Gain Weight in 1 Week Diet Make Your Loved Ones Surprised | BellyFatZone

Gain Weight in 1 Week Diet Make Your Loved Ones Surprised | BellyFatZone
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First, in order to gain weight, you need to understand what is weight gain here?

Weight gain is often thought of as a high-fat diet, but fat includes both muscle and fat and is often high in fat.

The right weight gain must be muscle gain and fat gain, but mostly muscle gain.

Surely you will want to have a nice body, an ideal weight but never want to be fat. Then you need to master the principles,

Eat more calories than you burn each day.
Eat only calorie-rich and energy-dense foods.
Increase the amount of good fat.
Use milk to gain weight.

People who are difficult to gain weight (those who seek a diet for people who are difficult to gain weight) are those who have tried a lot to gain weight and know how hard it is.

However, this will be solved by Eating a lot.
You may feel like you cannot eat more than what you are eating right now – it is very uncomfortable.
It’s not easy to get more calories than your body is currently eating, but if you want to gain weight, that’s exactly what to eat.

You need to lift heavy weights, take weight gain supplements, and rest.
In addition, you need to use the TDEE tool to calculate how many calories you consume each day by eating or exercising activities …

After that, you only need to add 500-1000 calories to the TDEE. So every week you can increase from 0.5-1kg.
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