IU diet plan: How does she make such a miraculous makeover?

By: Stephanie Hoffnung

There are many weight loss regimes in the world, but not many successful people are famous for them to be easily known.

Kpop is always interested in the number of stars with good looks, and behind that is a rigorous weight loss process; in this article, Bellyfatzone invites you to learn about IU's weight loss diet.

Referring to IU – the national K-pop goddess, no one is not impressed by the spectacular makeover to have a sexy body. Join Bellyfatzone to find out IU's weight loss menu and to see how effective the Korean star's extreme diet is! IU diet plan: How does she make such a miraculous makeover?

Learn about artist IU

IU diet plan: How does she make such a miraculous makeover?
IU diet plan: How does she make such a miraculous makeover?

IU is a South Korean singer, actress, and songwriter named Lee Ji Eun. IU was born on May 16, 1993, and is the artist with the most successful solo career. IU attracts the audience with her pure, innocent, and pure beauty.

At first, IU was criticized for her overweight and unattractive appearance (sometimes even reaching 65kg). But thanks to her persistent efforts and reasonable weight loss regime, she has a dream body.

Korean star IU Lee Ji Eun's weight loss menu is considered extremely fast. Some people suspect her plastic surgery. But IU achieved the results from a strict diet and exercise regimen.

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Introducing IU Lee Ji Eun's weight loss menu

If you are overweight or need to lose weight fast, please refer below to IU's 3-day weight loss menu and IU's 7-day weight loss menu.

IU's weight loss menu in 3 days

1. Menu of the day 1

IU's weight loss menu on the first day is as follows:

• Breakfast: sweet potato oat porridge

• Snack: apple

• Lunch: 2 boiled sweet potatoes, boiled vegetables, and chicken breast

• Afternoon snack: 1 small glass of strawberry oat smoothie

• Dinner: seaweed salad, protein shake, and boiled mushrooms

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Looking at the menu, it can be seen that in 1 day, IU Lee Ji Eun fully replenishes nutrients from starch, vegetables, and protein. However, she prioritizes slow-metabolizing starches and vegetables.

2. Menu for the 2nd day

After experiencing the first day with Korean star IU's weight loss menu, you will be starving. However, try to complete this weight loss program well. The following meals on the 2nd day of weight loss are as follows:

• Breakfast: 2 boiled sweet potatoes with 1 cup of nut milk made from green beans

• Snack: eat one apple about 30 minutes before lunch

• Lunch: oat porridge and salmon

• Afternoon snack: carrot juice

• Dinner: boiled cauliflower and 1 cup protein shake

On the second day, IU also chose mainly sweet potatoes and apples. Besides, the female singer prioritizes using juice.

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3. IU's weight loss diet on day 3

You have spent two days of hard weight loss, be glad you are gradually familiar with this weight loss diet. Here are some dishes on the menu for day 3:

• Breakfast: 2 steamed or boiled sweet potatoes

• Snack: eat an apple about 30 minutes before lunch

• Lunch: chicken breast, vegetable salad

• Afternoon snack: guava juice

• Dinner: 1 small bowl of oat porridge cooked with amaranth

You need to raise the will to fight your hungry stomach. However, with this menu, you can rest assured that you will not feel sluggish because of a lack of energy.

Above is IU's weight loss menu in 3 days. Next, you do the four more days below to follow IU's 7-day weight loss menu.

IU's 7-day weight loss menu

4. Lose weight according to IU Lee Ji Eun's menu on the 4th

Day 4 of IU's weight loss menu includes the following dishes:

• Breakfast: sweet potato with chicken breast and 1 cup of almond milk

• Snack: 1 small apple

• Lunch: sweet potato oat porridge, steamed celery

• Afternoon snack: grapefruit

• Dinner: 1 small bowl of loofah soup and one glass of protein shake

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It would be best if you learned IU to supplement protein from chicken breast because this food is rich in protein but low in calories – good for weight loss.

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5. Weight loss menu for day 5

After going through 4 days of dieting according to IU's weight loss regimen, your body must have gradually gotten used to it. Here is the menu for the 5th day that famous Korean stars apply:

• Breakfast: 2 boiled sweet potatoes

• Snack: eat apples at least 30 minutes before lunch

• Lunch: chicken breast, vegetable salad

• Afternoon snack: orange juice

• Dinner: 1 cup protein shake

This menu can be a challenge for many people. But by this stage, the body seems to have gotten used to it. So don't give up. The results will make you feel that the IU weight loss diet process is worth it.

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6. IU Lee Ji Eun's weight loss formula on the 6th

• Breakfast: 1 boiled sweet potato

• Snack: 1 apple

• Lunch: 1 bowl of brown rice, vegetable salad

• Afternoon snack: grapefruit

• Dinner: 1 cup protein shake

IU often uses protein shakes to increase the amount of protein in the body. You can replace it with other protein sources such as tofu, chicken breast, nuts, etc.

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7. IU's 7-day weight loss menu – day 7

So you have applied the Korean star's weight loss menu for six days. Your body has indeed undergone significant changes. Here is IU's weight loss secret during the last day of the week:

• Breakfast: 1 small bowl of oatmeal porridge

• Snack: eat apples at least 30 minutes before lunch

• Lunch: 1 sweet potato

• Afternoon snack: fresh oranges

• Dinner: 1 cup protein shake

With the above weight loss menu, IU had the surprising result of losing 4.5kg in 1 week. In addition, IU also adds a lot of water on the 5th and 7th day. IU drinks about 3 liters of water daily to rehydrate and diuretics to prevent wrinkled skin when losing weight quickly.

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How long should I lose weight according to IU's menu?

singer-actor IU Lee Ji Eun

IU is 1m62 tall and now weighs 45kg. Photo: Instagram @lilyiu

According to the information IU shared, she has been losing weight for one month. Sometimes she pressed weight quickly within five days and lost 8kg. The main foods on IU's weight loss menu are apples and sweet potatoes because of their low-calorie and high-fiber content.

The strength of IU's weight loss diet helps save time and better control food intake. In fact, according to IU's weight loss formula, she only eats an apple for breakfast. At noon, the singer eats two small sweet potatoes and a protein shake at night.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when applying

singer-actor IU Lee Ji Eun

Photo: Instagram @lilyiu

Many people find applying IU's weight loss diet difficult because it is harsh. This is not an eating plan that can be done in the long run. Implementing this weight loss regimen has a few potential risks besides the benefits.

When implementing weight loss according to IU's menu, many people are hungry, faint, and tired. Therefore, you need to consider this carefully before deciding whether to lose weight this way or not.

Losing excess fat is perfectly fine, but the most important thing is to ensure health. You must remember that a scientific, healthy weight loss plan and regular exercise are always good for your health. This method can help you lose weight quickly, but the rapid and sudden loss is not suitable for the body.

However, if you need to lose weight quickly or are in good shape, you should follow IU's secret.

Bellyfatzone introduced IU Lee Ji Eun's weight loss menu. Generally, it is pretty harsh, so if you want to apply, you should consult a nutritionist.

Don't forget to do sports exercises to strengthen your health, tone muscles, and support weight loss more effectively besides dieting! And please share this article with the people you see they need. Thank!

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