Working out abs: 70+ most effective abs exercises on planet earth

By: Aiden Johann

Working out abs: 70+ most effective abs exercises on planet earth

Sports athletes – from baseball to soccer to hockey – rely on physical activities incorporating various movements to improve abdominal strength.

  • This is great for professional athletes, but what about those who want toned six-pack abs?
  • Have you never felt confident standing with other boys because of your weak body and not being ‘athletic'?
  • Do you desire to have beautiful toned 6-pack abs?

Have you ever wondered how to have an explicit 6 or 8-pack abs, but the guys in the magazine fascinate so many girls?
First of all, accept the fact that everyone's abs are different.

Working out abs: 70+ most effective abs exercises on planet earth
Working out abs: 70+ most effective abs exercises on planet earth

Some people go to the gym to work out to the point of exhaustion to have the abs of their dreams, while many don't need to do much, not even pushups.

70+ most effective abs exercise on planet earth

Practicing abdominal exercises in a high-intensity routine will help reduce belly fat very effectively. We invite you to practice these exercises with Bellyfatzone.

Abs workout number 1: Roll the wheel

YouTube video

Rolling movement

  • Kneel with both knees to the floor; two hands holding a wheel. Squeeze your abs and start rolling the wheel forward until your abs relax, and your hips drop to the floor.
  • Roll back to the original position. Repeat this movement as often as possible, but keep the correct posture until you can no longer do it; stop.

Abdominal exercise #2: Crunches your stomach and raise your hands up

YouTube video

  • Sit on the floor with your back, knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees, arms straight up, and always keep straight throughout the exercise.
  • Bend up slightly and gently lower yourself to the floor. That's 1 move.

Abs workout #3: Rolling dumbbells

YouTube video

The single dumbbell rolling movement

  • Prepare 1 barbell with two 5kg weight plates; Kneel on the floor behind dumbbells.
  • Hold the dumbbell in both hands.
  • Tighten your abs and roll the bar forward as far as possible until your hips drop, then stop.
  • Roll back to the original position.

Abs workout #4: Twist with dumbbells

YouTube video

Dumbbell swings

  • Hold the end of a dumbbell with both hands.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Rotate the bar to the left, rotate the legs if necessary, and reverse to the right.

Abs workout #5: Bend with Swiss Ball

YouTube video

Swiss Ball curls

  • Lie on your back on the ball, feet shoulder-width apart on the floor, lower back resting on the ball. Place your hands behind your ears and draw your chin in. Roll up on the ball to prepare to do crunches.
  • We will continue with the following bodybuilding exercises, so stay tuned.

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Abs workout #6: Raise your legs or dip the bar

YouTube video

  • The movement of lifting legs and dipping people on the double bar
  • Hanging people on double beams.
  • Bend your knees slightly and lift your legs forward until they are parallel to the floor.

Abs workout #7: Scissor legs

YouTube video

Scissor leg exercise

  • Lie on the floor, legs straight, arms extended by your sides.
  • Raise your heel to about 15cm and quickly kick one foot after the other to create a walking motion.

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Abs workout number 8: Front Squat

YouTube video

Front Squats

  • Place 1 dumbbell on a shoulder-height stand (if you don't have a rack, place it on your shoulder).
  • Hold the dumbbells with both hands at your shoulders and raise your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Lift the barbell off the rack, resting it on your fingertips; you should be able to balance the bar. Step back and stand shoulder-width apart, turning your toes slightly apart.
  • Squat down to a moderate level.

Abs workout #9: Pull the horizontal cable

YouTube video

Horizontal cable pulling action

  • Install an adjustable, shoulder-high cable pulley (or attach a rope to a sturdy object); two hands hold the handle.
  • Stand shoulder-width apart, arms outstretched, standing far enough away from the machine to stretch the cables. Rotate against the machine as if you were chopping down a tree.
  • Keep your feet steady.

Abs workout number 10: Leg lift

YouTube video

Leg lifts

  • Lie on your back on the floor, and hold your hands on a bench or the legs of a heavy chair for support.
  • Straighten your legs and lift them straight up.
  • Gently drop down, almost touching the floor, then stop to tighten the abs before repeating this movement.

Abs workout #11: Rotate with Medicine Ball

YouTube video

  • Twist movement with Medicine Ball exercise ball
  • Sit on the floor in a crunch position, hands holding the ball, stretched out in front of you.
  • Twist to one side and vice versa.
  • Change side.

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Abs workout number 12: Climbing with Medicine Ball

YouTube video

  • Climbing moves with Medicine Ball exercise ball
  • Hold the ball with both hands and create a pushup on the floor.
  • Pull one knee toward your chest and then quickly pull back while you lift the other knee.

Abdominal exercise number 13: Upper abdominal crunches

YouTube video

  • Get into a pushup position with your toes on the ball.
  • Bend your hips slightly and roll the ball towards you, straightening your torso.
  • Roll back and straighten your spine, then roll the ball along your legs so your torso continues to form a straight axis and your arms are extended overhead but still on the floor.
  • You will look like a flying superhero. That's 1 move.
  • Pull your triceps (shoulder back) back to the pushup position and start again.

Abs workout number 14: Plank

YouTube video

Plank movement

  • Get into a pushup position and bend your elbows to lower your forearms to the floor.
  • Hold that position and stretch your abs.

Abdominal exercise number 15: Pull up the bar to lift the knee

YouTube video

Pull-up movement to raise the knee

  • Hang on a bar, arms shoulder width apart and palms facing your body.
  • Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar and then bring your knees up close to your chest.
  • Hopefully, in these 10 songs, you guys will practice very hard to get a 6-pack body like a model.

Abs workout number 16: Pushup rockets

YouTube video

Pushup rocket movement

  • Get into a pushup position, with your feet on the supports, and perform a pushup so that your hands are off the ground and clap once before landing again.

Abs workout number 17: Traction resistance crunches

YouTube video

Resistance crunches

  • Lie on the floor and place the two ropes on your heels. Twist each end of the rope to form an “X” and grab each end. Bend your hips and knees slightly so your knees are close to your chest, and bend your torso.
  • Straighten your legs while you raise your arms overhead – keeping your shoulder blades off the ground.

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Abdominal exercise number 18: Roll the ball

YouTube video

Ball rolling action

  • Rest your forearms on a Swiss ball; straighten your back legs. Tighten your abs and roll the ball toward you as you stretch your arms and hips. When you feel your abdominal muscles are no longer tight, roll back.
  • Sit on an exercise bench and squeeze the exercise ball between your legs. Extend and lift your legs, stretching your torso to form a straight line. Hold the exercise chair tight. Bend forward and pull your knees toward your chest.

Abdominal exercise number 20: Plank on one side

YouTube video

One side plank movement

  • Lie on your left side, resting your left forearm on the floor to create support. Raise your hips, so your body forms a straight line and tighten your abs – your weight will be on your left forearm and the edge of your left leg.
  • Hold that position with your abs tight.

Abs workout number 21: Sprinting

YouTube video

Sprint movement

  • Place your feet on the handles and get into a pushup position with your hands on the ground. Pull one knee toward your chest while the other leg straightens.
  • Next, pull the other leg towards the chest; the other portion extends straight out. Continue as if you were running in place.

Abdominal exercise number 22: Bend throw the ball

YouTube video

Bending movement to throw the ball

  • Hold the ball on your chest and sit on the floor. Clip your legs to any solid object, and lie on your back on the floor a few inches from the wall.
  • Bend and throw the ball against the wall, and then snap back as you bounce back up. If you have a practice buddy, you can throw the ball at them, and they throw it around.

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Abs workout number 23: Star plank

YouTube video

Plank in the shape of a star

  • Create a pushup position. Spread your arms and legs as wide as possible – your body will form a star shape. Hold this position, so your body is straight and your abs tight for 30 seconds.

Abs workout #24: Crunches with straight-leg dumbbells

YouTube video

Situps with straight-leg dumbbells

  • Lie on the floor, holding a light dumbbell with both hands on your chest. Legs extended straight out on the floor.
  • Perform a crunch, and lift your body to form a vertical line. Hold the bar overhead, which will create downward pressure on you.

Abs workout #25: Weightlifting suitcase

YouTube video

Suitcase weightlifting movement

  • Hold a dumbbell on the floor and stand on the left side about hip-width apart. Bend your hips and lower yourself until your right hand can grasp the center of the bar.
  • Stretch your abs and keep your lower back in a frame, using your heels to push you up and lock your hips. Grasp the barbell, so it doesn't rock. Focus on keeping your spine straight – don't arch towards the weight.

Abs workout number 26: Rotating plank with Swiss Ball

YouTube video

Plank rotation with Swiss Ball

  • Place a Swiss ball on the floor, with both hands resting on the ball like a pushup. Now begin to lower your forearms, leaning on the ball, keeping your whole body straight, and tensing your abs.
  • Use your elbow to roll the ball in a circle, clockwise, then vice versa, as if you were stirring water in a kettle.

Abs workout #27: V pose with Swiss Ball

YouTube video

V pose with the Swiss Ball

  • Lie on the floor and hold the ball between your ankles. Stretch your arms behind your head. Bend your stomach while lifting your legs and passing the ball from foot to hand.
  • Lower your arms and legs and repeat, passing the ball from hand to foot. Each pass is 1 movement.

Abdominal exercise number 28: V pose with Medicine Ball

YouTube video

V pose with Medicine Ball

  • Lie on the floor, holding the ball with your hands. Stretch your legs out. Tighten your abs and bend over.
  • Raise both legs simultaneously so that the toes touch the ball. Your body will form a V shape at the highest point.

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Abs workout #29: Crunches with heavy weights

YouTube video

Heavy dumbbell crunches

  • Lie on the floor, holding a plate of heavy dumbbells on your chest with both hands. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle, but keep your feet on the floor. Bring your chin to your chest and crunch your stomach.

Abs workout number 30: Half-knee pulling rope

YouTube video

Pull the rope half-kneeling

  • Half-kneeling rope pull-up Get into a pose with your left foot in front of you and grab the rope with your left shoulder. Pull the strap diagonally down your body over your right hip.
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