How to Make Calves Smaller to Fit in Boots?

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The coarse leg calves are one of the girls' minus points when wearing short skirts or calf skirts, making your body shape no longer feel slim.

Besides, big calves make you feel less agile, and things work more slowly, so calf reduction is a question many people search on the internet: how to make calves smaller to fit in boots.

Certainly, when you read this article, the need to find a way to reduce the calf is increasing.

How to make calves smaller to fit in boots?
How to make calves smaller to fit in boots?

This is obviously a question that worries you a lot because it is terrible when wearing short skirts and big legs. So how to shrink the banana?

Don't worry; Bellyfatzone will help you understand how to reduce calf fat quickly.

What causes big calves?

Instead of having to find ways to slim the calves for men and women all day, you can find ways to protect your feet.

Even sometimes you have tried but did not achieve long slender legs like that. Therefore, you need to understand the reasons why calves are big.

In general, there are many causes of large and hard calves, which look very rough. In addition to being influenced by genetic factors, there are many other factors.

  • Effects of Estrogen: When estrogen (female hormone) increases, the calves will also get bigger. Estrogens play a role in increasing body fat. Simply put, estrogen stores fat in the body. If you often use cosmetics with high estrogen levels (powder, wax solution, lubricating oil), the food industry that contains estrogen to fatten poultry will make people eat. Estrogen levels rise. This, combined with other factors, causes a significant increase in body fat.
  • Unhealthy eating and living habits: It is unhealthy eating habits, eating as a good rich food that you don't eat, instead of focusing on dishes like fried chicken, fried sticky rice, milk tea … Not to mention, the reason for the big calf also comes from wearing high heels every day too much, causing gravity to focus on the heel. This makes the calf muscles responsible for supporting the body and is enlarged to be indispensable.
  • Body structure: Each person has a different body (the junction between the calf and the long-short heel is different), so the big calf relative to the body structure is CANNOT REMOVE unless surgery. If you are in this situation, it is best to avoid wearing skirts/shorts.

Besides, big calves depend on your physique and your body. Is that why you often have the question of what is the muscular calf due to?

In fact, each person has a different gene. Some people are tall; some are short, some people are born big calves, others are small but expecting to be big.

In this case, you only have to do the jogging, gym exercises to get slim, toned; it will harmonize overall.

There are many causes of getting bigger calves, and nutrition is the most important factor in making your calves big or small.

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Therefore, the best way is to combine all that we will guide in an effective way to reduce calf fat for women.

Occasionally, someone will ask if your big calf is usually due to fat? This is almost 90% true. The amount of fat that surrounds your calves and thighs will make the bananas look bigger.

How to make your calf muscles shrink quickly: How to eat and exercise?

Like the article shared on how to lose weight fast and science …, to make the calf compact, you need to combine eating and exercising so that science.

1. Nutrition regime

Nutrition regime

It would help if you remembered that the diet you consume every day greatly affects your health and physique.

If you eat sweet foods, greasy foods, and bad calories all day, you will always gain fat.

Not to mention, the rounds will also increase the number of spikes. Therefore, first, let's find out whether the daily eating is reasonable or not?

To get 1 pair of slim thighs, 1 pair of firm but slender calves, you need to pay attention to the following and apply the most accurate one.

  • Supplement your diet with a lot of protein (such as meat, eggs, milk, fish …) along with vitamins and minerals, calcium as well as all kinds of green vegetables. Restrict industrial foods that are fed with fattening (rich in estrogen). Eliminate prepackaged food groups, which are high in fast starches and bad fats.
  • In addition to addressing the story of how to reduce big calf fat, you need to drink 2 liters of water a day. Drink spread throughout the day, should not drink for a while. Drinking plenty of water will help reduce excess estrogen levels in the body. This will help reduce some of the excess fat.
  • Rest, relaxation, and getting enough sleep will help the metabolism work more smoothly, thereby burning fat better. If you don't get enough sleep, you will tend to have more calories and excess fat.

Besides, you should see the article Eat menu diet Eat Clean. This article will help you understand how to eat clean.

2. Exercise to reduce tapering calf fat

Exercise to reduce tapering calf fat

Done with the nutrition, now we go to the exercise. Most women have big calves because of too much fat.

So, the fastest way to reduce calf is to use jogging or the gym. Your calf muscles are mostly due to fat.

So jogging or cardio will be the way to burn body fat. If you go to the gym, you will burn fat and build muscle. Exercising properly not only helps the legs but the whole body firmer, reduce fat.

We want to introduce some more slender calf exercises for women/men. You need to determine more clearly which of your big calves is easier!

  • Calf form due to many muscles: This expression often touches that the calf is very firm whether standing or sitting. For this calf form, you limit the impact of adding more exercises to it.
  • Calf form due to a large amount of fat: This form has the usual expression of feeling quite loose, can shake back and forth when sitting or even standing. For this calf type, you need to perform exercises to burn fat and tone this muscle area to slim.
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Calf exercises for each calf

Here, we will help you understand the movements specific to each calf.

For both forms above

The exercises below involve stretching the calf muscles. Do these exercises to warm yourself up before embarking on a set of exercises for each calf.

1. Sit hunched forward

Sit hunched forward

  • Sitting on the floor, legs stretched out toward each other.
  • Slowly bend forward, hands clenched tightly to the toes.
  • Use your hands to drag your toes together.
  • Stay still until you feel the calf stretch.
  • Hold for another 15 seconds and return to the original position.
  • Perform 3 times.

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2. To falter – Lunges

To falter - Lunges

  • Stand up straight, take a long, genuine step forward.
  • Slowly lower yourself down.
  • Do not tiptoe back. Keep back foot completely on the floor.
  • If you feel your calves stretch and get hot, that's right.
  • Continue holding for 15s and return to the original position.
  • Change legs, do 3 times.

3. Calf pull – Calf Stretch on Step

Calf pull - Calf Stretch on Step

  • Choose a wooden platform or stairs.
  • Place one foot on the floor so that the heel touches the floor.
  • The other leg is upright.
  • Lean forward until your calves are tight and hot.
  • Hold for 15 seconds, switch legs.
  • Perform 3 times.

4. Downward Facing Dog – Downward Facing Dog

YouTube video

This is one of the popular yoga exercises and helps to relax the muscles very well. Hold this V position for 15 seconds, and make sure you feel your calves stretched. The heel, as much as possible, touches the floor.

5. Warrior Position – Warrior Pose

YouTube video

This is also one of the popular yoga postures. This action requires you to perform properly and remember to stretch your calves. Note, you need to feel the calf!

6. Posture triangle – Triangle Pose

YouTube video

  • Stand up straight, your legs wider than shoulders.
  • Two hands raised, sloping to the shoulders.
  • Slowly, lean to your left, touch your left hand with your left foot.
  • Right hand straight up to the sky, eyes looking right hand.

7. Forward Fold Post – Stand folded

YouTube video

This is the same as lesson 1. The only difference is standing against the wall. If you are a beginner, you should only bow down moderately.

8. Pilates

YouTube video

Pilates is one of the exercises that slim the body, which many people like.

Detailed instructions exercise to slim the muscles

In the section on how to reduce calf muscles much, we will focus on gentle exercises. What you need is to get it right!

1. Walk on a flat surface

Walk on a flat surface

Because women often choose to wear high heels daily, this exercise will help relax the calf area and tidy.

Your job is quite simply walking on a flat surface. Go to barefoot as possible. Note, when walking, feet completely on the floor (no tip, no tilt).

It would help if you went by putting your heels down first instead of toes. This will help the calves relax more.

2. The exercises are optional

Because your calf muscles are so muscular, we should only apply popular sports such as cycling, walking, or swimming …

Note, you should also run jogging terrain that is flat, slow, and small steps. Cycling is similar. Swimming will help you relax your leg muscles very well.

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Instructions for the exercises to slim the calf muscles with excess fat

Due to excess fat, the first thing is to handle the fat around the calf for this type of calf.

It would help if you chose the Cardio or HIIT exercises. The following exercises will help you firmer bananas and burn fat.

1. Jump rope

Jump rope

This is a form of Cardio exercise. It helps burn a lot of excess calories, even more than jogging. This exercise will require you to land on the toes and stretch the leg muscles.

To get started, you can jump 30 seconds continuously. Keep practicing and slowly increase the speed, time up. A beginner will feel unbearable pain, but this only lasts about 1 week.

When jumping, land on the toes. This will help you stretch the calves. View: Best Jump Ropes

2. Squat

The squat is one of the best exercises to help tone the lower body area! What you need is to follow the video. Also, you need to work hard to get results quickly!

3. Calf Raise

This is one of the best slim calf exercises for women. You can do it with or without weight.

The practice is quite simple, stand straight, feet together—tip on your heels as high as possible.

4. Climb the stairs

This is one of the exercises to reduce calves and burn energy very well.

What you need is one of the most intense training and sports shoes. At least each time, you must climb about 15p or run up and down for 15p, even better.

5. Walking or jogging steep

This exercise burns fat extremely well. You need to focus on stretching your leg muscles!

YouTube video

Besides, you need to add protein. Protein not only helps burn fat but also helps increase muscle mass. Muscle development will help calves toned.

Some questions about how to reduce calf fat

1. How to know if the muscle is big or fat?

Use 2 fingers to squeeze hard using calfskin. If squeezed and pulled out, that is excess fat.

2. Does running make the calf big?

Jogging doesn't make your calves as big as many people think. If you are afraid, you can apply to jog with the exercises above.

3. Tired running how to do?

If you are new to jogging, you will definitely feel exhausted. However, if you run too tired, you keep trying.

4. How long will it take to succeed?

It depends on location, nutrition, and how. Many people commented that it only takes 2 months.

How to make calf muscles actually not difficult! It is important to eat and practice.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “how to make calves smaller to fit in boots” and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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