Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Workout To Be No 1

Cristiano Ronaldo is the idol of young people all over the world. He also became a symbol of the younger generation of players thanks to his illustrious career and top-notch form.

Not only excellent on the pitch, but the Portuguese star also knows how to take care of his body to maintain the stamina. In the following article, readers, let’s quickly explore the training regime of Cristiano Ronaldo and interesting stories revolving around the “scoring machine”!

Specifically, as revealed from DreamTeamFC – a website of the British newspaper The Sun, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has a diet, sleep, rest, practice extremely scientific, that has helped the striker. This maintains its performance, although this year is nearly 34 years old.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Workout
Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Workout

In order to maintain his peak performance, Cristiano Ronaldo must follow an extremely harsh training regime; he must practice 5 days/week, with a total of 25 different exercises every day.

Not only that, but the Portuguese superstar also adheres to a particularly strict diet, maintained for many consecutive years.

“CR7” never uses alcohol or gas, especially limited to processed foods or foods. He uses a lot of high-protein foods, fresh vegetables, and lots of fruits every day. Now BellyFatZone invite you to refer to this article together!

Ronaldo’s training creates a level on the pitch:

At the age of 34, Ronaldo seems to become increasingly fit. The Portuguese player fights from one field to another. He also set the record himself and then broke the record himself.

However, few people know that behind that extraordinary strength is an arduous training process. When he was a teenager, Ronaldo used to own a “skinny” body.

Even many people commented on his appearance and said that he could not pursue a professional football career because of his weak condition.

Ronaldo's training creates a level on the pitch
Ronaldo’s training creates a level on the pitch

It is these comments that have a profound impact on the young CR7 youngster who is determined to train and train bodybuilding. Let’s find out how Ronaldo’s training makes anyone listening to it, “pale.”

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Ronaldo’s training process:

A source had previously revealed that, when he was playing at Sporting Lison, Ronaldo often stayed at the club’s gym until very late without asking permission.

There are even days when they see Ronaldo engrossed in training until midnight.

Ronaldo's training process
Ronaldo’s training process

Cristiano Ronaldo’s training regime usually includes 25 exercises a day and 5 workouts/week.

With the Portuguese star, training is not only to enhance the strength, endurance, and resilience that Ronaldo trains every day as a passion.

The Sun has revealed, every gym session, Ronaldo often lift weights with the total weight of the lifting, is estimated at 23 tons. To calculate, each training session Ronaldo lift weights equivalent to about 16 Toyota Prius cars.

Not only that, but Ronaldo is also known often to add lead to the ankle during each training session. Despite the lead foot, the ability to dribble, score goals, and steps of the CR7 on the pitch is still extremely gentle and soaring.

Extraordinary power is hard to match

It is hard to imagine without obstacles how powerful Ronaldo is, although he knows that Ronaldo’s training does not have any colleagues who are persistent and healthy enough to follow.

It is also thanks to this austere training regime that Ronaldo can hit the ball even if 2m63 from the ground if there is momentum running.

Extraordinary power is hard to match
Extraordinary power is hard to match

Ronaldo’s weight is always under control, with excess fat below 10%.

If excluding the height of 1m85, the power of CR7 has a rebound of up to 78cm. This figure is even higher than the resilience of basketball players to 7cm.

Not only that, but the Portuguese star also has the ability to “stop in the air,” no one can keep up.

Cristiano Ronaldo's training
Cristiano Ronaldo’s training

Cristiano Ronaldo’s training mode allows him to create free-kicks with a speed of about 131km / h.

This speed is equivalent to 31.1m / s, 4 times faster than the speed of rocket boosting Apollo 11 when leaving the launch pad (7.3m / s).

Ronaldo’s diet scares teammates:

Not only applying strict training methods but also paying special attention to the Ronaldo diet. According to a statistic, Ronaldo weighs only 80kg, although he is 1m85 tall.

Ronaldo's diet scares teammates
Ronaldo’s diet scares teammates

The body of the Portuguese striker is known without any excess fat. Ronaldo always has a way to practice so that the percentage of excess fat does not exceed 10% of body weight.

This figure is lower than the average body fat percentage of a supermodel (about 13.8%).

Ronaldo is the type of person that makes people unable to stop admiring. He is not only talented, handsome but also very rich.

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Overview of Ronaldo’s three main meals menu

In addition to the extraordinary exercises, CR7 also particularly adheres strictly to diet and activities under the guidance of a nutritionist.

As revealed by colleagues, Ronaldo refrained from eating processed foods and especially never use carbonated water, alcoholic beverages. Instead, soccer field stars regularly use protein-rich foods, green vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Overview of Ronaldo's three main meals menu
Overview of Ronaldo’s three main meals menu

In particular, the “scoring machine” never misses breakfast. Only the amount of food each breakfast of Ronaldo has 3 to 4 times the average person.

The menu for the handsome guy’s breakfast consists mainly of ham, cheese, wholemeal bread, croissant, yogurt, fresh fruit, fruit juice …

Ronaldo especially likes fish. Mostly the fish is a food that is never missing in his meals. At lunch, CR7 usually eats cod, swordfish, eggs, onions, tomatoes …

Dinner, Ronaldo still eats as well as the two main meals of the day. According to the Portuguese star, this is a way to offset energy after a long day of competition and practice.

Ronaldo replenishes his energy with snacks:

In addition to the three main meals, Ronaldo also ate three other light meals a day. In addition, Ronaldo’s weight is also controlled by training hard after eating without rest.

After each game, if the other teammates expect a hearty meal, Ronaldo is loyal to salads, white chicken, and water.

Ronaldo’s diet is a very important factor that determines the fitness on the pitch. Evidence is that Ronaldo has a whole team of nutritionists and a head who only serves his dietary needs.

Sleep mode:

In addition to a strict diet, Ronaldo also sleeps at least 12 hours a day and will sleep at any time if he feels sleepy.

With the training regime of Cristiano Ronaldo, the star once expressed his desire to play football until he was 41 years old. This is certainly not too difficult for a football star to own up to 5 Golden Balls like Ronaldo.

This is our sharing on Cristiano Ronaldo’s training regime and revealing the training methods that Ronaldo has “1 – 0 – 2.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet Plan Detail:

Portuguese natives know how to eat, and Cristiano Ronaldo is no exception. Maintaining a wonderfully diverse diet, he gets down with fruit juices, bread, fish, eggs, steak, and the occasional slice of cake or chocolate bar.

His favorite dish is called Bacalhau à Brás, and it layers salted cod, onions, thinly sliced fried potatoes, black olives, and parsley atop a pile of scrambled eggs. Like we said: they know how to eat in Portugal.

Despite his seemingly bottomless appetite, Cristiano Ronaldo nevertheless takes a hard line when it comes to diet and nutrition, especially whilst training.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Diet Plan Detail
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet Plan Detail

For example, he typically divides his daily food intake into six smaller meals, which he consumes at intervals of 2-4 hours. This not only sustains a consistent and optimal rate of metabolism, but it prevents the body from experiencing weakness and hunger throughout the day.

Naturally, Ronaldo is no stranger to protein. An avid lover of seafood, in particular, he also chows down on lean meats, steak, and eggs. That’s joined by protein shakes and joint supplements, which likewise aid with muscle recovery after an intense workout or football match.

Also helping with recovery are generous servings of nutritious fruits and vegetables, along with multi-vitamins and specially formulated sports drinks (Herbalife CR7 Drive, perhaps). And while Ronaldo tends to avoid sugar and alcohol, he’s definitely been seen consuming both on his Instagram feed.

Being a genuine lover of food, Cristiano Ronaldo most likely modifies his diet and nutrition depending on the demands of his career.

As a result, his typical meal plan can range extensively in accordance with various factors. Rather than deprive you of a window into his world, we’ll do the opposite by listing out everything he’s been known to eat. Just remember not to employ the following meal plan within a single day. Here we go.


  • Whole-grain cereal – When on a strict diet, Cristiano Ronaldo sticks to healthy food like whole-grain or whole-wheat.
  • Egg whites – Again, we’re still in a training mode here.
  • Fruit juice – Ronaldo might generally avoid sugar, but that doesn’t stop him from drinking vitamin-rich fruit juice for breakfast. His favorites include pear, apple, and pineapple juice.
  • Coffee – He reportedly drinks regular coffee, European espresso, and lattes.
  • Cold Cuts – When he’s adopting a more liberal nutrition program, Cristiano Ronaldo goes all out for breakfast. That sometimes includes a tasty spread of cold cuts.
  • European cheeses – In Europe, you eat cheese with your cold cuts for breakfast, especially when you’re staying in a luxury hotel.
  • Pastries – Based on a photo he once posted to Instagram, Ronaldo doesn’t necessarily stick to his no-sugar program on a regular basis. It was quite the breakfast of champions.
  • Avocado toast – We don’t know if Ronaldo ate everything in the aforementioned photo, but if he did, it was a lot of calories to burn throughout the day.
  • Fruit – His legendary meal also included fruit on top of toast.

Snack #1

  • Tuna roll – Like so many other men and women from Portugal, Ronaldo is a huge fan of fish. That’s not to mention its protein content.
  • Fresh bread and sardines – Ronaldo’s love of seafood is so boundless that he takes sardines straight from the tin and slaps them on top of food.


  • Fish – When eating a filet of fish, Ronaldo most often prefers gilt-head bream, swordfish, or sea bass.
  • Chicken – It’s lean and packed with protein. Enough said.
  • Whole-wheat pasta – If you’re going to eat pasta like Ronaldo, make it whole-wheat pasta.
  • Green vegetables – The benefits of green veggies speak for themselves.
  • Tuna fish with hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes – Here’s a dish that Ronaldo once posted to Instagram. It even came with a side of fried calamari.

Snack #2

  • Protein shake – An athlete like CR7 will take all the protein he can get.


  • Bacalhau à Brás – This Portuguese dish is Ronaldo’s favorite food.
  • Steak – When he’s had his fill of seafood, the football legend enjoys a hearty slab of steak.
  • Side salad – No steak dinner is complete without at least one side.
  • Chicken or turkey breast – When sticking squarely to a healthy diet, Ronaldo opts for lean protein with a side of rice and beans or quinoa.
  • Watermelon – Mmmm…watermelon.
  • A glass of wine – Ronaldo mostly avoids alcohol, barring the occasional glass of vino.


  • Birthday cake – On those special occasions, he helps himself to a slice.
  • Chocolate – Life is too short, and chocolate is too good. You do the math.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Workout Plan

“Mix it up,” says Cristiano Ronaldo on training, and his fitness regimen duly abides. Alternately consisting of warm-up routines, football practice, cardio, and weight training, it puts those calories to use and keeps the famous athlete in top shape. One needn’t see his gratuitous body pics to know the effort pays off.

Meanwhile, staying fit is more than a physical endeavor for CR7, who stresses the importance of mental well-being. “Learn to train your mind as well as your body,” he once said.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Workout Plan
Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Workout Plan

“Mental strength is just as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals.” Pair all that with eight hours of sleep a night, and you’re living healthy in every sense of the concept.

During football practice, Ronaldo performs technical drills, leg workouts, and intense cardio exercises, which collectively keep him sharp on the pitch.

At the gym, it’s more cardio, ab workouts, and weight training as well. It’s been reported that he trains for 3-4 hours at a time for five days a week, targeting different muscle groups on different days of the week.

Since you might not be an aspiring football star, we’ll leave the ball control drills out of the equation, focussing moreover on Cristiano Ronaldo’s warm-up routines, leg workouts, ab workouts, and weight training.

more cardio, ab workouts, and weight training

Follow these regimens and you’ll have his shredded six-pack and high-definition hamstrings in no time.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Leg Warm-Up Routine

  • Hip twisters – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  • Side-lying clam – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  • Side-lying T-stretch – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  • Bird-dog – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  • Bodyweight squat – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  • Reverse lunge – 1 set of 40-second reps, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Quick Leg Workout

Part One: Quads, glutes, and hamstrings

  • Single-leg glute bridge – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  • Reverse lunge (with dumbbells) – 1 set of 30-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  • Drop squat – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by 20 seconds of rest.

Part Two: Definition and strength-building

  • Side-lying leg raise – 1 set of 50-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  • Walking lunge (with dumbbells) – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  • Jump squat – 1 set of 30-second reps, followed by 20 seconds of rest.

Part Three: Finishing power moves

  • Crossback lunge – 1 set of 40-second reps, followed by no rest.
  • Rear-foot elevated split squat (with bench) – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  • Bodyweight squat – 1 set of 30-second reps, followed by no rest.
  • Jump squat – 1 set of 30-second reps, followed by 20 seconds of rest.

Cristiano Ronaldo 5-Day Gym Workout Plan

Monday: Circuit Training

Repeat the following circuit three times

  • Barbell Squat – 8 reps
  • Box Jump – 10 reps
  • Broad Jump – 8 reps
  • Jumping Lunge – 8 reps each leg
  • Lateral Bound – 10 reps

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Circuit Training

Repeat the following circuit three times

  • Burpee Pullup –  10-15 reps
  • Bench Dips – 20 reps
  • Pushups – 20-30 reps
  • Medicine Ball Toss – 15 reps
  • Push Press – 10 reps

Thursday: Quad and Cardio

  • Power Cleans – 5 reps per set for 5 sets
  • Sprints – 200-meter reps per set for 8 sets

Friday: Ab Workouts and Core Exercises

  • One-Arm Side Deadlift – 5 reps each arm per set for 3 sets
  • Dumbbell One-Legged Deadlift – 10 reps per set for 2 sets
  • Knee Tuck Jump – 10-12 reps per set for 3 sets
  • Overhead Slam – 10-12 reps per set for 3 sets
  • One-Leg Barbell Squat – 5 reps per set for 2 sets
  • Hanging Leg Raise – 10-15 reps per set for 3 sets

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Cardio exercise

  • Rope Jumping – 10 sets with 1 minute of rest between each set
  • Resistance Sprinting – 50 meters per rep for 10 sets

Cristiano Ronaldo workout/strength training



Here are some questions (and their answers) people commonly ask about Cristiano Ronaldo and other athletes.

What is Ronaldo’s diet plan?

When training, Cristiano Ronaldo sticks to lean proteins, whole grains, supplements, fruits, vegetables, and easily-digested meals.

What does Ronaldo eat every day?

Cristiano Ronaldo eats a diverse diet, which includes fish, meat, cheese, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite food?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite food is Bacalhau à Brás, a Portuguese dish that layers salted cod, thin fried potatoes, onions, black olives, and parsley atop scrambled eggs.

How much does Ronaldo run per day?

Cristiano Ronaldo trains 3-4 hours per day, about 5 days a week.

Does Ronaldo actually use Herbalife?

As the face of Herbalife, it’s safe to assume that Ronaldo refuels and replenishes with CR7 Drive.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about Cristiano Ronaldo diet and fitness. Please share this article if you find it useful. Thanks!


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