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How Many Calories in 1Cup of Milk Tea?
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How many calories in 1 cup of milk tea?

If you are looking to lose weight, you should avoid using this drink of tea down as milk fat.

Per 1, 100 ml cup of milk tea with condensed milk then reach 127 calories, calories doubled this fresh milk with sugar.

To resolve that much fat milk tea drink not, you first need to know about how much milk tea contains calories.

Medium 1 glass of milk contains about 400-500 calories tea if small or medium cups, not glass giant.

This figure is approximately 2/3 of a pie and mixed for 45 minutes is equivalent to jogging.

The figure is not small at all for those who easily gain weight.

Therefore, if one day you drink 2 cups intake was close to 1000 calories surely gain weight problem is evident.

Especially much milk tea is very harmful to health.

Fat milk tea drink with it?

Major components of milk tea powder brewed tea with cream and some other flavoring.

And here is the drinks can make you overweight if taken with milk tea.

The amount contains more fat and also quite a lot of energy.

Tea drinking more milk can make you gain weight and fat rapidly.

By fat and calories in milk tea nearby with fat in the fat market. This you should note carefully slightly.

With some effort, you are losing weight using many different methods such as jogging, yoga, gym, but drink milk tea every day.

A cup of milk tea may also be equivalent to 10 km jogging, by nearly 1-hour swim, 2 hours walk, over 1 hour Yoga, by 1 hour playing soccer.

That is the reason why there are weight loss and still not see the effect.
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