How to Maintain Motivation for Success Every Day?

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Losing weight in general or losing belly fat, exercise is always necessary, even if you have a healthy diet.

Not only is it good for weight loss or suitable for your overall health, but daily exercise is the basis for blood circulation throughout the body, creating the opportunity for the regeneration of cells, you always look younger than those who do not exercise train, even though you are their age.

How to Maintain Motivation for Success Every Day?
How to Maintain Motivation for Success Every Day?

In the process of training our bodies to produce growth hormone, this is the “elixir of life” that the emperor Qin Shi Huang of China long sought.

How to maintain motivation to practice?

You want to have a good physique, or you want to lose weight or increase muscle mass. But the practice is delayed, and you cannot maintain the normal training process.

Here are 20 ways to maintain your motivation to practice to reach your goals:

1. Take photos of your practice progress:

You have the hobby of capturing your work after a hard workout. You will upload images to your Facebook page or Fanpage about fitness.

Take photos of your practice progress
Take photos of your practice progress.

Many people stay motivated by having a set of album progress through the stages. It means that how far your journey has gone and that you shouldn't give up.

2. Get a like-minded friend:

If you always go to the gym by yourself, so change it? Find a partner to practice with who is there to celebrate when you achieve results and encourage you through intense cardio exercises.

Perhaps, during practice, you will make you tired and give up halfway; she will advise you and stimulate your mental training.

3. Hire PT instructors:

If you hire a PT and are a male, your training motivation will increase by 200%. If you are a beginner, exercises can be overwhelming and confusing. If you are not familiar with the practice, you may feel anxious and don't know where to start properly.

Hire PT instructors

Afraid that you practice the wrong method, the fear of not practicing the right technique will affect your back and muscles, or fear that the exercise does not suit your goals.

One of the best ways to combat the fear of exercising is to hire a personal trainer. A good trainer will walk you through goals, show you how to perform exercises, and customize a workout to suit your abilities.

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They will motivate you when you need to help point out your positive changes, so you never give up.

Moreover, they can also help you develop a proper nutrition program to support all the exercises you practice in the gym. Sometimes you will need nutrition to support exercise like whey protein.

4. Tap under the new program:

Sometimes, all you need is a little change in your routine. If you keep doing the same exercise or doing it for a long time. Often you get bored, and it's time for you to change your training method to be new.

Switch the order of your workouts, the number of rounds and repetitions, or even change the training days of the week.

Your body is a highly versatile machine; If you do not always challenge it in new ways, you will quickly get bored, delay the practice. Changing your workout plan every few weeks can positively affect your workouts and increase your muscle mass or fat loss.

A new method of training is also a great way to break the monotony of your sports spirit.

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5. Join challenges to change yourself:

Participate in several challenging programs, earn medals and many other valuable gifts, and can brag to your friends.

6. Free training:

Free training

Sometimes the gym will make you feel stuffy, and you feel bored when you always see four walls with fitness equipment placed everywhere … “tedious.”

You want to change the atmosphere more, see something new occasionally. You can jog around your neighborhood in the park while practicing and breathing fresh air.

Changing the landscape and fresh air can combat boredom and can inspire yourself. Let's try a jog?

7. Visualize success after training:

When your motivation for exercise begins to decline, you may abandon your original goal. When that happens, take a look at the photo showing your hard work. Do you feel sorry that you put so much effort into it?

Find a quiet place to sit or lie down and take 5-10 minutes to visualize what you will look like when your goal is reached. Thus, the spirit of your training will increase the two-third of that effort.

8. Practice in the morning:

You are always busy with a busy work schedule, and your married life forces you to fulfill your responsibilities and obligations.

That may sound familiar, but smart people will know how to arrange a time. And the morning exercises are their best choice.

If going to the gym in the morning is impossible, consider getting up 30 minutes earlier and doing a quick workout on the rooftop or going to the park for a 20-minute HIIT workout. Thanks to that, it stimulates your training spirit more than that.

9. Join the collective class:

Join the collective class

Another great way to bring speed changes to your workouts is to sign up for a class. Even the most demanding, solitary gym can find new energy, motivation, and joy with CrossFit or Yoga.

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Do some research that is bound to be a style you like and reap benefits for yourself.

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10. Join the fitness group:

Join a bodybuilding group? You can find a community of like-minded people. Whether this community is an active group or merely a collection of regular exercise goers. They know each other because of the same hobby as the gym.

The more support you have, the more likely you are to continue the course. If you can't create a group in your neighborhood, try creating a social group. Thanks to this, you will stimulate the practice spirit more.

11. Create a gym at home:

You do not need to spend tens of millions on a home gym. However, invest some money to buy exercise equipment at home so you can quickly accomplish the goal set. If your schedule is busy, you can still spend 20-30 workouts at home.

No need for ample space, what? All you need is a pair of weights, exercise mats, and maybe an exercise ball.

If you like exercising at home and have plenty of space, you can start building a complete gym.

12. Change new songs when practicing:

Change new songs when practicing
Change new songs when practicing

Find yourself some new music! It's great that songs can motivate and encourage you to train harder. But if you always listen to the same tune, you're easily bored, and down the motivation.

Find songs you've never heard before, with fast, bright melodies. Usually, you will run faster when you listen to that music. You can find vibrant fitness tracks here.

13. Purchase of new fitness equipment:

What is more motivating to exercise than new shoes or new gym clothes? Reward yourself with new shoes, a new sports bra, or even the branded belt you've ever noticed!

If you are not a person who buys a lot of clothes, then buy some supplements for your workout — a delicious protein powder or some creatine for inspiration for exercise.

14. Change to the new gym:

The same people in the same space can make you feel healthy.

To change, visit a new gym. Try new equipment, meet new people and see the differences that other gyms don't have.

15. Set daily goals:

You already know the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals, but if you need to be more motivated, try setting daily goals.

When you wake up in the morning, set a goal to achieve and write it down. Your goal can be anything you want, as long as you can do it that day.

You can try to add 2.3kg of weight to your last set, squats one more time, or spend an additional 10 minutes doing cardio. In any case, put the goal first and never give up.

By setting daily goals, a little like that, you will achieve your big goals faster than the small ones every day. “Accumulate of great success” that.

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16. Tracking recorded data:

Tracking recorded data
Tracking recorded data

If it's essential, it's worth measuring! Measure the circumference of your shoulders, chest, arms, waist, hips, and legs.

Then, watch how your body parts are growing or contracting to keep yourself invested in your growth. You can also track your body fat percentage.

You can also track your progress based on your performance. Or you can take notes in a personal notebook, look at what you have achieved that day, and then increase the number of practice sessions to challenge yourself more.

17. Reward yourself with smart rewards:

This can be as simple as having an evening at a favorite restaurant with your friends, relatives, or special ones. Or as big as an extended vacation lasting about a week.

You can both relax and take time for your muscles to recover. A reward that finances you within limits allowed and is compatible with the effort you spend.

Avoid rewarding yourself if you don't reach your goals, don't plan until you reach them.

18. Resting:


If you have tried some of the methods above and still don't work, then take a break! Sometimes, the best way to motivate yourself is to let your body rest and recover a bit.

Giving yourself a week or so of recovery time can reduce your fatigue and give your body the chance to adapt to the challenge you've given it. Rest, relax, and recover, but don't let a week turn into a hiatus month!

19. Try using Pre Workout:

Pre-workout supplements contain ingredients like caffeine and B vitamins to help you feel energetic, focused, and ready for a tough workout. Including one of the pre-workout regimen is a great way to increase your workout motivation!

Although pre-workout supplements won't help you much, it makes you work harder during that training session. If you can increase the intensity of your training, reaching your goals will also be faster.

20. Try new exercises:

New exercises can be more fun and challenging, so don't be afraid to change the practices in your workout routine regularly.

Try new exercises
Try new exercises

For example, if you often practice Back Squat, try Front Squat or Hack Squat car stars. Or if you always do weightlifting exercises, try these simple dumbbells?

Moreover, if you always use the same device, now challenge a more complicated method. For example, you often squat with resistance wires, try TRX today? Change to make the exercise more enjoyable.

Small changes like these can make a big difference in maintaining your motivation and the amount of progress you see. Remember, your body and mind need change or both.

Above are 20 ways to help you maintain your motivation to practice, helping you achieve your goals faster.

Did you apply any of the above methods, or do you have more to share with us? Please comment to let us know?

Hopefully, this article above has helped you to gain motivation and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

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