Top 17 Benefits Of Chia Seeds | BellyFatZone

Top 17 Benefits Of Chia Seeds | BellyFatZone
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Especially in terms of use and great effects, chia seeds have differences compared to sesame seeds.
In this video, BellyFatZone invites you to refer together!
What is chia seed?
Are chia seeds sesame seeds or not?
Or does chia seeds have any effect in life, health, and beauty?

What are chia seeds?

Grain split (Chia Seed) or called Salvia hispanica is a flowering plant in their ” flower lip ” and the same type with the other herbs used as spices such as basil (basil), mint (mint). Originated in areas of southern Mexico, Bolivia, …
Chia seeds are very nutritious, with brown, gray, black, and white spots. County divided source fatty acid abundant and essential for the body, such as omega-3 formidable, low-sodium, but high in protein, fat, fiber and antioxidants height with Blueberries results.
Besides, with a number of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as protein (protein) up to 19-23% without cholesterol, B vitamins are abundant.
Chia seeds are six times more calcium supplements than milk, 1.6 times more fiber than barley, 3.5 times higher than oat fiber; omega-3-6-9 eight times more salmon.
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