How to Do Burpees For Beginners? All You Need

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As everyone knows, to reduce body weight safely, we need a reasonable diet that some exercises really work.

There are many friends you can go to the gym with the trainer or the exercise running on the machine or skipping … quite effective.

However, if you want a whole body workout and are particularly effective at burning calories, you should not skip the burpee, which is a great exercise to check your overall health. What is a Burpee? 

How to do burpees for Beginners?
How to do burpees for Beginners

Short training time, no equipment needed, but still burn calories. These are the reasons why Burpee is popular. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

What is a Burpee? 

Burpee is an exercise that combines many activities of sniffing, jumping, etc., helping to burn fat, and improving strength, endurance, and bounce.

If you've ever heard of Jumping Jack and its holy fat-burning effects, don't miss Burpee.

This is also a full-body exercise capable of consuming calories similar to Jumping Jacks, even more, because it incorporates a familiar sequence of movements.

This article will give you all the information you need about what Burpee exercise is, its benefits, the routine exercise, and frequently asked questions or if you need some cardio exercise.


History of Burpee Exercises

This exercise was developed by a physiologist named Royal H. Burpee in the 1930s. He proposed using it as a fitness test.

It became popular when used by the US Armed Forces Department to assess recruits' fitness levels during World War II.

They tested the soldiers' strength, agility, and agility through a simple exercise.

Today, people still apply this exercise to exercise, improve endurance, and especially burn excess energy, which is extremely useful for health and physique.

The effect of Burpee

The effect of Burpee

What are the benefits of doing Burpee, and who should do this exercise?

Continue reading below, and you'll want to practice right away.

1. A whole-body coordination exercise

If only one exercise is chosen, don't hesitate to choose Burpee. While most other exercises only work on a specific muscle group, Burpee coordinates the whole body.

2. Burning fat is terrible

Because this is an intense exercise, it consumes a lot of calories.

The study also found that high-intensity exercises like Burpee are 50% more likely to burn fat than regular, moderate-intensity exercise.

Besides, it increases your metabolic rate throughout the day, meaning you'll burn more calories. Therefore, those who want to lose weight, melt fat, then Burpee to grow.

3. Firming body

Burpees work on many muscle groups, including core, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, and more.

Hard training, of course, you will have a firmer, healthier shape. Once you get used to it, you can speed up the exercise to stimulate muscle growth.

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4. Increase power

You need to admit that Burpees are kind of “scary” exercises due to their physical strength. In the first phase, doing 10 reps was a real challenge.

But that way, your fitness is also greatly increased. Activities that require strength or other sports also become much simpler.

5. Increase endurance

Performing Burpee about 10 times will make your heart pound. This is a perfect card for heart health and increased endurance.

When you exercise your whole body with many muscle groups, the increased demand for oxygen makes your heart work harder. Everything is stronger when practiced.

6. Can practice anywhere

People love Burpee because of its convenience, not being dependent on space, machines, or support equipment. All you need is just your … body. Therefore, do not make excuses to do so without practicing.

Those who should not practice Burpee

This action is not appropriate if you have back pain or suffer from diseases that affect your ability to balance, often dizzy, unsteady.

The best way to practice Burpee

The best way to practice Burpee

If you briefly look at it, you will see that this is a fairly long and complicated exercise. But if you do it one after the other, you will find it simpler and no longer confused.

Burpee is nothing more than a sequence of 5 familiar moves:

Squat – Squat Thrust – Push Up – Frog Jump – Jump Squat


  • Step 1: Stand upright, your hands raised above your head.
  • Step 2: Lower yourself into a squat position, then put your hands on the ground forward, heels tip up slightly.
  • Step 3: Fix 2 hands, use force-bearing hands, and jump to stretch your legs, creating a position to breathe the ground
  • Step 4: Inhale the soil 1
  • Step 5: Turn on the dance at the same time, bring your legs back to the front, creating a sitting posture like jumping.
  • Step 6: immediately jump to the top as high as possible
  • Step 7: Ground, return to the squat position.

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Watch the following video to make it standard:

The level of Burpee

It can be said that this exercise is suitable for all subjects because it has many levels for you to choose from. Of course, you have to go in order from low to high, from easy to difficult.

At first, with just a few iterations, it was enough to defeat you, panting, tired limbs. It is very normal, practice getting acquainted and don't give up.

Once you start to adapt, you can gradually increase the level to stimulate energy consumption.

How long should each Burpee session be?

  • Starting level: 4 innings, 2 minutes for each half, 1-minute rest between periods
  • Average: 6 rounds, 2 minutes each, the 1-minute break between periods or 4 rounds, 3 minutes each, the 1-minute break between periods
  • Advanced level: 6 rounds, 3 minutes each, the 1-minute break between periods
  • Expert level: 6 sets, 3 minutes each, 30 seconds rest between periods.

How to train Burgee without tired?

Many people admit that they want to give up right from the beginning because Burpee is too heavy and exhausting. So how can you do it a few dozen times? All have secrets.

Here are some tips from Erica Giovinazzo – a CrossFit coach, to help you get through this exercise without being exhausted.

1. Do not rest too much; the speed is stable

  • If it's not halfway between breaks and stop sideways, it will take more time and effort to get back into the movement.
  • Most people practice quickly and stop horizontally due to fatigue. Meanwhile, the right way to practice is slow but steady.
  • If you set a goal to do more Burpee times, speed, you have to slow down to keep strength.
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2. Legs go-ahead

  • When you first practice, you will perform each step according to the instructions, hands on the ground, hold steady, and then jump back and forth.
  • Once you get used to it, you can “cheat” by jumping back and forth before your hands touch the ground.

3. Open “robot mode.”

  • Imagine yourself as a machine with pre-programmed movements: grounding, jumping, stretching, sniffing, jumping … When you've memorized the movements, everything will happen naturally.
  • You only need to focus on one movement at a time. The next thought of what to do will confuse you, making it more difficult.

4. Breathe!

  • Do not forget to breathe as much as possible; try to harmonize with your breath.
  • The beginner is often too focused on the movement to … forget to breathe. That will make you exhausted very quickly.

5. Warm-up before training

  • The proper warm-up exercise before doing Burpee is … Burpee because it itself is a good warming exercise. Start gently at a moderate pace.
  • Besides, you start the joints with movements such as bear crawl, crab walk, scorpion posture, cobra, hip bend. Pay attention to the hip flexors, legs, shoulders (deltoids), wrists.
  • Mountain Climber is also a good starter for pelvic muscles, and if possible, use lacrosse balls (a rubber ball) to relax your shoulders, legs, and wrists.

Mistakes to avoid when practicing Burpee

  • Backbend: This error can lead to lower back pain. Remember to keep your back straight when you do.
  • Superficial movement: Lowering not deep enough when squat or inhaling, jumping is not high enough, hips are not wide open when jumping … These are errors because you impatiently want to practice fast, practice a lot. One trick is to look straight ahead when you stand up and jump; it will help you remember to open your hips.
  • Failure to do the correct plank: The plank stage (the position before inhaling the ground) is the most important step to getting strong abs. Keep your wrists just below your shoulders, tighten your core muscles, and keep your back straight.

Burpee exercise schedule

Burpee exercise schedule

  • Burpee can be used to combine with other exercises in your training, can also be designed into a separate training program.
  • You refer to the schedule of Burpee in 30 days as a suggested coach. At first, if you're too tired, you can reduce the number of times a bit.

Variants of Burpees exercises burn body fat.

Do you think Burpee only has 1 and is afraid of being bored if you have to practice today? Wrong. It has many interesting variations, and your job is to experience it.

Why should you practice more variations? Of course, to not get bored and develop your body more comprehensively.

1. Bastard Burpee

  • Step 1: Stand straight, lower the body squatting, hands on the floor
  • Step 2: Jump and put your foot back to create posture to breathe the ground
  • Step 3: Inhale soil 1 time
  • Step 4: Jump between your hands
  • Step 5: Jump up high, lift the thighs, pull the elbows to touch the knee
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2. Tuck Jump Burpee

  • Step 1: Stand up straight, squat down, hands on the floor
  • Step 2: Jump and bring your legs back to create posture to breathe the ground
  • Step 3: Inhale soil 1 time
  • Step 4: Jump to bring your foot between 2 hands
  • Step 5: Jump up high, lift thighs, hands flapping thighs

3. Burpee Broad Jump

  • Step 1: Stand straight, lower your hands on the floor
  • Step 2: Jump back and forth to create posture to breathe the ground
  • Step 3: Inhale soil 1 time
  • Step 4: Retract your legs, stand up, and jump sharply forward

4. Single-arm Burpee

  • Step 1: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Step 2: Lower your body, put one hand on the floor between your chest, and keep your other hand close
  • Step 3: Jump back and forth 2 feet create posture sniffing 1 hand, keep 2 feet wider than a shoulder to balance
  • Step 4: Jump your legs back, stand up, jump high
  • Step 5: Change hands

5. Box Jump Burpee

  • Step 1: Find a box or platform with a moderate height, can be a horizontal pillow or higher
  • Step 2: Stand straight, the box in front of you
  • Step 3: Lower your body, put your hands on the floor, jump to stretch your legs back to create posture to breathe the ground
  • Step 4: Inhale soil 1 time
  • Step 5: Jump back and forth, stand up and jump on the box
  • Step 6: When “landing” on the box, knees bend

6. Slam Ball Burpee

  • Step 1: Stand up straight, 2 hands holding the weight ball
  • Step 2: Put the ball in front of you, fix your hands on the ball, jump and stretch your legs to create a posture to breathe the ground
  • Step 3: Turn on the legs
  • Step 4: Stand up, simultaneously jump up, 2 hands put the ball up above the head

7. Burpee Pull-up

  • Step 1: Stand straight, lower your hands on the floor
  • Step 2: Jump and stretch your legs to create posture to breathe the ground
  • Step 3: Inhale soil 1 time
  • Step 4: Jump back and forth, stand up and jump to grab the bar, palm facing out
  • Step 5: Pull up so that the upper chest touches the bar
  • Step 6: Lower and land

8. Dumbbell Burpees

  • Step 1: Put 2 single weights on the floor, lower the body, and 2 hands grab the 2 weights
  • Step 2: Hold both hands fixed, jump and stretch your legs back to create posture to breathe the ground
  • Step 3: Inhale soil 1 time
  • Step 4: Jump back and forth, stand up and hold the weight and jump up

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