Healthy Starch Foods – Starch Solution Rules You Should Know To Keeping Fit Your Body

Starch food is one of the common foods in the meal, not only Asian, European but all over the world consider starch as one of the main foods.

Starch has many different types, and each has a different effect on the body so that the effect is even different at every time of day when you load them.

Many people think that you eat more carbohydrates will cause weight gain or lack of starch will affect overall health!

So how should we get carbs, and how do we use them at what time?

The starch in Greek is Amidon, the carbohydrate polysaccharide containing a mixture of amylose and amylopectin that varies depending on the starch type.

Starch comes from different plants with different physical properties and chemical composition.

Healthy starch foods - starch solution rules You Should Know To Keeping Fit Your Body
Healthy starch foods – starch solution rules You Should Know To Keep Fit Your Body.

The above basic information certainly can not satisfy you when you want to know what starch is, right? Perhaps its name is not strange, but certainly, not everyone is knowledgeable enough to understand starch or carbohydrates.

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What is the starch definition?

Starch or carbohydrates are also called carbohydrates (Carb). Starch is naturally made by plants like fruits and vegetables like grains.

Starch and protein, and fat are the most important ingredient in our diet and many animals.

In addition to being used as food, starch is also used to produce paper, wine,… Starch is separated from wheat, roots, and tubers such as cassava, potatoes.

More specifically, sweet carbohydrates exist in sugar, fiber, and starch. They provide energy to the body, structure of cells, tissues, help the digestive system work better, and support the brain and nervous system’s development.

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This substance is found in rice, brown rice, cassava, cereals, vegetables, fruits, legumes, milk powder, etc.

Modified starches

Physical modification method: A pure starch modification method using physical forces such as pressing, compressing starch to change some of its properties to suit starch applications and products. Denaturation.

Chemical denaturation method: Using necessary chemicals to change the properties of starches, the main products of this method are acid-treated starches, phosphate starches, …

Enzymatic hydrolysis: The most advanced starch modification method in the world today. The products of this method are glucose, fructose, polyols, amino acids, …

That’s what defines starch as well as carbohydrates.

But not stop there because this is just basic knowledge.

What you need to know is their role and how to support the gym or bodybuilder.

Start digging deeper into starches!

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The role of carbs in health

For adults

Starch will provide energy for the activities and functions of the body. Once in the body, they turn into glucose.

Glucose is used by the cells as energy for biochemical activities; the excess will turn into fat.

That is why if you want to lose weight, there is a diet that many people apply that is the Low – Carb menu.

Good starch has a role in helping the digestive system function properly.
Good starch has a role in helping the digestive system function properly.

But powdered sugar helps build cells and tissues, helps the digestive system work well, eliminates toxic substances.

For children

Starch plays an important and essential role in children’s health. It is the main source of energy for the mobilization and control of other motor organs.

They also support developing the brain and nervous system, helping the child’s nervous system work effectively.

The good starch source is also useful for gym, bodybuilding.

Good sources of starch are high in fiber, not high in blood sugar, and completely natural. Those are the carbs you need to absorb.

Starch digestion speed varies, depending on their origin. The ruler is due to starch’s digestion speed called GI (Glycemic Index), also known as the glycemic index.

Starches with a high GI will digest more quickly than carbs with a low GI.

Good sources of fiber are good for gym or those who want to lose weight.
Good sources of fiber are good for the gym or those who want to lose weight.

These are the roles of starches and starches in our bodies.

You should know that everything has two starches.

There will be good and bad starches. What you need to do is to know which carbs are good and bad, and then know how to add them properly.

If you want to know, then read right away!

Distinguish good and bad starches

High GI foods (Simple Carbs – Bad Carbs) contain fast-digesting glucose. Therefore, after eating these foods, the blood glucose level will skyrocket rapidly but also decrease rapidly.

Low-GI foods (Good Carbs – Carbs) contain slow-digesting glucose. Therefore, after eating slow-digesting foods, the blood sugar level rises slowly and decreases slowly, helping stabilize energy and health benefits.

Foods that contain good carbs and bad carbs.
Foods that contain good carbs and bad carbs.

Not all!

This next section will be good starches that weight loss people can consider supplementing their menu.

8 starches good for weight loss

Studies all say that eating a lot of carbs is likely to cause weight gain. But it is only true when you are not choosing starch. If you eat the right carbs below, it’s not only good for your health; it can even help you lose weight!


Barley contains 6 g of soluble fiber, making you feel full, helping to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. It also contains other benefits like reducing inflammation, stabilizing blood sugar and barley, and digestion.

Whole wheat

Pasta or whole-grain bread are whole-grain foods full of nutrients and fiber, making you feel full longer.

Barley and whole wheat are good starch foods for fat loss.
Barley and whole wheat are good starch foods for fat loss.


Lentils, chickpeas, peas, etc., are all good for weight loss if a diet high in beans for 1 month will help you lose weight more effectively than similar diets but do not have beans.

People who eat beans also reduce bad cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

Black beans are also a good source of protein and fiber, which help you stabilize blood sugar and provide energy for building muscles. Just 1 cup of black beans contains up to 12 g of protein, 9 g of fiber.


100 g of oats contains up to 10 g of protein and provides stable energy to build muscle, effective weight loss; Oats also help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Don't forget oats - a nutrient-dense and fiber-rich food that is good for weight loss.
Don’t forget oats – a nutrient-dense and fiber-rich food that is good for weight loss.


It helps to fill the stomach faster and keep it full longer. If you eat 2 bananas daily, reduce belly fat by 50%.


Apples are a good source of fiber; eating about 19 grams of soluble fiber daily will help you lose belly fat by 3.7% in five years. Apples also contain the highest phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain slow-digesting starches that help digestion slower to fill you up and provide you with longer energy and contain more fiber and nutrients and help burn fat.


It contains many proteins, calcium, beneficial bacteria; yogurt is a great food for you to lose weight. In 4 to 12 weeks, people who took the two nutrients found in yogurt could lose more weight than the other two diet groups.

Yogurt helps with beautiful skin weight loss.

But it’s not done yet… Once you understand and know how good starch is for you, then what you need to do next is to learn how to use starch, sugar, how to optimize the best.

How the body uses carbs

After ingesting carbs into the body, the carbs are converted into glucose to produce energy for the muscles and brain to function.

If the body does not need to use glucose energy at the time of loading, this glucose will turn itself into glycogen for storage when needed.

There are two places on the body to store glycogen: muscle and liver. Whenever the body needs energy, glycogen is broken down to form glucose for use.

If the body is already filled with glycogen in the muscles and liver, the excess carbohydrates will become fat. That is also the reason why people who lose fat are advised to eat starch.

Therefore, you need to know how to calculate and eat enough carbs per day, not excess energy to support the body, exercise, and not storing too much, causing excess fat.

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The best time to use starch is 1 day.

Know the time to eat carbs in a scientific way so as not to store fat.
Know the time to eat carbs scientifically so as not to store fat.

Once you understand the definition of starch, what a carbohydrate is, you should not ignore how to use starch effectively.

  • Breakfast: After waking up, glycogen content has decreased significantly. Therefore, you need to know to eat starchy foods to restore lost glycogen. You can use fruits, oats, whole grains as the best option.
  • Approximately 2-3 hours before exercising: Loading carbs will help them convert all into glycogen stored in the blood and muscles during exercise.
  • 1-2 hours after training: This is when you need to keep your insulin levels relatively to help the recovery and regeneration of glycogen in the muscles and liver.

Above is all the knowledge from what defines starch, carbohydrates are what comes to the role, effects, and how to use it to be effective and best for bodybuilders or gyms.

Carb Science: Good Starch vs. Bad Starch- Thomas DeLauer


At the same time, this article has also shared with you more useful information from the starches that help people lose weight.

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