON's milk line. This can be considered the best-selling milk line. The Serious Mass's target group is thin people who need to gain weight rather than gain muscle.

Serious Mass Ingredients,

  • Calories: 1250kcal
  • Protein: 50g
  • Carbs: 254g
  • Sugar: 21g
  • Fat: 4g

That's all you need to know about the QuickMass review. Buy it now!

Please see some new products ALLMAX Nutrition

What can we learn from this article?

Before you buy any protein product or any post-workout muscle pain supplement, you should consult with a fitness specialist, especially those who specialize in the subject.

However, after consulting with experts on nutritional products, you need to base on yourself, the suitability of your body for each of those sports nutrition.

This cannot be verified by anyone else but by using small amounts first or purchasing small-volume packs to test how your body responds to these bodybuilding nutrients.

Because sometimes these nutritional compounds may be right for others but not for you.

Wish you choose a product you like and achieve the best training effect.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you choose “quick mass protein, bringing some small value to you: “Save Your Time,” and give it to training. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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