Top 12 Nutrition Tips For Bodybuilding Increase Muscle and Lose Fat

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Diet plays an important part in muscle gain and fat loss for any normal person or athlete interested in exercising.

Nutrition can be said to account for up to 60% of our chances of successfully increasing overall health and gaining muscle mass.

Fat gain is not too difficult! It's not training; it's gaining muscle from the kitchen; Please refer to today's best tips!

How to exercise and gain muscle to lose fat is one of the most concerned and thoughtful issues.

However, many people mistakenly think that the increase in fat burning only takes place at the gym and when exercising, while in fact, it all happens after practice.

Top 12 Nutrition Tips For Bodybuilding Increase Muscle and Lose Fat
Top 12 Nutrition Tips For Bodybuilding Increase Muscle and Lose Fat

That is why it is so important and essential to have a post- and-post workout routine.

To better understand this issue, Bellyfatzone will share 12 ways to gain muscle and lose fat in the kitchen from a bodybuilding and nutrition expert of a bodybuilding specialist that you certainly have never known anywhere.

Building muscle without gaining body fat can cause many of the same fatigue, stress, and headaches as a diet to lose weight. Both 1 need a healthy and appropriate method, forcing you to follow the tips to always go in the right direction.

Nutrition tips for bodybuilding increase muscle and lose fat.

1. Understand your metrics

To gain muscle, you have to take in more calories than you burn – besides, there's no substitute.

To make sure you get this right, you need to know how many calories you need to consume to get more of them.

Don't make predictions here; You will see much better results if you really calculate and measure exactly what you eat.

To find out your calorie goal, start tracking your food intake and observing your weight gain for 5-10 days.

The goal is to gain 0.2-0.8 kg per week. If this is not possible, adjust your diet again.

Adjust your calorie intake to make sure you're on the right track.

Remember, if you are gaining weight too quickly, you could be gaining a lot of that fat. If you don't gain any pounds, you need to increase your caloric intake.

2. Weight to track weight gain

Weight to track weight gain

Weighing 2-3 times/week will help you keep track of your weight

To make sure the calorie changes you make are working according to your goals, you need to keep an eye on the scale changes.

Scales are not only a measure of progress but also a straightforward and objective measuring tool that helps you determine exactly whether you are on the right track or not.

2-3 times a week, weigh in the morning after going to the toilet (still haven't eaten), and be sure to keep a close eye on your progress.

Focus on big trends instead of obsessing overweighing little by little. Development takes time. Don't expect too much change from week to week.

Again, your goal is to gain 0.2-0.8 kg/week. Within 3 months, that number will be 3.6-8kg.

While it may not seem like a big deal, this slow-motion is a perfect beacon for that success. This means that you are actually gaining muscle mass instead of just unnecessary fat gain.

How is your goal?

As the workout experience gets more intense, your muscle gains slow down, so enjoy every single pound gained.

The special thing is that you will not need to burn too much fat like those who did not have the opportunity to read this article.

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3. Focus on Protein

To best understand how this element in bodybuilding works, refer to the article What is Protein. One of the primary functions of protein is to rebuild and repair damaged muscle tissue.

When combined with a resistance-challenging exercise method and a high-calorie diet, high protein intake is advantageous for anyone wishing to gain muscle mass and cut fat.

To make the supplement most effective, follow up on 20 protein-rich foods for bodybuilders right away. Here are some of the basic ones:

  • Egg-white
  • Yolk
  • Chicken breasts
  • Turkey breast
  • Pork tenderloin (back area)
  • Beef tenderloin (back area)
  • Beef fillet
  • Beef ribs
  • Whey Protein
  • Casein
  • Greek yogurt
  • Soybean
  • Milk

Before focusing on the total amount of protein you need each day, focus on the lowest amount of protein needed for each meal.

More specifically, focus on sources of high-quality animal protein. They are rich in essential amino acids (Essential Amino Acids – EAAs), especially leucine.

Leucine stimulates muscle growth, and studies show that you must hit the lowest leucine threshold to maximize muscle building.

Most people need 30-40 grams of quality protein per meal to reach this threshold.

Total protein intake should be between 1-1.5 grams per 0.45 kg of body weight per day. That's 180-270 grams for an 82kg person.

Absorption above this level shows no benefit compared to the above indicator.

Indeed, eating more than this can hinder your growth since protein makes you bored easily; you may not feel hungry to absorb the necessary amount of calories, stimulating muscle growth.

Set aside the remaining calories for carbs and good fats.

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4. Focus on healthy fats

Fat contains many calories and can only add 9 calories/gram; This means it provides 2 times more than carbs and protein.

Consuming saturated and unsaturated fats is the best way to increase your calories, but you won't eat the same amount of food.

Focus on healthy fats

Bodybuilders must also add good fats to the body.

These fats provide a lot of health benefits and the ability to function.

Unsaturated fats are very beneficial for the heart and nerves, along with anti-inflammatory properties; This means that they will help support intense training.

Saturated fats will help increase testosterone production and assist in creating an optimal hormonal environment for the body.

The types of foods high in fat and delicious. Eating delicious foods like peanut butter or avocado will make calorie absorption better and easier, instead of eating low-fat or low-fat foods like broccoli and tilapia.

Be sure to check the labels and product specifications on trans fats' packaging.

5. Choosing a combination of carbs

You can be very good at pointing out the benefits of complex carbs. Nutrient-rich starches often contain a lot of fiber, which provides a constant energy supply and stays full longer.

When trying to gain weight, too much fiber can have the opposite effect, making you feel so full that you can't absorb what you need to build muscle.

For best results, incorporate simple and complex carbs (simple carbs and complex carbs) into your diet.

Before and after training is the best time to focus on simple carbs.

These types of fast-digesting sugars will quickly absorb into active muscle tissue without the addition of any additional fiber that makes your stomach uncomfortable.

Consuming carbs such as sports drink powders or fruit sugar during exercise will help you exercise better, improve muscle recovery and protection.

This is also an easy way to add more calories for those looking to increase muscle fat loss at the same time.

Fast-acting carbs such as cereal flour, granola bars, or white rice, if eaten right after training, will help you increase your calorie content without causing a feeling of fullness.

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Besides, the increase in carbs will lead to an increase in hormone insulin stimulates assimilation, this will help transform the type of carbs and other nutrients into the muscle cells, helping muscles strong then.

6. Make friends with food scales

Weighing and measuring food is not for weight loss purposes; it is invaluable in optimizing muscle growth.

Once you start adding more calories to your diet, you will begin to gain weight, but your body will want to fight back to return to equilibrium – increasing fat intake – which causes gains in growth weighing more difficult. Eating more means your hunger is less disturbing.

Make friends with food scales

Use a scale to determine how much food you eat is enough?

Measuring servings with a food scale will help you ensure you focus on the amount of food each day.

This will aid in training and recovery and will also give the body enough energy to grow.

7. Increase the number of meals

The target calorie you identified in the first step is significant and much larger than the amount you normally eat.

To simplify the process of absorbing a variety of foods, split your serving sizes into 5-6 meals a day, instead of 3-4.

Everything will be easier to absorb 3000 calories in 5 meals instead of just 3. If you cannot finish your 1 meal, you are definitely not fulfilling your daily goals and not getting enough—food and nutrition needed to build muscle.

If that's the case for you, break these calories down into several smaller meals. Don't be afraid to push up to 7-8 meals a day, if that's necessary.

8. Don't eat ‘clean' 24/7

Eating clean here means choosing delicious foods with the least amount of processing. Usually, this is a wonderful and normal thing.

But when trying to build muscle, this can have the opposite effect. Rich foods are often very high in protein and fiber but low in calories.

A meal rich in protein or fiber is guaranteed to help you feel full while not getting enough calories.

Choose high-calorie foods like oats, granola, pasta, cornflakes, bagels, nuts, and nut butter.

Choosing these foods will help you absorb enough calories before you feel too full to add more because they provide more calories for each bite.

Plus, they are also very nutritious so that you won't miss out on essential trace elements.

9. Satisfy rent 1 week/time

Satisfy rent 1 week/time

From time to time, we also have to give ourselves a little

Once a week, treat yourself to a meal without any of the nutritional guidelines listed above.

At that point, let go of the habit of calculating calories and control your diet to absorb more calories. It is best to eat this meal on the day of your training session, close to the pre-workout time.

Remember, no matter what, make sure you get the minimum amount of protein needed before training.

Note: Although it is unnecessary to follow any rules, do not think too much that drinking beer bluff; eating in moderation is best for you.

10. Replace meals with protein shakes

These types of milk have established a strong position in the bodybuilding community worldwide thanks to their ability to provide more protein, calories, and convenience.

Plus, milk can be digested faster than food, so you'll likely feel hungry and ready to eat again right after your workout.

Replace meals with protein shakes

Milkshakes are the elixir for you.

You can add more calories to that 1 cup of milk. Combine it with yogurt, milk, juices, protein powders, fruit, nut butter, and even essential oils to increase the calorie content many times.

Besides, this water-based calorie intake is a lot easier when you're not feeling hungry.

Try eating a chicken breast with 2 cups of rice before training while you are not in the mood to eat, or eat constantly, will you be excited enough to practice?

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So why not use the available whey protein, which is extremely delicious and nutritious.

11. Never skip ‘required' meals

Eating to stimulate muscle growth is the second most important job right after your main job to make money to support you. There are 3 main meals you can not ignore.



When you wake up, within 45 minutes, recharge immediately and immediately.

When you wake up, it may be more than 8 hours since your last meal. This means you are experiencing muscle loss for about 1/3 of a day.

Eating breakfast about 45 minutes after waking up will give your muscles and brain plenty of energy. If you don't feel hungry, start your day with 1 glass of Whey Protein Milk.

Post Workout

Post-workout milk may not be as important as muscle gain as we often think, but to maximize muscle growth and calorie absorption, why not take advantage of this opportunity.

Remember that building muscle can be challenging, especially for people who have difficulty gaining muscle mass or are sick.

So take advantage of each little tip to achieve every small percentage to help make a difference.

1 cup of milk or a meal rich in protein and carbs should be consumed 30-60 minutes after finishing a workout; This will give your muscles enough energy to begin the repair and recovery process.

For those who feel hungry right after training, this is a super good time to eat the biggest meal of the day.

If not hungry? Just 1 cup of milk provides a lot of protein, and calories are enough.

You should also read more about what Glutamine is and why it is extremely urgent to take it after a heavy workout.

Nutrition late at night

Eating a meal before bed is the last stage to switch on a muscle-building regimen before starting to step into the muscle-destroying environment.

Prioritize protein, if possible, mix between proteins that are slow to digest and fast, in addition to adding good fats and complex carbs.

You don't have to get all of these three elements in your last meal of the day – it will depend on your meals' quality, but if you can get all of them, that's fine.

However, keep the first and foremost thing in mind to make sure you consume protein.

Besides, the combination of nut butter, fruit, granola, oats, yogurt, and whey protein is also a great snack before bed.

12. Form the concept of muscle gain

Weight gain and weight loss are equally difficult when trying to figure out the right way to achieve what you want in your healthiest state.

Do not become hot-tempered, impatient. Stay calm, persistent, and know that change takes time. If muscle growth is pretty easy, you will definitely follow the same path as Arnold and the 8 greatest bodybuilders of all time.

Food is your source of energy! It will help support the exercise more vigorously, quickly recover and ultimately stimulate muscle growth.

9 Nutrition Rules for Building Muscle | Jim Stoppani

YouTube video

But if your body stays the same, adjust everything, and never skip a meal, you'll be successful.

Just mastering these 12 principles of super good fat gain, any bodybuilder can be as successful as their seniors! Let's try hard and start following a professional route!

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