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GeneratePress is one of the new stars on the market WordPress Theme, with Astra and OceanWP.

All 3 have the business model is very innovative: providing the free theme and sell Addons attached to empower Theme!

You can view more details about the birth of GeneratePress and Astra, OceanWP here:

Since the mid-2014 launch to date has more than 1.3 themes GeneratePress million downloads and rated 5/5 stars on WordPress.ORG.

Advantages of GeneratePress theme:
  • Extremely light and fast load: only 912 kb
  • SEO Standards Code (Schema markup standard)
  • Compatible most of the Page Builder is one of the few themes that everyone Page Builder are recommended.
  • Highly customizable capabilities – Support Live Customizer drag & drop.
  • Support Hooks and Filters to customize your excellent – extended features
  • Support great: you can register for free on a forum and ask anything, the members have the experience and the author will support 24/24!

Compared with famous names GeneratePress Genesis Framework is quite similar in design and functionality, but much easier to use, support and documentation are also friendly with all the free and premium users.

Ministry of GeneratePress Addons Premium also provides powerful features that probably StudioPress elder (Genesis) will have nothing to counterbalance the foreseeable future!


In this article, BellyFatZone will guide the basics of using the Premium theme GeneratePress and Addons.

BellyFatZone with members of the GB, the next time you will have a detailed guide AZ Case Study on BellyFatZone Club member!

A. Install and use GeneratePress Theme

Like most of the other Free Theme, you can download directly on WordPress.ORG GeneratePress, or Install and Update automatically from WP Repository.

In Section Themes -> Add new , type GeneratePress for installation and activation:

Once activated, you should go to  Appearance -> GeneratePress  to check out:

Here’s introducing GeneratePress Modules Premium, you will need to install plugins Premium GP to have these addons. GeneratePress free theme only supports customizable on Customizer.

Customize GeneratePress past

Customize you open up ( Appearance -> Customize )

Customize interface includes many similar positions the majority of other themes. We will examine the last position of GeneratePress custom features:

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First, flip through 6 customizable commonly found in each theme:

  1. Site Identity: change Site Title, Tagline, allow the display or not. This item also supports changing the logo and the site icon (favicon).
  2. Color: choose colors for text, background, and link (default – hover – visited).
  3. Typography : select fonts – font size & style. Google Fonts support the most popular.
  4. Menus: Setup Menu, GeneratePress support a Primary menu Menu location.
  5. Homepage Settings: select the page as your home page and blog. This one you can choose in the Dashboard  Settings -> Readings.
  6. Advanced CSS:  adding CSS code if you want to customize the design.

6 Options on nothing special compared to other themes if you just use the free version of GeneratePress Free. We also help GeneratePress scoring 3 Options:

A.1 – GeneratePress Widgets

GP support for Widgets 5 areas:


Right Sidebar: regional sidebar, like the other theme

Header: this is the area located on the Primary Menu (right Logo) – appropriate for us to place icons link to social networking accounts, or Call to Action button:

Footer Widget 1,2,3 …

This area is similar to other themes:

But, we can choose to show or not (0 widgets), as well as choose the number of columns displayed immediately in the drafting of Page. The default is 3 columns (3 widgets):

Footer Bar:

Is the area just below the Footer Widgets

Top bar:

Top of Header area is where to put a submenu (top menu) or the notification bar (promotional example):


A.2 – General

This section only 2 simple options to help speed up the page load. GeneratePress has fully integrated the FontAwesome library to use these icons. Here lets you load the fonts you use on the site icon, instead of loading the entire library FontAwesome.

The remaining option is dynamic CSS browser cache for faster site load users from the 2nd.

The premium option also allows you to compress CSS and JS in this section.

A.3 – Layout

This allows users to customize the width of the Web Container by dragging and dropping, and divided into 2 column layout size separately (Content and Sidebar) or full format.

Also in each section is customized to recompose. This is the position you have to work a lot to choose layouts like the best!

Section Footer also has the option of displaying the regional Widgets Widgets Footer introduced above. This option applies to all of the Web Pages, also optional in the page editor page as mentioned above, only applies to that page.

B. Manual GeneratePress Premium Addons

This is the main part of the tutorial. Premium Addons, GeneratePress as Ferrari theme will be fitted with rocket engines !!!

GeneratePress existing Premium 15 addons allows us to customize to the teeth:

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We will glide through each addon and BellyFatZone will guide Addon’s strongest use to build complex sites. But first, need to install and activate them have:

B.1 – Install and activate GP Premium Addons

As mentioned, GeneratePress Premium is set to feature upgrades Addons for GeneratePress theme, so we upload and install from the Plugins directory rather Themes section. This is also true when you use the Astra Pro (the Astra Theme Addons) and OceanWP Extensions (Addons sets of OceanWP).

After going to Plugins -> Add New to upload, install and activate. We left on the GP configuration tab (Appearance -> GeneratePress) to activate the addons and enter key to auto-update (you can not enter a key and still use the full features):


Note you can uncheck the addons that you do not want. Addons own WooCommerce can only activate after you install and activate the WooCommerce plugin. The right sidebar also has regional Export, Import, and Reset Settings for addons.

We will see the features of this Addons later article.

First, flip through items to see GeneratePress Premium Library Site has integrated the activities available to our public demo:

B.2 – Import Demo Templates for GeneratePress

Show GeneratePress Premium integrates us more than 20 Templates (still added each month). There are 3 options when constructing Templates for GeneratePress, is using Page Builder Elementor – Beaver Builder, or the use of GeneratePress Page Builder (specifically Sections Addons).

Depending on whether you prefer using Page Builder, choose Import Templates you want. If you notice, the Page Builder Templates for each are quite similar, indicating the strength of the 3 is similar in construction to the basic interface.

To import templates demo, we hover the mouse over the corresponding demo, select Details to display the Import Popup:

Information about the demo, plugins integrated with and used Page Builder full display in this Popup. Click  Get Started  to start, Button  Backup Options  will appear to you to backup and download (Save) the Options is available, this step is very important because if we are not satisfied with the new demo, can remove and Restore Theme Options Import yet again at the demo:


After Backup Options, we will do the next step is to Import Import Demo Options:

Next is the option Import demo contents, including Content, Widgets, Menus, Site Options and integrated in the demo plugins. If you prefer to manually install a clean site, then click  Skip to skip this step.

But we should Import content easily available to the structure to begin writing content, later to remove content and revise the Options demo is not difficult. I tick check-box ”  I Understand …” and click  Import Content  to conduct Import:

Wait a moment, note that this process depends on the rapid slow loading speed of Hosting. Generally speaking the Import demo GeneratePress, OceanWP or Astra were quite gentle quickly because the data is very light, not limping as in ThemeForest themes (especially The7 and BeTheme).

When finished, click View site to experience the Demo:

B.3 – Introduction & Guide GP Premium Addons

We should note that the Addons will integrate into the Customize feature, so when installing activate these addons, in Customize to add more custom in every part than when only GeneratePress Theme free.

I will look at each addon, and then use some of the most prominent Addons to create the application page. First BellyFatZone introduce simple Addons before:

1. Copyright Addons

This needless to introduce more:

2 & 3 & 4 & Background Color & Typography

Addons allow you to customize the color, typography (font) and Background (color & Wallpaper) of all areas and components on layouts:

As the majority of modern themes, integrated Google Fonts GeneratePress, so we can easily select the Font Family for each component within Customize.

5. Secondary Nav

Addons This allows us to create and customize the Menu 2, often located under the main menu or put in Sidebar:

6. Menu Plus Addons

Menu Plus allows us to create sticky menus, add Logo on the menu. It also supports you create Menu SlideOut full-motion effects from the Main Menu. You can choose to display on the Desktop, Mobile, or even 2:


7- Page Header

A great Addons do you create Page Header for all pages or some certain pages specified. You can also create a Page Header for each page. Apart from Page Header ‘classic’ is common in child-themes are GeneratePress Genesis allows you to create a modern Page Header Hero – Image / Video Header:

One difference of Page Header add-ons that you have to create it in the Dashboard -> Page Headers. Select  Add New  to create a Page Header:


After creating and customizing, Publish completed. We will go to Global Locations to specify the types of pages are going to use any Page Headers:

Save Me again!

8. Blog Addons

Addons blog allows us to choose the layout showing the columnar article (magazine), or as famous masonry. It also allows custom featured image size and alignment, …

Sections 9- Addons

This is to help GeneratePress Premium Addons seen as a Page Builder, can create similar interfaces and Elementor Beaver Builder.

Sections Addons to use when opening Page to Edit or create, we must choose to Sections. Note, when using addons for pages, the Page Builder others will automatically lapse, as well as Page Builder Sections Addons, it can not be used together with a Page Builder on the same page.

Addons are called Sections GeneratePress “A very simple Page Builder” and advise you if used Elementor or Beaver Builder (and Page Builder other celebrities) are not required to activate this.

Of course, if you want to create extremely light Templates then why not take advantage of it instead!

Spacing 10- Addons

If you only see the name, we will enjoy this Addons contempt. But it is the ‘substance’ that rivals Genesis, Astra, OceanWP not comparable to GeneratePress.

Addons Spacing allows you to adjust the size (width – spacing, margin & padding) Layouts and all the blocks on it easily without fear of breaking the layout. You can customize the interface Desktop and Mobile!

It is located on  the Customize -> Layout :

We are often helpless when you want to resize the layout of the theme for each theme authors built on a Grid Standard & Permanent to meet for desktop and tablet devices, mobile. But GeneratePress allows us to do very flexible customization.

Please see a member of Team BellyFatZone GeneratePress & Spacing Addons used to do a similar interface WPBeginner (using Genesis Theme Framework with child-self-development):

11. WooCommerce Addons

As the name, this addons allows us to customize pages Products (Product Page) and Single Product of WooCommerce. It supports custom layout, typography, color …

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12. Import & Export Addons

These add-ons help users to import / export Options of the site, very useful in case you want to clone to other hosting sites.

13 – Hooks Addons

For experienced users, want to add content to the theme area (where the declaration hook). This feature is quite similar to the Genesis Framework but easier to use.

Hooks To use, go to  Appearance -> GP Hooks :

14 – Disable Elements

Help users disable some part as Header, Content Title, Footer … on some options. This feature is integrated into the page editor and Customize:

15- Site Templates

Addons are helping us Import Server Demo from the author!



Through this tutorial, BellyFatZone hopefully helps you get a full view of the features as well as the use of GeneratePress & GP Premium Addons.

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Good luck!

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