Vultr Review 2020

Vultr must be a familiar name for people who use hosting, VPS. It is a trusted cloud storage provider and has many professional services. Let’s find out what Vultr has to offer through the article below.

In order to know how Vultr benefits two hosting services, we have a look at the services of this provider. What is the advantage of the packages of suppliers and infrastructure? Where is the datacenter vault located?

What is Vultr?

Vultr is a company specializing in providing VPS Server services that are popular and highly appreciated by many webmasters.

Vultr was formed and developed starting in 2014 with Server clusters which have been rapidly expanded and distributed widely in 16 different countries around the world.

Currently, Vultr is considered to be the most prestigious VPS provider for the quality and hardware of Vultr which is rated by experts from 90-100%.

According to current statistics, the number of Vultr VPS users is increasing rapidly, the statistic can reach more than 100 thousand users.

Vultr has been rated as one of the service packages with similar prices to Cloud Server but can bring users much more benefits.

More specifically, Vultr usually charges based on hours of use, so depending on the level of use that gives the amount you pay, then the price will be relatively cheap, stable and high performance. So Vultr will always be the first choice of many people.

What does Vultr provide?

Currently, Vultr provides many different types of servers such as:

  • Vultr Cloud Computer: suitable for general purposes such as web server or high-end enterprise configuration.
  • Storage Instance: will have a larger capacity, moderate configuration and suitable to use as a storage server.
  • Dedicated Instance: will be using FULL 100% resources of CPU, SSD Drivers or RAM =? will be suitable for large systems such as those with terrible views that require a lot of resources.

And for those who need to use Windows VPS, you can use Vultr’s Custom ISO feature to install itself by many vendors that allow installing OS from ISO file like in Vultr.

Advantages of Vultr

Currently, Vultr has more than 16 data centers and is distributed evenly across many different countries. So, this will certainly be one of the outstanding advantages that make connecting faster and easier than ever. And with webmasters in Vietnam, you can use Singapore or Japan to make Server.

With Vultr, it will be used with 100% SSD hard drive, so it will help access your data faster without interruption, as well as limit the problems that may be encountered during the retrieval process.

Also one of the many advantages you choose is the price. Vultr will usually have a much cheaper price than many other service packages.

On average each month, webmasters only need to pay from $ 2.5 to 5% to be able to use CPU configuration on 500Mb of RAM and from 10 to 15 GB SSD, depending on the price you choose.

Disadvantages of Vultr

  • Currently, Vultr does not provide a quick support method but can only support the ticker method, so it will take a long time to get a response.
  • Accounts will be limited to different levels, then you want to use more will have to upgrade from the Vultr team.

Evaluation of Vultr VPS packages

Vultr is a very reputable VPS provider in the world. Most of the results give good reviews at the same speed as the infrastructure here. However, Vultr still has some disadvantages as discussed in the previous article.

Vultr currently offers several service packages as follows: Cloud computing is divided into 2 types. These are SSD Cloud and NVMe Cloud.

Vultr’s SSD Cloud

SSD Cloud Vultr is a powerful VPS server with high speed and stability. Cloud Vultr currently offers a lot of data centers: Tokyo, Singapore, London, Los …

Vultr VPS SSD packages include:

Vultr VPS packages have lots of great promotions. You can visit this link to see good promotions from Vultr:

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VPS SSD you can buy backups of backup packages, and choose operating systems to install directly. Very user-friendly interface.

NVMe Cloud Vultr

NVMe Cloud is a high-speed VPN service, a newly launched CPU. The average test disk speed is about 1Gb / s read speed. The write and IO speeds of NVMe disk technology are extremely fast.

Currently, only Vultr has implemented the advanced NVMe infrastructure to serve customers. Of course, the cost of NVMe is very expensive, resulting in a slightly higher VPS. However, when using Vultr’s NVMe VPS campaign, it was worth the money.

With NVMe, you don’t have to worry about website performance. What you are worried about is the bandwidth and the public network when accessing to the country or not.

Vultr is the # 1 choice for VPS today, but on a bandwidth-constrained website, we recommend that customers use one more domestic service.  For those who have high traffic websites and need a lot of bandwidth, Vultr seems to be difficult to choose because vMe NVMe service packages have limited bandwidth.

Click Here To Go Vultr

Hopefully, the above share will help you understand more about Vultr as well as know the advantages and disadvantages of the reputable VPS server provider today. Good luck.

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