How to Keep Motivated Always- You will Always be Excited

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In some articles about motivation to lose belly fat and lose weight, such as the example of a girl in Brazil or a family losing weight in 6 months, this article only adds some ways many people apply to work to maintain motivation.

Keeping yourself motivated is not always possible, especially for beginners, but rest assured if you know the 16 ways below.

When starting to practice, you will face many difficulties, such as not knowing what to practice, what to eat, or whether you exercise right, and whether it works or not.

Make you feel tired and make your training spirit go down, and ultimately, you cannot change yourself, and you are back to your old ways. So how can you keep continuously motivated to be able to turn yourself successfully?

How to Keep Motivated always- You will Always be Excited
How to Keep Motivated always– You will Always be Excited

16 ways to keep motivated to practice below will help you with that.

Part 1: Start at a fixed time

1. Write down a list of achievable goals and look at it regularly:

Think about the reasons you want to practice and some of the training goals you want to achieve. Put the list somewhere you'll often see, like on the fridge or near your bathroom mirror, on your desk to remind yourself.

Try to include both short-term and long-term goals on your list. For example, you can consist of “Perform 50 crunches,” as well as “Complete a 10km marathon.”

Write down a list of achievable goals and look at it regularly

You can set goals that you expect to achieve, but don't blindly train to get them. If you are exercising just because you want to have a body that looks like a supermodel, you may feel depressed quickly afterward.

Work with big goals. If you haven't exercised for months, don't list something without revelation (like being able to push your chest up to 90kg right away). You will quickly become depressed if you set unattainable goals.

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2. Replace the word “should” with the word “want”:

If you tell yourself “should” do something or you “must” do something, you'll find it harder to get started. Instead, look at your list of goals and remind yourself why you “wanted” to do it from the beginning.

For example, if you think, “I should go running now, but I don't want to,” try reminding yourself of your goals, like “I want to feel stronger and more confident, and running today will help me accomplish that.”

3. Buy yourself some attractive new workout accessories:

Buy yourself some attractive new workout accessories

If you only have a pair of sweatpants or yoga pants, you can easily overlook going to practice because of you… I haven't washed your clothes yet.

Buy some workout accessories that you like, such as a fitness tracker. You'll be happy to exercise just for the reason of wearing them! View more: best fitness trackers on a budget

4. Set rewards when you accomplish a new goal:

Think about the awards or the results you want to motivate yourself when the workout gets tough, or you don't want to get off the bed.

Your reward can be anything you expect, from drinking a smoothie, drinking milk tea, buying a bag, or watching your favorite show after a workout. A pretty good idea to keep your motivation motivated right.

5. Find a workout buddy:

Practicing with friends is more effective than exercising alone. Find a workout buddy if you want a responsible partner. Some people like to work alone, but you can find the motivation to have a friend help you on the right track.

You can plan to work out together, or you can talk at the end of each day and discuss whether you can achieve your goal.

Talking to a friend can help identify the barriers that prevent you from exercising. Having to explain why you're not going to the gym will force you to think about the underlying cause, whether it's due to self-doubt, stress, or feeling overwhelmed.

Practicing with friends
Practicing with friends

A group exercise class can be a great way to train and find motivation because fellow practitioners will motivate you to train more often.

Note: Pay attention to the choice of you to practice carefully because sometimes choosing the wrong object is the one who often pulls you to practice more.

6. Create your favorite gym playlist:

Music with 125-140 beats per minute is the most effective to practice. Choose fast-paced music with strong beats you can cause during exercise.

Songs at 140 bpm (number of heartbeats per minute) include Britney Spears's “Womanizer,” Michael Jackson's “Beat It,” “Mr. Jones “by Counting Crows, and” OMG “by Usher.

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Start listening to your gym playlist while you're dressed to get you in the right frame before your workout starts.

Part 2: Start a new daily routine:

1. Set a goal of exercise 3 days per week:

Setting practice goals, like exercising three times a week, makes you more likely to achieve your goals, because you won't get bored if you miss a day.

When you can work without feeling pressured, you may even find that you are motivated to work more often than your goals!

In general, you should do 150 minutes of cardio per week and increase weight training for at least two days a week.

2. Add both cardio and muscle training to your routine:

When you focus on fitness, it's important to balance exercise resistance, or cardio, with strength training exercises like lifting weights.

Add both cardio and muscle training to your routine
Add both cardio and muscle training to your routine.

Combining weight training and cardio workouts is a great way to do both at the same time. Jump squats, burpees, and mountain climbers can be added to your cardiovascular routine.

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3. Schedule a workout on weekdays:

Life can get busy, and maybe you'll have lots of things throughout the day. You schedule work meetings, doctor appointments, and even have lunch with your friends, so make it a priority by scheduling your workout time. Exercise does not take much of your day. Schedule 20 minutes on your day – 10 minutes for intense training and 10 minutes for a quick shower.

4. Sign up for fitness classes to encourage yourself:

A great way to stay motivated is to sign up for workouts. If you sign up for a class that you pay for even when you're not attending, you'll find you tend to work harder.

Fitness classes are also a great way to find a supportive community, and you can benefit from a bodybuilding coach checking your posture (if you hire them).

Sign up for fitness classes to encourage yourself:
Sign up for fitness classes to encourage yourself:

Find fitness classes that incorporate cardiovascular exercise and drug resistance. Cardiovascular classes such as Group X and Crossfit may be good options.

Depending on your interests, you can try yoga, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, or dance lessons…

5. Start with short exercises that you can complete:

Don't try to force yourself to work out for an hour the first time you exercise. Instead, start with small goals that you feel are manageable, like doing ten jumping jacks and ten sniffings.

The next day, try to increase the number to 15 or higher. If not, do not be discouraged; try again next time.

6. Set small goals during your workout:

Spending 20 minutes on a treadmill sounds scary if you run out of breath for 2 minutes. Instead of focusing on the big picture, tell yourself that you can do it in 3 minutes, then 5, then 7.

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If you need to, slow down your pace during the workout to continue and reach your goals.

Part 3: Staying motivated:

1. Bargain with yourself if you have trouble getting started:

Sometimes the hardest part of doing it is taking the first step. If you find it challenging to get started, try negotiating with yourself. Tell yourself, you need to wear workout clothes, but you don't have to do anything else.

Afterward, try telling yourself to go outside and stretch, do a warm-up routine, or drive to the gym.

2. Find the exercises that interest you:

Most people think of activities like running or lifting weights when they think of use, but as long as you are active, you will make yourself healthier. Find an activity you enjoy, like climbing, swimming, or dancing … any other physical activity you like.

Even just a quick dance party in your living room a few times a day can get you in shape!

Other examples of exciting workouts may include Tai Chi, Zumba, parkour, or even joining an amateur sports team!

3. Change your exercise, so you don't get bored:

One way to help keep you motivated for the next workout is not to get bored. If you always do one workout day in and day out, you'll get bored quickly.

For example, practicing a tutorial video forever, you will start to get bored. You may not see the results of your workouts, and this may affect your motivation. Try to change your workout habits to continue challenging yourself.

You might want to run one day, lift another, and go swimming for the weekend, for example.

4. Keep a notebook and record your feelings after each workout:

You can also use this log to keep up with your progress. When you don't like exercising, read the magazine, read each exercise you feel good about, and see how far you've come. View more: Best workout journals

The above are ways to help you keep the motivation to practice to change yourself; if you have ideas to contribute more, please comment immediately to let everyone know.

Hopefully, this article above has helped you to gain motivation and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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