Experience Use Brown Rice Weight Loss Properly No.7

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Lose weight with brown rice is always a useful method to bring rapid and sustainable efficiency. Because the main ingredient is higher in fiber than 2 times normal rice, eat brown rice, so your digestion process will be slower and make the stomach feel full longer.

Therefore many women have come to this solution with the desired regain slim physique.

There are many ways to lose weight, such as reducing salt balance with sesame brown rice, brown rice, brown rice roasted black sesame, and 7.

This article will know all the way around and use it as the main menu every day. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Experience use brown rice weight loss properly No.7
Experience use brown rice weight loss properly No.7

Nutrient composition of brown rice:

Brown rice includes nutritious starch, protein (protein), fat, fiber, and vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6.

Pantothenic acids such as (vitamin B5), para amino benzoic (PABA), folic (Vitamin F), phytic, the microelements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, glutathione (GSH), potassium, and sodium.

Brown rice is considered a ” really care ” effect that regulates blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and is one of the foods to lose weight effectively.

Reducing balance method brown rice flour 7

The fiber in brown rice has the ability to enhance metabolism and metabolic support toxins, fat quickly. Especially in brown rice, alpha-lipoic acid has the ability to metabolize and burn fat, fat accumulation long day.

Reducing balance method No.7 brown rice is like?

This is how to lose weight with brown rice is favored Japanese. With weight loss solutions under 7, eat a macrobiotic diet that is eating 100% whole grain, but the reduction salt balance sesame brown rice.

Brown rice flour weight loss – This method helps purify the body, balance the yin and yang setup, enhance immunity, weight loss, and even cure some other disease.

Reducing balance method No.7 brown rice is like?

Weight loss menu brown rice with sesame salt (food menu No. 7)


You should chew sesame oil and then spit it out. This will make your teeth clean, fragrant. Then brush your teeth with pulp dentine natural, not chemical.

You lose weight breakfast with brown rice flour or brown rice porridge.


At noon you eat brown rice with sesame salt (sesame), thoroughly chew, chew a piece of rice for about 15 minutes, and then swallowed. This will do more chewing saliva is beneficial in bringing arms and make your stomach to work.


Roasted brown rice cereal eats to lose weight effectively and for strong bones and joints.


At night you lose weight by eating brown rice sesame salt. And before going to bed for about 1 hour, drink cassava flour cooked to detoxify the body. Do not go out or eaten cold exposure.

Experience with brown rice weight loss shows that daily to lose weight

Experience with brown rice weight loss shows that daily, the water roasted brown rice, brown rice tea red bean, lotus root tea to fit slimming effect, and healing daily.

People who use this method:

  • Terminally ill people were intractable as cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, arthritis, …
  • Who eats to purify the body, to have good health and have faith in the Buddha, not to kill.
  • Who wants to lose weight quickly. This group usually applies only method No.7 brown rice sesame salt weight loss in a short time, because this way to lose weight quickly.

Weight loss menu with roasted brown rice

Just persevere implement weight loss method with brown rice in one week, then not only the girls but mothers postpartum weight loss can effectively and safely. So weight loss by how brown rice?

Refer experiences with brown rice weight loss postpartum mothers as follows:

Morning: Drink water roasted brown rice

Lose weight with roasted brown rice tea drinking can be combined with black beans in the morning to increase weight loss efficiency. The flesh is soft-cooked rice mixed with sesame salt food—cool liver effects and heat.

For best effect, drink tea with roasted brown rice at an appropriate temperature for 2 to 3 liters per day. This is also how to mix simple brown rice to drink is widely applied.

Through this, you can understand that drinking roasted brown rice flour with weight loss not!

Alternatively, you can also combine with black sesame brown rice flour efficient way to lose weight as follows:

  • You washed black sesame and brown rice. Then taken roasted for flavor, roasted only 5-7 minutes.
  • Let cool and grind into powder machine used for personal use.

Brown rice flour how a simple weight loss; you can drink hot or cold are.

Brown rice flour how simple weight loss, you can drink hot or cold are.

Snack brown rice flour weight loss:

  • Around 9:30 minutes or 10 hours, the body begins to feel for the brown rice or eat an apple.
  • Should choose fruits low in sugar to balance the reduction in the most efficient brown rice.


At noon lose weight by eating brown rice after birth is brown rice with cucumber or boiled tubers.


With a weight loss menu with brown rice, you eat a small cup of brown rice and boiled meat in the evening.

Eat more green vegetables boiled with any vegetables and serve with any number you like, but remember to eat before 8 pm.

Remember to chew slowly and brown rice thoroughly before swallowing. Combine eating the boiled vegetables to the reduced balance brown rice efficiently as possible.

Combine eating the boiled vegetables to the reduced balance brown rice efficiently as possible.

Besides, it must be combined with mild exercises to help the body and feel more comfortable after persevering to reduce balance roasted brown rice in 1 week.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice for Weight Loss

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Some notes and experience weight loss with brown rice

Note that when roasted brown rice or brown rice makes other weight loss, you can roast large quantities of rice and preserve it in glass jars to save time.

Roasted rice should not be too long, roasted brown rice and stir over high heat until the rice hand turns darker as done.

When eating salted sesame brown rice, black sesame, or seaweed, the matter must also chew thoroughly and slowly before swallowing.

Because this way can guarantee the safety of the stomach and create a feeling of satiety faster, thus promoting weight loss with brown rice effectively.

If persistence implementation menus reduce salt balance sesame brown rice and lose weight by drinking water, the roasted brown rice for 7 days, you can completely drop from 3-5kg easily.

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