Jeanne Calment 122 – Oldest Person In The World -Top 3 Core Secrets Stay Young Forever

By: Stephanie Hoffnung

Jeanne Calment 122 – Oldest Person In The World -Top 3 Core Secrets Stay Young Forever

Although there are many doubts about her age, in the studies of scientists and many unverified things, there is doubt that the person is her daughter and not her, because of many life problems, but we don't need to pay much attention to that.

However, if it is her daughter, she will also be 99 years old; at this age, we can ultimately learn from the key factors that help us live such a long life.

We need to be more aware of what factors helped her achieve such health; what can we learn?

Jeanne Calment 122 - Oldest Person In The World -Top 3 Core Secrets Stay Young Forever
Jeanne Calment 122 – Oldest Person In The World -Top 3 Core Secrets Stay Young Forever

Before her death in 1997, Calment talked and shared with Jean-Marie Robine – a demographer who studies the link between health and longevity.

This expensive discussion helps the demographer to discover many exciting things about the world's oldest person.

Jean-Marie Robine also pointed out some of the reasons that contributed to Calment living to 122 years old.

In particular, the older man's lifestyle has dramatically affected his health and age.

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Three main reasons Calment can live to be 122 years old:

1- She lived in a wealth

The family cradle was the first factor showing Jeanne Calment's childhood life. According to Jean-Marie Robine, she lived in a bourgeois family in the south of France. He lived in a friendly and developed neighborhood from birth and upbringing.

She lived in a wealth
She lived in a wealth

He added: “Mrs. Calment was allowed to attend school until she was 16, which was uncommon then. She also participated in cooking, art, and dance classes until she married at 20.

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Another factor that surprises many people about Calment is that he doesn't have to do anything.

This is one reason to help her live longer and reduce stress. According to the demographer, she always had someone else to help her; she didn't have to cook for herself or even go shopping.

2 – She doesn't use a lot of stimulants.

One of the following essential factors for Calment's longevity is not using a lot of stimulants, only using very little.

In an interview with Jean-Marie Robine, he discovered that Calment was banned from smoking before getting married. Living in a bourgeois family did not allow him to do that.

The child's documents were rarely recorded until she entered a nursing home when family members died.

Calment was admitted to the Maison du Lac nursing home in January 1985 when she was almost 110.

She has a highly ritualistic daily routine, starting her day with a long prayer by the window and daily gymnastics.

enjoys eating chocolate
Enjoys eating chocolate

Calment washes with flannel instead of a bath, enjoys eating chocolate and fried food, smokes a cigarette, and often drinks some port wine after meals.

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In the afternoon, she takes a two-hour nap in her armchair, then visits her nursing home neighbors and hears the latest news. On Sundays, she goes to Mass; on Fridays, she goes to Evening Prayer and often prays.

This is considered the number 2 crucial factor in the lifestyle of the 122-year-old grandmother. They contribute to helping her live 49 years longer than the average female age in the world.

3 – Grandma has a great social life.

If you want to learn from Calment's wonderful lifestyle to increase his longevity, you should remember that he had a perfect social life.

Because of his rich life, he spends much time caring for himself. Besides he also worked hard to visit France and participate in social activities.

“She spends most of her time attending social events and meeting new people.

With her husband, she often traveled, even going to the Eiffel Tower, which was then under construction. She discovered this impressive world in the early 19th and 20th centuries,” said Jean-Marie Robine.

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Having a fulfilling social life may help people reduce the effects of aging on their mental and physical well-being. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Reduced stress: Socializing with friends and loved ones can help reduce stress, which has been linked to numerous age-related health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.
  2. Positive emotions: Spending time with people you enjoy being around can promote feelings of happiness, joy and fulfillment which in turn can help combat negative emotions like anxiety, stress and loneliness.
  3. Mental stimulation: Having interesting conversations and engaging in social activities can provide mental stimulation, which promotes brain health and cognitive function.
  4. Physical activity: Socializing with others often involves physical activity, such as walking, hiking, dancing, or team sports which can help maintain physical fitness and mobility.
  5. Support system: A social network can serve as a support system for individuals, providing them with emotional and practical support during difficult times and helping them to cope with health issues that may come with age.

In conclusion, a fulfilling social life can contribute to overall physical and mental well-being and help reduce the negative effects of aging on the body and mind. It is important for individuals to actively seek out and maintain social connections throughout their life in order to reap these benefits.

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Finally, as you can see, maintaining a positive, peaceful life is one of the main reasons Mrs. Calment lived 122 years. Those are the most critical conditions for her to get such a result.

The stories about the grandmother have always attracted the next generation's attention because of their scientific and adequate lifestyle.

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