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Lose Belly Fat Before and After

The following Before-After pictures of people losing weight will give you a stronger motivation to continue the path of conquering that perfect shape.

You have a few extra pounds or about 10 kg and want to lose weight but can’t lose weight forever. You feel like you are bored and not motivated to continue.

Take a look, look at those who have successfully lost weight below. They may have had a lot more influence than you, but with determination and not giving up, they have found success for themselves. So there’s nothing you can’t do.

Let’s start to see the pictures of Before After after losing weight

Having been hurt by the humiliation of her body from her ex-boyfriend. This girl was determined to lose up to 60kg and now has a happy life with her new boyfriend.

Because of health problems and often teased about appearance. This girl has lost 60kg in 2 years and is now a PE teacher.

And this guy did not complain and just focused on action, and he lost 55kg successfully.

This man once weighed up to 192kg, after trying to lose weight, he became slimmer and happy with his new life and a new job.

He was in a state of emergency due to being overweight, but he managed it and lost 83kg.

This girl lost 93kg in a year so her lover could hug her more easily.

This man gained and lost 30kg to motivate his practitioner.

This woman has escaped the “addiction” of Chocolate and lost 52kg. She is currently a bodybuilder.

This girl has lost 51kg to be able to look like her idol Kim Karrdashian.

This girl has lost 55kg, and she still maintains the standard weight after seven years of weight loss.

Thanks to workouts and not using fast food anymore. This girl has successfully lost 67kg only.

This man fought to lose 86kg in 3 years — a perfect result.

Within a year, this guy changed dramatically and lost 113kg.

In preparation for the wedding, this man was determined to lose 65kg of weight.

This guy has lost 186kg and look at the results, it’s great, isn’t it.

This girl has successfully lost 61kg in 18 months, and she has maintained it so far.

This man decided to change the way he lived and was determined to find a new opportunity for himself. And look, the result is fantastic. He is currently a fitness coach.

Just Never Give Up

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