Lower Back Pain In Cycling – Causes, And Precautions

By: Evie Langford

Cycling is one of your cardio sports great and helps burn belly fat if you are the know-how.

However, riding in the wrong position or using bicycles that are not suitable for your body can lead to back pain, especially lower back pain.

When you have lower back pain, it will affect a lot of daily work and other exercises besides cycling yourself, so this is one of the issues we need to pay attention to.

Although back pain seems to be relatively common among cyclists, according to research, about 68% of cyclists experience lower back pain while cycling during their cycling period life.

Lower Back Pain In Cycling - Causes, And Precautions
Lower Back Pain In Cycling – Causes, And Precautions

Cycling-induced back pain has many causes, but one major cause is that the size of the bike is not suitable and poor posture is because it causes the back muscles to weaken.

With the article below, learn more about the right bike size for you with specific exercises to help you avoid back pain while cycling.

Cycling is a great activity that has many benefits for heart and joint health because riding a bike is not affected by weight.

Although back pain seems to be relatively common among cyclists, according to research, about 68% of cyclists experience lower back pain while cycling during their entire lifetime.

Cycling-induced back pain has many causes, but one major cause is that the size of the bike is not suitable and poor posture is because it causes the back muscles to weaken. With the article below, find out which bike size is right for you. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

1. How to choose a bike to avoid lower back pain

Vehicle size suitable for your body:

Obviously, a bike that isn't the right size can lead to back pain or other physical problems, but many people choose a bike based on price and market trends. As a result, the size of the vehicle is gradually decreasing in importance.

Ideally, a bike can be customized according to your body size, but it can be quite expensive.

Choose a bike based on the size of the body

Another way to make a more economically friendly alternative is to go to a reputable bike shop to buy it and get more suitable staff and consultants.

Once you have limited the style of your bike and the size of the frame, ask now to go on a test strip to see if they are suitable.

If you choose a bike that is too large for body size, it will always make you feel that the handlebars are too far to bend your back, and this is the cause of your lower back pain.

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For those who own a short height, choosing a mountain bike is the best way.

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Your saddle setting is set up correctly

Your saddle setting is set up correctly

While the height of the chassis is important, another important part is the height of the saddle. The saddle height is determined by your foot when the pedal hits the pedal and the back position at the level of low stress.

It is also important to adjust the saddle angle to position it horizontally and parallel to the ground.

Although those with chronic back pain or sensitive hypothalamus pain may be more comfortable with the saddle tilted slightly forward, this may suit most newcomers.

Determine the saddle's height by placing your foot in the lowest pedal position, with the knee slightly bent at a 15-20 degree angle is ideal.

Your hips and buttocks can be moved, so don't strain your legs too much to strain them too much.

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Pay attention to the height and angle of the steering wheel

Pay attention to the height and angle of the steering wheel

Your bicycle handlebars should be adjusted to an appropriate height so that you can comfortably approach them from a vertical position, remember that while approaching the handlebars, your elbows are slightly bent.

The handlebar height setting is generally considered a personal preference but is recommended to be approximately 10cm higher than the seat height.

Based on the degree of dependence on the flexibility of the back muscles, the steering angle is not adjusted on the low to medium price sports bicycles, but only on high-end cars.

But if you can look at the different settings and try the experience to see how the handlebars respond to the body.

Increasing the working angle of the handlebars and bringing them closer to your body allows you to have an upright position to prevent tension back on the steering wheel position.

A bicycle with a suspension fork:

Most off-road bikes are equipped with a suspension system, be it a fork or forks on high-end models.

Shock absorption is significant to your trip, especially mountain biking on rough technical terrain and regularly. The bike with a rear-seat fork will be a form of shock absorption fruit to avoid lower back pain.

Most of the accessories on the forks are adjustable. Therefore, please ask the qualified sales staff to assist you in the proper reset if you need it.

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2. Proper cycling position

Avoid slipping or arching your shoulders while riding

You're posture while cycling is crucial if you want to avoid back pain.

Try to keep your back straight when riding a bicycle, not completely standing like a seat, but keep your back flat and steady at all times.

It is best to distribute your weight evenly so that your inner hand and chest keep your chest and head in position. In addition, it is advisable to change your body angle over time to prevent muscle fatigue.

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Gently raise and lower your head over a useful time to keep your neck from stiffening and avoid muscle tension.

According to statistics, about 45% of overuse injuries to professional cyclists are often related to low back pain.

Keep your hands slightly bent while pedaling.

Keep your hands slightly bent while pedaling

When riding your bike, keep your arms slightly bent while holding the wheel.

This pose allows joints with your upper muscles to absorb vibrations and impacts instead of your spine, especially if you tend to walk on rough terrains like woods or roads the trail in the mountains.

Should hold the grip but not too tight because this causes you to tire stiff muscles. Wear padded cycling gloves to help absorb the shock so take time to rest more.

Keep your foot at a 90-degree angle.

It's more effective and best for your hips; keep your feet low so your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

In the 90-degree angle position, your thighs should be parallel to the saddle, then allow a quick push on the pedal when in the lowest position; your knee should bend at a range of 15-20 degrees.

Suppose your feet do not match these angles when cycling; you can completely adjust the height of your saddle. The front of the foot should also be in contact with the pedal.

You may need a well-researched diet for cycling through research. You can find it here.

3. Use muscle support and lower back support exercises:

Note strengthening the main muscle groups

Your core muscle groups include the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen.

Note strengthening the main muscle groups

If you have a strong core muscle group, your body can seem perfectly able to function in harmony, significantly reducing the risk of injury and back pain when cycling.

So make sure your major muscle groups are strong before you start cycling so you can reduce your risk of back pain relatively.

Exercises for abdominal and back muscles are extremely core exercises. For example, try to maintain your balance while sitting on a large exercise ball and working with your core muscles.

It would help if you did exercises such as: lying on your back with knees bent with feet flat on the floor, keeping your spine in a neutral position, and not tilting your hips.

While you can contract your abdominal muscles, lift your hips off the floor and hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Then repeat up to 5-10 times per day. This will also help strengthen your glutes muscle group.

Try doing a bow movement, so the weight is on your arms and legs. Perform leg extensions, keep your back straight from dents, reach up and tighten your stomach.

Should hold for 30 seconds, then release. Repeat two to three times and then increase your training time. This is a great move to help you strengthen your core muscles.

Strengthen your glutes and legs

Cycling can also strengthen your legs better, helping the leg muscles recover stronger and more flexibly. However, these studies have also shown that if your legs are not strong enough before cycling, you may be at a higher risk of back pain.

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Strengthen your glutes and legs

Scientists have also shown that exhausted cyclists often experience tendon pain, tired muscles will negatively affect their spine posture, and of course, the risk of back pain will be very high. As such, consider increasing the strength in your legs before you get into cycling as a hobby.

By strengthening the hamstring by flexing the leg and tendon up to twice a week. Start with a lightweight and work on heavy objects in a few weeks. Check with your personal trainer if you are unfamiliar with fitness training.

In addition to strengthening the legs, one should also strengthen the glute for the buttocks. If the tendons are strong and tight, it will reduce the impact of riding on your lower back. Strengthen your buttocks by doing bridging exercises.

Lie on your back with feet straight and knees bent.

Slowly lift your back off the ground so that your thighs and back are aligned in a straight line; hold this position for 20 seconds, then rest and repeat about 3-4 times; you can increase Hold position until you can improve strength.

Hold your back muscles.

The back is not only healthy but also more flexible. If you have a strong back, the muscle will be an important factor in creating strength and absorbing minor fork injuries and vibrations while walking on rock and technical topography.

Another great exercise that can stretch your back and other core muscles is practicing yoga moves for your back. Your body poses a challenge for yoga practice, so it can strengthen the muscles and leg muscles to improve your mid-condition.

May lie on a cushioned surface with knees bent and feet on the floor. Bend over, so chin tries to touch thighs when you can feel the muscle tension behind your back for about 30 seconds.

Repeat up to 10 times a day until you are not feeling uncomfortable because you are riding a bike. While yoga exercises can cause pain in the leg and back muscles, they will disappear quickly within a few seconds a few days later, and your muscles can become stronger.

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain

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The above are beneficial shares for those who just started playing sportbikes. However, if you are a beginner, you should consult a sports bike consultation guide from a long experienced person!

You may need a well-researched diet for cycling through research. You can find it here.

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