Can Pilates Make You Taller?

In addition to the effect of losing weight as a whole, keeping in shape, Pilate’s increasing height is also something that many people are particularly interested in.

And Pilates is the ideal method for those who want to improve their height and improve their health.

Do you believe that within one month, doing Pilates exercises to increase height regularly, then your physique will be significantly changed?

If in doubt, apply now! Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

can pilates make you taller
Can Pilates make you taller?

11 Pilates exercises to increase height at home

This Pilates way of increasing height at home down below is effective for teenagers and effective for adults.

And before starting the Pilates exercise, be prepared for a professional carpet!

Now let’s start!

1. Practice Pilates at home with a circle in the sky

This increased Pilates movement affects the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

Pilates exercise.
Pilates exercise.

Instructions on how to practice:

  • You start with lying on your back on the carpet.
  • Put 2 hands behind the head.
  • Pull your stomach in, lift your upper body a little higher off the ground.
  • Then, bring your left leg straight up on the floor perpendicular to the other leg stretching on the floor.
  • Keep your hips in place and turn your left leg into a circle.
  • Rotate 4 clockwise and turn counterclockwise.
  • Then switch legs, repeat the Pilates exercise to increase this height.

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2. Pilates exercises increase the height of terns (Pilates Tern)

One of the most simple, easy to do heightening Pilates exercises is this movement.

This article is also beneficial for hips, shoulders, lower back, abdomen, chest.

Pilates exercises increase height with equipment.
Pilates exercises increase height with equipment.


  • You lie on your back on the floor, and your arms stretched outback.
  • Slowly lift your legs and hands from the ground.
  • Imagine as if your legs are being pulled out and contracted.
  • Breathe evenly, and arms stretched out towards the feet, palms facing inwards.
  • Hold for a few seconds, then put your hands and feet back to the original position and relax completely.
  • Repeat these movements 4-6 times.

3. Pilates rollover

This roll-up exercise has the ability to stretch the spine on your body; over time, it will slowly be extended to help your body taller.

Also, regular Pilates helps make the neck vertebra more flexible, reducing neck and shoulder pain.

Exercise rolls.
Exercise rolls.


  • Start by lying on your back and place your arms with your palms face down on the carpet, down the body.
  • Then continue slowly raising 2 legs, 2 feet bunched up, to straight and straight up.
  • With this position, make an effort to bend your legs through your head, toes facing the floor.
  • Try to keep your toes as close to the floor as possible and keep your body in that position for as long as possible.

4. Pilates frog swimming on land

As the name implies, this Pilates exercise is a frog swim. If you already know how to swim a frog, this is quite easy.

And if you do not know, it is not too difficult to implement.

With this movement, you will exert a strong impact on most parts of the body. This Pilates exercise also helps to reduce belly fat effectively.

Pilates exercise frog swimming on land.
Pilates exercise frog swimming on land.


  • Lying face down on the mat.
  • Two hands to head high, straight legs out.
  • Start by raising your hands high above your head and fan backward as if swimming.
  • Try to get as high as possible to stretch and stretch the spine, hip the most.
  • Returning to the previous position is the end of a set beat, doing the movement 20 times.

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5. Pilates exercise to increase the height of the supine position (Pilates The 100)

If you are looking for Pilates exercises to increase height, adjust your physique, this is a simple exercise.

Not only helps increase height, but this movement improves belly fat, keeping in shape.

Reclining posture.
Reclining posture.

Instructions on how to increase Pilates height:

  • Lie on your back with your arms and legs stretched out.
  • Using the force of the waist, lift your legs straight up into the air, arms stretched out as far as possible, bring up and down continuously 10 times, lifting the head, eyes towards the foot.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and continue to do it 5 more times.

With this exercise, you will feel the whole body tension. The arm and abdomen area will be tired, but that is perfectly normal.

6. Pilates exercise posture

Experts have analyzed that this exercise’s effect will have a strong impact on the backbone, helping to improve the length of the bone, thereby helping you increase height quickly and effectively.

Pilates exercises increase in height.
Pilates exercises increase in height.

Implementation Guide:

  • Lie on your back with your hands in the air, legs stretched out, raise your legs to touch the floor.
  • Raise your head and neck high, slowly bend your knees and hands.
  • You should practice this exercise continuously from 5 times to one exercise.

7. Grasshopper posture

This Pilates exercise will help you adjust your physique, making you taller.

Grasshopper posture.
Grasshopper posture.

Implementation Guide:

  • You lie on your stomach, hands clasped together, and turned backward.
  • Tighten abdominal muscles and lift upper arms, legs, and torso as tight as possible.
  • Slowly lower yourself down and repeat the action.

8. Bunch posture

This is also one of the Pilates exercises to increase height, and this position helps stretch the spine and improve height.

Bending over is also an exercise to help increase height.
Bending over is also an exercise to help increase height.

Instructions on how to practice:

  • Stand straight, keeping your legs parallel to each other, a small distance apart.
  • Bend your hips forward and bend until your hands reach your feet or reach the floor.
  • Repeat this action.

9. Posture stretches with the ball

In Pilates practice, the ball is also one of the indispensable tools to support the exercise’s quality.

Using an exercise ball also helps you become taller.

Pilates exercises increase height with the ball.
Pilates exercises increase height with the ball.

Implementation Guide:

  • Put your back to the center of the ball.
  • Two arms bunched together, stretched out overhead.
  • Put your feet on the floor and balance on the ground.
  • Use your foot force to bring the ball forward.
  • Rollback.
  • Now breast lift and head out of the ball.
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat.

10. Pilates exercises increase height – Pilates Shoulderblade

Doing exercises on the shoulder blades can undoubtedly help increase height faster.

This is one of the Pilates exercises to increase height.
This is one of the Pilates exercises to increase height.


  • Sit down on the mat like a meditation posture, hands comfortably on your feet.
  • Then slowly raise your arms to the front of your face, parallel to your shoulders.
  • Fold your right arm back all the way, left arm horizontally touching the right elbow.
  • Repeat 10 times and do it slowly.

11. Pilates abs exercises

Pilates exercises increase height with this posture and improve physique and reduce fat and tone abdominal muscles.

Abdominal exercises
Abdominal exercises

Implementation Guide:

  • You lie on your back on the rug.
  • Your shoulders and head do not touch the ground.
  • Lift your feet as high as possible, and arms stretched forward parallel to the ground.

With the Pilates exercises increasing the height shared above, I hope to improve your physique significantly and quickly.

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