Diet to lose belly fat

Nutritional disorders with an unbalanced diet lead to weight gain when consuming too much fat, sugar, refined carbohydrates and not getting enough minerals and vitamins.

Reducing belly fat can say bed as a microcosm of weight loss in general because when the whole body has a relatively healthy weight and is suitable for height, our belly fat is also at a moderate level.

Nutrition or a diet of weight loss is a significant factor, deciding up to 60% – 70% success in reducing belly fat or losing weight.

Besides proper training, a reasonable diet not only brings an ideal physique but also helps you preserve the beauty of youthful, youthful and fresh.

Currently, the World Health Organization often uses body mass index (BMI) to determine the condition of fatness.

Before designing your diet, you need to calculate BMI to know the body weight status as follows:

BMI = Weight / (height x height)
Height in meters. Weight calculated in kg
BMI between 18.5-23 is that you have a well-proportioned body and are not called obese.

However, many people have healthy BMI but still look fat, which is due to excessive fat, focusing on visible areas such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks, biceps.

Therefore, the weight loss menu is not necessarily for obese people, but even for those who want to change, improve their physique.

The concept of diet to reduce belly fat lose weight:

Skip meals :

Less than any snack or meal: Many people think that eating to be sick means eating less, reducing as much energy as possible.

People who skip breakfast, who have skipped lunch, have dinner, some people stop eating, drink water and eat some vegetables every day.

This weight loss method causes the body to show dehydration, followed by weakness, fatigue, loss of resistance, pale skin and loss of energy.

Just dieting is enough:

Dieting to lose belly fat does not need to be exercised, and exercise is not necessary for dieting: Both ways are wrong because nutrition and exercise are shapes and shadows, lack of either of you cannot be both healthy and beautiful excellent.

Eat well and then try to fast for a long time:

Many people think that to limit eating, eating a full meal a long time will have a feeling of hunger and the following meals no longer want to eat.
This causes the body's circadian rhythms to be turned upside down, and the digestive apparatus is overloaded at a time leading to digestive disorders.

Too strict diet:

Too careful in dieting like absolutely not eating this, that is, calculating carefully every calorie loaded into the body makes many people suffer from lack of substance, an imbalanced body, always in a state of calculation and be wary of food.

How to reduce belly fat properly, healthy, safe for health and long-term effectiveness:

To achieve your goal of weight loss healthily and safely, you need to adjust your diet, eat well and increase your physical activity, exercise.

European countries, weight-loss diets include a weight-loss meal replacement or a whole-meal diet to control weight.

The mechanism of weight loss occurs when the body uses more energy for work, movement or metabolism than the body absorbs energy when eating and replenishing nutrients.

At that time, the body will use its internal energy reserves as the fat of excess fat or muscle leading to weight loss to improve obesity.

The ration has a balanced percentage:

A low-calorie diet helps the body regulate nutrient consumption.

The total daily calories allocated to the body are recommended at a 55% rate taken from carbohydrates, 15% from protein and 30% by fat (ingredients should not exceed 10% from saturated fats).

For example, the total diet of a meal containing 1000 calories is proposed at a rate of 550 calories from carbohydrates, 150 from protein and 300 from healthful fat.

The World Health Organization advises people to reduce the intake of processed foods high in saturated fat, sugar, and salt and to enhance minerals, vitamins, and fiber.
It will help the digestion process better than the one to achieve a high saturation state.

Deep feeling full:

This is a method of hypnosis and is conducted as an alternative to weight management.

Scientific studies of weight loss nutrition also indicate that increasing protein consumption helps the stomach feel a fuller feeling and limits appetite.

This low-calorie, low-calorie balanced diet combined with physical moderation activities helps to lose weight for the most prolonged effect, unlike other diets that only achieve short-term results.

Also, we need to combine by getting enough sleep:

A 2010 study found that people who had an adequate sleep at night had twice as much fat as those who lacked sleep.

After achieving the desired weight, the daily caloric intake can be increased gradually but should not exceed 2000 net (calculated from calories consumed unless burned by physical activity ).

For permanent and permanent weight loss, diet and lifestyle changes must also be sustained. Short-term diets may also yield results, but long-term efficacy as well as ensuring health safety issues are not guaranteed.

Eat and drink wisely:

However, for some special reasons, some people still need to lose weight in a short time to meet specific requirements.

We suggest some fast and safe eating methods. However, as mentioned above, you need to adjust your lifestyle, diet, and exercise for a long time if you want to keep your body beautiful and healthy.

Foods that should be restricted to your diet reduce belly fat.


It is not unreasonable that the Low carb diet is famous all over the world. This is the maximum method of reducing starch, only eating fiber, protein and fat, limiting carbohydrate to almost absolute.

This proves that starch is the culprit causing top weight gain. However, starch has a vital role in brain activity. Abstaining from starch entirely is difficult due to daily eating habits.

You do not need to cut down completely starch but only cut slowly, reducing the amount of rice you eat every day, you can replace ordinary rice with brown rice and both nutritious and not cause weight gain.

Limit eating starch from potatoes, nuts, bread, cakes …


It is difficult to curb attractive types of desserts such as fruits, ice cream, ice cream cakes … These are foods that contain a lot of fat, sugar, and chemicals, causing weight gain to lose control.

Therefore, if you want to achieve good results, remove these items from the slimming menu!

Dried fruits:

This is a favorite snack, undeniably nutritional value and vitamins from dried fruits, but this is also the cause of weight gain that few people pay attention to.

Sugar in dried fruits can cause weight gain, uncontrollable appetite, and uncontrolled eating.

Some fruits such as:

Grapes, pears, avocados, durian are all easy to gain weight. Avocado fruits can contain as much protein as pork. Do you believe it?

Be careful with the advice “eat lots of fruit to supplement your vitamins”! Not all fruits are safe because some types can cause weight gain.

Fat-fried food:

This is not only recommended to people who want to lose weight but to people in general, not only causing overweight obesity but also many other implications for health.

Natural fat-reducing foods should be included in the menu to reduce belly fat:


High in acid and helps the body absorb calcium easily, lemon is a miracle for those in need.

Lemon helps purify the body, burns excess fat, eliminates liver toxicity, and effectively filters blood.

You can drink diluted lemonade instead of daily water. Besides, lemon juice mixed with honey and warm water is also suitable for weight loss goals.


Food cannot be missed in the weight loss menu. In tofu, there is a lot of vegetable protein, so it helps you to fill up for a long time and also dissolves excess fat in your abdomen.

You can eat tofu instead of main dishes in your meal to speed up the process of shortening your physique!


You can use oats as a menu for meals during the day.

Many people, especially men, do not like the oat flavor of oats, but it is also the reason that helps you lose weight more effectively because you will not be afraid of losing control and overeating.

Whole grains:

It has long been considered a food containing many nutrients such as fiber and minerals necessary for the body.
Cereals not only help you feel fuller longer but also improve digestion, regulate blood sugar and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body!

Green tea:

Glass cups with green tea and tea leaves isolated on white.

Due to its high antioxidant content, vitamin E and green tea have the effect of burning excess fat, purifying the body, preventing disease.

Fruits such as:

Oranges, bananas, watermelons, and pineapples all work effectively.

broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium, fiber, which is suitable for cutting calories but still nutritious.

Eat lots of fish, lean chicken, eggs, skim milk to provide protein for the body.

Besides, to have a useful slimming menu, you need to make a healthy eating schedule and moderation.

You can divide it into small meals during the day, 4-5 meals so that the stomach is never empty, any hunger or appetite.

Besides, it is a reasonable exercise regime for the body to firm and stable, avoid muscle coincidence if only apply diet.

You can practice gym, yoga, dance, body jam, kickboxing or any other form of exercise to burn calories.

Some weight loss menus reduce the following fast abdominal fat:

Military Diet mode: 10kg discount for two weeks

This is a diet adopted by soldiers to ensure their physical strength as well as their awareness.

With this mode, you will eat less than usual but still provide enough energy for the body and can reduce to 4.5kg in 1 week.

Depending on your purpose, you can do this for a specified period (1 to 2 times a month), but you must strictly follow the following three days of strict diet:

Fat reduction menu Day 1:

One cup of black/green tea (hot, without sugar): The amount of caffeine in tea and coffee helps to increase heart rate while limiting appetite.
One slice of peanut butter bread. Be sure to use black bread or whole grains, and peanut butter with a little sugar.
½ orange or ¼ grapefruit: these fruits are high in fiber and vitamin C which gives a great feeling of fullness and enhances metabolism.


  • 1 cup of black/green tea (hot, without sugar)
  • One slice of toast
  • One can of tuna: canned tuna is rich in omega 3, has low energy, good for health and brain.


  • 100g of meat (should use white meat such as chicken breast, fish fillet, …)
  • 100g of beans: providing fiber
  • 2-3 bananas: good for digestion
  • One apple: offers essential vitamins and nutrients
  • One tablet of vanilla ice cream: low energy and help you feel more comfortable after a strict diet

Menu to reduce belly fat fast day 2:


  • One slice of toast
  • One boiled egg: protein in eggs helps you to fill up long, limit hunger feeling
  • 2-3 bananas


  • 1 cup of fresh cheese: lots of protein and fat to make you feel full
  • 5 – 7 pieces of salty cake
  • One boiled egg


  • 2 – 3 sausages: high in protein to help you fill your stomach
  • 50g cooked carrots: vitamin A supplement helps brighten the eyes
  • 50g broccoli: reduce blood cholesterol
  • 2-3 bananas
  • One vanilla ice cream

3rd day:


  • One slice of butter/cheese
  • One apple
  • 5 – 7 pieces of salty cake


  • One slice of toast
  • One boiled egg


  • One box of tuna
  • 2-3 bananas
  • One vanilla ice cream

Detox reduces belly fat quickly:

Detox is a weight-loss drink that removes toxins from the body. Besides, detox is also useful in improving mood and lightening the skin.

Refer to 3 more types of detox with pure tea suitable for both men and women and bring a positive effect in 1 month of use:

1. Weight loss menu with ginger lemon tea

If lemon helps relieve and anti-inflammatory, ginger will promote metabolism and eliminate toxins through sweat glands. Besides, ginger lemon tea also helps prevent acne and restricts car sickness on long trips.


  • One pinch of green tea
  • One lemon
  • Three slices of ginger
  • One spoon of honey
  • Perform:
    Sprinkle leaves of tea leaves in boiling water, then soak tea and ginger in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.
    Take the boiled water, add lemon juice and honey.

2. Slimming menu and lemon chili tea

Lemon combined with chili helps improve the digestive system, supports the immune system as well as helps with weight loss. If you feel tired, drink 1 cup of lemon chili to enhance your body's resistance!


  • One pinch of lemon tea
  • One lemon
  • One pinch of red pepper
  • Perform:
  • Sprinkle green tea leaves in boiling water, then soak tea and chili in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.
    Grab water, add lemon juice, add honey to taste more easily.

3. Weight loss menu with honey turmeric tea

A cup of tea with honey and turmeric for a detox drink

If you often have stomach pain, take a cup of honey turmeric tea every morning. Besides, this tea also helps to increase glucose metabolism, thereby adding energy to the whole working day.


  • One spoon of turmeric powder
  • One tablespoon black pepper
  • One tablespoon ginger powder
  • One spoon of honey
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • Perform:
    Mix turmeric powder and ginger with boiling water, cover tightly for 5-10 minutes.
    Grab water, add pepper, honey, and coconut milk.


Intentional weight loss, also known as slimming, reduces total body weight, reduces adipose tissue, improves excess obesity to improve physical health, strengthen fitness and prevent the development of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis pain, blood pressure, …

Weight loss of 1 kg of body weight is associated with a drop in blood pressure of about 1 mm Hg. Many others desire to achieve fat reduction goals to gain a more attractive appearance.

Top 4 protein-rich and low-calorie weight-loss foods for you

1. Chicken breast

A diet consisting of 1 piece of chicken breast (excluding skin) contains about 50 grams of protein (equivalent to only 280 calories) that can provide about 15% of the energy for daily activities. Besides, thanks to the low-fat content, you can be assured it will not cause excess fat in your body.

2. Soybeans

When taking 1 l of soy milk about 150ml, it gives you 75 calories including 3-4 grams of fiber is very good for digestion. So it will make you feel full longer and no longer have much appetite

3. Oats

Characteristics of high soluble fiber make you eat oatmeal; it also makes you feel fuller longer. Besides, it also has active ingredients involved in the reduction of body fat.

4. Ezekiel bread

Ingredients rich in protein and low calorie are suitable for those who like to eat low carb. With only one slice of Eze cake, you provide 3-4 grams of protein for your body, equivalent to 75 calories
With the above suggestions, prepare yourself a 7-day weight-loss diet menu, ensure health, bring efficiency to your physique and beauty!


These are some of the essential things when we want to learn about diets that help reduce belly fat in particular and lose weight in general.

There are many things to learn and need to remember and then apply to the diet of each person, each region, each country in a flexible way, and then the food will help you get close balance with a flat stomach.

Hello dear, if you are reading this, you are responsible for yourself, your family and want to create more value for society. Keeping a flat belly and a toned body will help you have a much better work performance, and that will, of course, help you be more successful in life; we completely understand this.

BellyFatZone would like to leave these lines here for the most basic and understandable overview of how to regain a flat belly completely, tighten your body, and fight to age. This world is created with energy and matter; you probably know Albert Einstein, but science has found nothing but those two things.

And our body is no exception. To gain weight, you need to take in more calories than you burn each day and to lose weight, you need to do the opposite. But surely you don't want to leave behind a lot of wrinkles after that weight loss process. To solve them, the best way is to practice practical exercises.

Albert Einstein

But you also find you are too busy in this competitive life without much time to pay attention to the diet and less time to exercise, from which people create supplements. The best part is that you can save meal time by adding the right ingredients and doing the right exercises effectively, keeping you healthy in the long run.

Additional ingredients that support metabolism promote excess fat conversion into energy, or inhibit fat absorption are listed below. And currently, only one FDA-approved weight loss drug is also available. Free meal plans to help burn fat are easy to find around here. We hope these few things will help you to be healthier, more successful. - Bring Your Flat Belly Back, Toned and Young Again

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