7 Ways To Lose Weight By Drinking Water At Home | BellyFatZone

7 Ways To Lose Weight By Drinking Water At Home | BellyFatZone
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7 ways to lose weight by drinking water at home.

1. Lemon juice diluted lose belly fat fast.
Diluted lemon juice is the drink that helps detox, can help purify, detoxify and burn excess fat in the body effectively.
This drink recipe is extremely simple, just prepare 1 lemon and 2 liters of filtered water that you have just a drink miraculous help reduce belly fat effectively.

In order to lose weight effectively, you should be combined with diet reasonable, additional restrictions fats and eat more vegetables.
When drinking diluted lemon juice to lose belly fat, you can add a little salt to increase the water taste of this miracle.
However, do not add any sugar, as sweeteners will lack features that help the weight loss efficacy of lemon.

2. How do lose weight drinking water with lemon and lemongrass super speed.

Drink beverages lose belly fat this every morning before eating not only helps you lose weight fast but also effective purification, toxins for the body, bright red skin white, smooth stretch.
However, for those who stomachache, do not drink empty stomach with lemonade.
How to lose weight drinking water as follows:
Two citronella
1 lemon.
Water: 2 liters.
Kingfisher after buying about, stripped of old leaves outside and brought it washed with water.
Next, you put the body lemongrass crushed and then cut from 3-5 cm.
Melting for citronella up with 300 – 500 ml of water. After boiling water then you go down to simmer for five minutes to reach lemongrass essential oils are secreted out.
Then turn off the stove to cool down and then turn off the water lemongrass add a little lemon juice and honey to taste.
3. Reduce belly fat ginger lemonade-out with honey.
Not only is familiar spices in the kitchen, which features hot ginger stimulates the fat burning process in the body.
Sweeteners of honey are not fattening; there is lemonade drinks that help detox and purify the body very well.
Here’s how to lose weight super fast drinks you can apply immediately.
Therefore, when combined with three ingredients, you will know how to make drinks at home weight loss.
4 cups of water.
1 small piece of ginger.
1 lemon
1 tablespoon honey.

Ginger and finely chopped bark shaved. Then the ginger and water to boil for 10 minutes.
Water to cool completely, add lemon juice and honey and stir melted.
For results effectively reduce belly fat should drink this every morning.
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