How to Jog Properly to Lose Weight – Your Friends will be Surprised With Your Looks

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Jogging is a great sports activity that promotes overall health and helps maintain balance if you know how to exercise.

Jogging is one of the best ways to burn extra fat and calories and help you get a good fitness foundation.

Why does it matter if you know how to exercise then you can gain or lose the weight you want because you can easily recognize there are runners to lose weight and get in shape great.

However, some runners cannot lose weight and even eat healthier after each run and increase their weight.

Why is it still a running move? But some people get the results they want, and others don't.

The reason here is that we know how to run, how to arrange nutrition, and do it regularly in a certain period of time to see clear results.

If you are looking to get back in shape, lean, then in addition to a scientific weight loss diet, running and weight training is the secret for you.

How to Jog Properly to Lose Weight - Your Friends will be Surprised With Your Looks
How to Jog Properly to Lose Weight – Your Friends will be Surprised With Your Looks.

Surely you have heard many people say that morning jogging is good, but it is very effective when not seen and even increases weight. So what is the cause? How to run properly and efficiently?

This article invites you to refer to how to run so that we can lose weight effectively and still ensure the safety of your overall health as well as your cardiovascular health. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Instructions on how to lose weight effectively.

Jogging is a popular sport. It would help if you spent a little time going to the park, practicing running in the neighborhood or on a certain street near home, and no need to practice gym or fancy machinery.

This is also an extremely effective way to improve your health and improve your physique.

Guys and girls who are a bit overweight and obese must be very interested in running. But does running really lose weight, and how can exercise be effective?

Jogging can not lose weight?

You gain weight because excess energy in the body accumulates without being consumed, thereby forming excess fat.

Jogging is one of the most effective forms of exercise for calorie consumption. It helps burn energy, stimulates the heart rate and breathing, and helps release fat faster than many other exercises.

Whether jogging reduces weight, the answer is yes, of course, if you incorporate a healthy and consistent diet.

To lose weight, the calorie intake must be smaller than the calories consumed. So, in addition to increasing calories released, you also need to reduce the amount of energy you consume through eating.

Many of you also wonder that running can reduce belly fat? Running will reduce fat, but the more or less the fat percentage per part is, you cannot control.

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It's best just to run to lose your whole body, and then more or less, your stomach will decrease.

How many calories does jogging burn?

If running helps you lose weight quickly or slowly, first find out how it burns calories.

The calories you burn will depend on your running speed and body weight. For example, if you're running at an average speed of 6.5km / h, then:

  • People 60kg will release 4.7 calories per minute
  • A 70kg person will release 5.5 calories per minute
  • The 80kg person will release 6.3 calories per minute
  • 90kg people will release 7.1 calories per minute

Some studies also show that people of average weight, running at an average speed in flat terrain, have the ability to consume 145-150 calories.

If you run uphill or jog up the stairs, this figure is even higher, about 300-500 calories per 30 minutes.

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Jogging 1 month how much weight loss?

According to calculations, if you cut 500 calories/day, equivalent to 3500 calories/week, you will lose 0.5 kg.

This calorie cut should combine a reduction in calorie intake and increased calorie expenditure.

For example, you need to lose 500 calories a day. If you run for 30 minutes, you lose 150 calories. The remaining 350 calories cut through eating.

Maintaining like that, you will lose 0.5kg per week, 2kg per month. This is a reasonable level of weight loss that does not affect health.

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Reasons you can't lose weight by running.

While running is a good habit for both health and physique, not everyone can achieve their goals.

Many people report that they run regularly, but their weight hasn't changed. It is for one of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient running: Not enough time, speed, distance running
  • Binge eating: Exercise will make you hungry quickly; if you cannot control yourself but eat foods high in sugar, grease, and calories, you will gain even more weight.
  • Keep a running intensity: At first, the weight will drop quite quickly, but gradually your body gets used to the exercise level so that the weight will level off and no more loss.

Jogging properly is like?

If you like to run at that time and run, regardless of other issues, you will hardly see your body change. So how to effectively lose weight jogging?

1. Add energy before exercising

Add energy before exercising

Before we start running, we need to recharge our bodies. Only then will your body have enough energy and strength to complete any exercise.

Don't be foolish to hear some people say not to eat anything before running. Under and gain the weight back there!

Usually, people often have the habit of jogging every morning to cool and comfortable and start the day.

However, do you find that feeling sleepy and hungry is something that everyone experiences when you wake up early?

Therefore, now is the best time for you to quickly load pre-workout foods such as starch, protein, and coffee.

Coffee will help you more alert, brain function better, help run longer tired. If you have read the article about Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite products, you also know that coffee helps burn fat.

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Some suggestions for a morning pre-run snack are 1-2 bananas, 1 cup of small oats, or whole wheat bread with peanut butter.

Do not eat too full to avoid a heavy stomach while running.

Note, if you have quite a bit of economic conditions, want to be more alert in the morning, or return from work in the afternoon, then before running / weight training, drink Pre Workout milk right away.

2. Prepare comfortable clothing

Prepare comfortable clothing

Many people believe that wearing hot, squash clothing like a raincoat when exercising will help you lose weight faster. This is true.

But the weight loss is only water alone; you drink water to compensate, it will increase again. Remember, our training goal is to lose fat.

Not to mention dehydration has many more serious consequences than you might think.

So it's best to wear comfortable, sweat-absorbent clothing. If you are the type of person who sweats a lot, you should have a scarf with you.

Leaving sweat on when jogging, especially running outdoors, is susceptible to colds. You should also wear warm enough in winter.

3. Choose the right shoes

Choose the right shoes

One of the most important things is shoes! A good pair of shoes should fit your feet, making them comfortable! Do not choose shoes that are too tight, causing the feet to become swollen and peel off.

4. “Engineering” runs

"Engineering" runs

When you first start, run slowly so that your body can begin to adapt before moving on to running at a faster pace.

Likewise, when it is almost the end of a run, you should run slowly as the body is tired, the heart is beating fast. If you try to run fast at this time, your body is prone to muscle contraction or exhaustion and faints easily.

And if you stop suddenly and then sit on the ground to breathe, it's not good. You thought a car was going fast and stopped suddenly? Should run slowly, then end with walking, breathing.

5. Run enough

Run enough

Never think that running is simple and doesn't need to be too focused.

Many scientific studies have proven that to remove excess fat from the body completely, you need to practice in a relatively short time if it has only been a few minutes, and if you want to have a quick effect, then it's best to stay at home.

Every day, you should set aside about 30-60 minutes for jogging. Run 4-5 sessions per week to get the best results.

6. Run slowly

Run slowly

It doesn't have to be fast. Just maintaining the average speed is fine. Running at a slow speed will gradually increase your endurance. Have you ever heard of endurance running?

Running slowly and steadily is one of the best ways to get tough.

Science has also shown that running at a slow speed helps you burn fat better. That's because when you run, your body will get its energy from two main sources, starch, and fat.

For “newbies,” it is difficult for the body to derive energy from fat. So if you want to burn more fat, you just run slowly but run longer, preferably running for more than 1 hour per session.

7. Topographic changes

Topographic changes

If you keep running on the same route all day, you will be bored with flat terrain and not have many challenges.

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Changing the terrain will help you challenge yourself better, increase your endurance, change your feelings, help create motivation to complete your goals, burn fat.

8. Running pillow

Running pillow

To get the most out of running, you should make a knee-up move to warm up as you did in school.

When you do this, you need to raise the pillow to your hips. Perform in 5 minutes. This is also an exercise to help burn thigh and belly fat.

9. Rest for strength

Rest for strength

Don't run for one breath. Instead, take a break in the middle to get some strength. The long-run can make you feel tired, even headaches, dizziness due to unfamiliarity and rhythmic breathing.

It is best to run for 15 minutes, walk for 5 minutes; after that, running for 15 minutes, resting for 5 minutes, and running slow for 10 minutes is okay.

10. Drink enough water

Drink enough water

If you ask me how to lose fat fast, I would advise you to stop drinking carbonated soft drinks, sugary drinks. When you stop to rest, take 1 sip of water

It is essential to keep your body hydrated when you run and do sports.

Electrolytes are lost during sweating, if you do not replenish in time, dizziness, nausea, increased heart rate, muscle aches, decreased running power …

Therefore, make sure you drink enough fluids throughout the day and especially during your run. If you run a lot, use more electrolyte supplements.

11. Eat after running

Eat after running

After running for about 30 minutes, you should load more food to replenish your body's nutrients.

You will tend to crave fast, greasy, and sugary foods after your workout, but stay awake if you don't want to gain weight.

Instead, add healthy, protein-rich foods to restore and tone muscles, such as oats, chicken, vegetables, fruits, nuts like almonds …

Besides, you should see more articles about eating a clean menu for weight loss effectively.

12. Run regularly

It would help if you regularly jogged every day to get your body used to it. If you run smoothly, you will burn a lot of fat. Besides, it also helps prevent many other diseases.

Some of the other benefits that can be mentioned of running are: Improving cardiovascular health, strengthening bones and joints, reducing pain, detoxifying the body, solving insomnia, relieving stress, stress. …

How To Run Properly For Beginners – 5 Running Secrets

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Besides, if you want to lose weight fast and have a more beautiful and toned body, you should exercise 3-4 times a week.

Above are the principles to remember to jog for the best weight loss properly! Apply, persevere, and you will be successful!

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