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To know where our body is right now, I think we should use some parameters to measure specifically, then we plan goals, that is the basis of future comparison of what we want we achieve.

For example, if you want to lose weight or gain weight or gain muscle, you need to know where your body is currently? Where do we want to go?

Here you will find formulas for calculating body mass index to calculate the fat percentage, metabolic rate, and some other essential recipes.

This will help you position yourself in what state you are in so that you will know how to draw up a plan to execute and achieve the desired results.

Tools Calculators

Carbs Calculator

Carbs Calculator   Use this carb calculator to easily calculate your daily carbohydrate intake, based on the desired proportion ...

Tools Calculators

Height Calculator

Height Calculator   Use this height calculator to predict how tall a child will be when they become an ...

Tools Calculators

Daily Water Intake Calculator

Daily Water Intake Calculator   Use this hydration calculator to easily calculate your recommended daily water intake you need to keep ...

Tools Calculators

Weight Loss Calculator

Weight Loss Calorie Calculator      How many calories should I eat to lose weight? This is a question ...

Tools Calculators

Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator * where the calculator states “calories” it is actually “kCal”, or kilocalories. Common usage, however, shortened “kilocalories” ...

Tools Calculators

Protein Calculator – Are You Eating Too Many Protein-rich Foods?

Protein Calculator One of the three main nutrient components that our body absorbs for life and maintenance and development ...

Tools Calculators

BMI Calculator – What BMI Doesn’t Tell You About Your Health?

To use an online BMI calculator, enter your weight and height (as instructed). Then, click the “Calculate BMI” button for ...

Tools Calculators

BMR Calculator – What Are We Going to Do With This Number?

BMR Calculator We want to own the financial plan or business plan of ourselves or the business; we need ...

Tools Calculators

Body Fat Calculator – What Percentage of Your Body do You Have?

Body Fat Calculator To master the physical health of your body, in addition to your weight and height, which ...

Tools Calculators

TDEE Calculator – How Many Calories Should I Burn A Day Calculator For Your Purpose?

Total Daily Energy Expenditure You want to gain weight, or you want to lose weight? It's too simple if ...

Tools Calculators

Macro Calculator for Muscle – Focus on Your Numbers

Macro calculator Macronutrient Calculator When we determine our weight gain or loss goal, one of the most important things ...

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